Since usury is viewed as evil by many Christians, how do you counter the claim that usury is vital to an economy...

Since usury is viewed as evil by many Christians, how do you counter the claim that usury is vital to an economy, that it's necessary for an economy to grow?

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The economy is evil, and should be escaped.
t. early church

The economy should serve humanity and not the other way around.
In this age, economy and money are both idols that we worship as gods.

For a modern, unsustainable economy you mean. We were just fine in the Middle Ages. Progress was slower, but we were not worshipping technology and destroying the planet.

Uh, don't sin and be poor like God wants.

Economic growth doesn't supersede morality, growth for the sake of growth is not what we should pursue, but instead center our society around God and the logos. It's better to be poor and save your soul than to be rich and lose it

Maybe economic growth isn't the meaning of life?

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Why are you not a prostitute?

Just become something is efficient doesn't mean it's moral. Usury is an efficient means to gain wealth, but so is slavery. That doesn't mean it's ok.

That picture still gives me feels. I just wish Christ was saying "It's all I need" instead. Don't know why, just sounds better.

This. Economy used to serve trading between us but now we've come to the point of worshiping the free market as God.
Remember that EU commisioner who said that "the free market will teach Italy to not vote the right wing"? This guy gave me the chills. We're trully heading back to the pagan dark ages.

I love it. Amazing how such a simple, cartoon image sums up the entire Christian faith. God truly is merciful.

Well God does want you.
He may or may not need you, but he definitely wants you.

I thought of it more as "All you need to give me for me to let you in is your heart. It's all I need from you."

I wish we were going back there, at least pagans had laws against unfair dealings, what we are doing now is darker and more evil than anything we've seen before.


Why would it be? Money is there to be exchanged for goods or services, it only exists because hauling carts full of whatever you produce is inefficient. Economies grow through work and production, not by magically making money out of thing.


This is an interesting analogy. Missy likely poster would make more money as a prostitute.

Unrelated; one of the evil fruits of usury: (which I take to be compounding interest. A reasonable return on a financial investment, especially to a venture and not to someone in need, I don't take to be usury or a sin. )

Usury leads to the compounding inflation of prices, especially of real estate. Riding house prices are not good, though they benefit some, but an evil. They prevent their modest families from buying a home, as God intends, without taking on a heavy burden of debt. It's a vicious cycle which leads to the sorry state of servitude we all operate under today, in the West.

Usury is just bad business. There's no reason to need a guaranteed profit on a loan unless you expect that the business funded by the loan will fail. Investment is licit for this reason, you're buying a real stake in something that you presumably think will succeed, if it goes down then you bear the responsibility. If you don't think it will succeed, you shouldn't be investing in it.

There may be some cases where usurious loans resulted in the funding of something worthwhile which otherwise couldn't have been bankrolled, but this is more than counterbalanced by the immense amount of guaranteed loans which are just designed to knowingly profit off of the shortsightedness of irresponsible people. So much of the economic system being based on an incredible amount of debt which which will inevitably be defaulted upon being treated as a bank's assets is a recipe for the plentiful economic disasters we've had throughout the last century.

Usury could have as easily set us back decades as quickened economic growth or technological progress, to pretend to know for certain either way is just conjecture. What isn't conjecture is the great mass of wealth accumulation in the hands of (((you know who))) and the attendant mass of human suffering which is the result of usury.

Investment, that is buying stake in something which may or may not return a profit, is not a sin. All loans for consumption (like how money is "consumed" through being spent) whose sum is personally guaranteed plus interest, is usury and thus morally illicit. The only licit loans for consumption are those given out of a sense of charity, no profit can licitly be made through them. look up zippy catholic's usury faq if you want to know more.

Usury, do you mean money-lending as a whole, or at excessive interest? Interest rates should be decided by the market. Pegged too low, you encourage malinvestment, overextension, pegged too high, you dry up credit for new ventures. And if you don't have interest at all, it becomes unprofitable due to there being no remuneration for the time-value of money.
See: School of Salamanca, Ludwig von Mises

First usurious debts that are not backed by anything often trigger an economic crisis.
Second if people do not have money thanks to usury they cannot spend it.
Third it is not necessary for economy.
Fourth it is an evil and rightfully so - seeing the fruits of usury is enough for you to know why God forbids it.

Usury is collecting any interest merely from owning capital.

The economy causes white genocide, but communism does too. The old Christians were right. It should all be done away with. Where’s that cap about Anatolia where Christianity was successful and prosperous because it retained its whites while Islam did not. Not to trigger any mutts, but it makes sense God would reserve the top-tier genes for His own flock.