Thoughts on the Barabbas Theory

What do Christians think of the Barabbas theory?
Any weight to it?

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None at all.

It's ridiculous. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus and Jesus Barabbas are two separate people.
Jesus was not an uncommon name at the time. It was the Greek version of the name Jesus AKA Joshua.

Jesus literally died they took his body and put it in a tomb he came back to life and showed everyone the wounds that he received which were many. He ate food with his apostles proving he was indeed flesh and blood. Did I mention Romans executed him and they were very efficient at execution. He then spent 40 days with people before ascending in front of a crowd of people who then told his story. Islam is about some guy who sat on a hill and claims he saw a vision that no one else saw and then proceeded to plagiarize the popular religions of the time sort of like Mormonism.

How's it going, Dan Brown? Been a while since your last 15 minutes of fame.

Muslims will continue to speculate and wonder about Jesus because they are in doubt about he crucifixion, so differences among them arise.


Imagine thinking there are no differences among Christians.
You are literally allied with NeoPagan LARPers

Ah just gotta love how christians ignore facts and logic

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Tell me now. What will you say to me when you are in hell?
and god tells you he gave you clear signs not to worship a stick?

(((Modern Scholars)))

Thing is, Christians get along well enough in modern time while Muslims still slaughter each other. Might be due to one or two contradictions in your Moon God texts.

What will you say when you're in hell and God gave you clear signs not to worship a rock?

Also, note the lack of reading comprehension that led those (((scholars))) to miss the fact that Matthew 27:15 mentions that releasing a prisoner was the custom of the governor at the festival that was occurring at that time.

In other words, that was plain winnie-ing NOT an executable offense.
well colour me shocked.

There was another time the sanhedrin had strongarmed Pilate into doing what they wanted, I'm pretty sure it was banners with Caesar's face on them, or something.
They basically threatened to riot and Pilate didn't want to kill a crowd of the people he was supposed to be governing, or again, or something like that.

I follow the God of Abraham. I follow the Prophets of Abraham. I don't kill Muslims because that would be a breach of the commandments

If you can find fault in me, then let me be cast into Hell

You're not a christian.

some child molesting warlord*

I follow Jesus Christ, son of God, savior of mankind. Before Abraham was, he is. He died for all of our sins. He rose from the dead.
Muhammad was an theological usurper and demon possessed madman, by his own admission.
You don't know who you worship, we know.

We were told not to worship idols. You worship a man made to look like God.

then you worship the god that made it look to everyone that said man was a god, to the point that they became 'uppermost' in the world

I just came here to laugh at you. But holy shit, what a winnie the pooh moron.

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Those goat molesters really are proud of that image aren't they? They've been spamming it all over this board and acting like it's some great argument against Christianity even though the Gospels make explicitly clear that Jesus the Messiah and Jesus Barabbas are two completely different people. To be fair, most Muslims are illiterate in their own language, so you can't expect them to comprehend English any better.

Didn't some spergs from another chan board, owned by some ugly trannie, tried to create a board war between Zig Forums and /islam/ ?
However, maybe the perpetrator is a frequent fedora tipper.

I can assure you that this has nothing to do with us and I do not condone such actions. There is no animosity between /islam/ and Zig Forums - even though you call us "goat molesters" :^) Any individual from my board that is caught spamming or raiding this, or any other, board will be banned from my board.

t. BO of /islam/

They have been trolling this board for days now. Even interrupting in a thread which a new convert to Christianty expresses his joy and gave thanks. Now they got their cherry pick (or IP hopped and set it themselves)

I have checked /islam/ in case in was a raid, but it wasn’t. Judging from post no. It was posted in Zig Forums and it was.. Given the usual Zig Forums reception.

Might be the case. I suspect either it was CIA, a lone autist, or something else. /v/ has also been raided in a similar fashion, namely doomsaying like “Jews has won, surrender to degeneracy and enjoy” shit for several days now. Either, mods need to get this worker of iniquity off this board now.


For assurance.

You literally gather every year to a place that looks like Mordor so you could circle around a black cube to worship a rock.
I don't know if you got the message, but Muslims all over the world, even in their own nations, have a moderately bad rep for violence, hatred that they often dare hide under fake piety. You people are literally the incarnation of lies, anger and arrogance. So either your God is a demon, or you have long betrayed the true, benevolent, wholly good God.
Again, Muhammad was literally insane and admitted himself to possibly be demon possessed. Not to mention the poetic way he died that a Christian could grin at.

Stop degrading yourself, user. Go pray to your moon god for some chill.

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>(((Modern veiws)))

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lol when i get that stupid Barabbas image in there.

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It just means it's a parody of God. The jews prefered the ante-Christ

"To Pilate who by virtue of the privilege of the obliging solemnity has to free the one that we demanded, offered to free(release) Jesus, the people preferred to indicate Barabbas, as the priests invited him there.

The sense of the name of Barabbas is a son of the father. So already shows itself the mystery of the future disbelief, or to the Christ is preferred the son of the father, that is the antichrist, the man of sin and the son(sons,thread) of the devil, and, as commit him to it their bosses they indicate the one who is reserved for the damnation rather than the author of the salute."

"Then he made them put back Barrabas. When to Jesus, having made him flaggeler, he delivered to them so that he is crucified. Barrabas the bandit, the agitator of the plebs, the meurtier was put back to the Jewish people, let us understand: the devil who today still rêgne on them, and that's why they cannot have the peace. But Jesus, delivered by the Jews, is recognized innocent by the woman of Pilate; the proguardian he even calls him just, the centurion confesses that he is really the son of God."

You know that they way the meme works, it's making fun of the Barabbas theory.