Saudis torture important dissident to death That i've never heard of b4,makes Trump look bad,so ok

Saudi journalist and writer Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser has died after being tortured while in detention, the New Khaleej reported yesterday.

Reporting human rights sources, the news site said that Al-Jasser was arrested and tortured to death after Saudi authorities claimed he administered the Twitter account Kashkool, which disclosed rights violations committed by the Saudi authorities and royal family.

The sources said that the authorities identified Al-Jasser as the admin using spies in Twitter’s regional office located in Dubai. He was arrested in March.

According to the sources, these spies are considered part of the Saudi Cyber Army which was established by Saud Al-Qahtani, the former aide of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

In a tweet, Al-Qahtani has said that the fake names on Twitter would not protect those behind the accounts from the Saudi authorities.

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definitely worth it

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HINT: I've never seen a news outlet who didn't have their own biased slant

'fake' ?……. lol no, not 'fake'…..

'slanted' ?…. 'biased' ?…. SURE

and they're ALL slanted
theyre ALL biased
they always have been
they always will be

to suddenly start parroting the
predictable trendy catchphrase
'fake news' simply demonstrates
that you're unfamiliar with reality

Q: can you name even ONE
news outlet that's not
biased or slanted ?

Q: why does anybody tell you something?

A: because they want you to hear it


Q: why does someone NOT tell you

A: because they DON'T want you to hear it

this rule of thumb applies to everyone, not just news organizations

as humans, we each have our own beliefs and agendas

and we don't walk around telling other people facts and figures that contradict our own beliefs

so, based on your STUPID AS SHIT, PREDICTABLE, TRENDY 'fake news' mantra, that would make the entire human race 'fake'



unlike you, I actually CAN name a news organization that's unbiased, without a slant or an agenda…..

They actually just tell you the STORY

that news organization is called NEWSY

and it's decidedly dry and boring

interesting, but boring as fuck

it's fascinating how the news loses its lustre without a decided slant

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Tell me, why Trump keeps supporting radical muslims?
Saudis need to go

A: because he's a complete moron, an illiterate fool, and the most embarrassing, unprepared, incompetent president we've ever had.


This is the thread you want to hang your hat on today, JN? Aaargh! Let me find a better one for you..

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Jupiter is a big-player in this solar system.
Some pay attention. Some do not.

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That title is retarded OP.

I can tell you don't even care about the subject either, you care to spread TV media. Your the TV guy around here. Go back to watching TV media.

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