5G Kill Grid In Action As Sparrows Fall Dead From Roof

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The mega network for mobile telephony, popularly called 5G, is currently being rolled out. However, there seems to be a horror scenario to play, because there is animal death in the vicinity of deployed 5G masts and transmitting towers … An example of this 5G mast on the corner of the Hoefkade in The Hague, is on the roof from HS telecenter a new 5G mast, low on the roof, but hardly visible. This antenna is not yet visible in the Antenna register.

A 5G test was done, in relation to Dutch railway station Hollands Spoor. To view the range of the mast and see if any adverse equipment damage would occur on and around the station. Immediately afterwards, the birds fell massively dead from the trees. What is going on here..? This is really a horror scenario, when these two facts are causally related to each other, which means that bird death is caused by the 5g-masts. Because we are on the verge of rolling out the national 5G network.

But we can probably go to sleep safely, or at least ‘radiant’, because it has all been tested well. Yes, surely? But the following days it will hit again in The Hague, in the Huygenspark, a stone’s throw from the Hoefkade .. Dead birds, with dozens on the ground .. As if we’re watching the thriller ‘The Birds’ by Alfred Hitchcock.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is currently screening a number of birds in the laboratory of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research. Parts of the park have been deposited and dogs are no longer allowed to be let out. The dead birds are always cleaned up as quickly as possible, which in itself is a lugubrious scene. The Hague council member Robert Barker of the Party for the Animals had the feeling of being on a ‘crime scene’. “The fact that so many birds fall from the sky at this location must have a cause and must be investigated. If there is talk of poisoning, then we have to take a hard time. “

It can not be excluded that the birds have a disease. But that is bizarre, if you look at the way they die. “In any case, it’s going fast. The animals are not emaciated, do not seem ill. They just fall dead from the tree, “ says employee Sharon Lexmond of bird shelter De Wulp. This bird care ‘De Wulp’ reports on this insane situation as follows:

Friday, October 19, 30 dead starlings
Wednesday, October 24 30 dead starlings
Thursday, October 25 88 dead starlings
Thursday, November 1, 138 dead starlings and 1 living that also died within an hour, 2 dead wood pigeons, 1 of which had been killed and others with section fireplaces in liver. (Yersinia / avian TB / salmonella) abnormal cause of death.
Friday, November 2, 7 dead starlings
Saturday, November 3, 44 dead starlings. All of the same location Huygenspark, found in the morning under their sleeping tree.

Meanwhile, a section on 5 starlings has been done, every day. And this expresses the same and the conclusion corresponds to the sections that were performed in Utrecht. Well-fed animals, substantial fat reserves, virtually no internal injury, empty stomachs. This means that the birds have not eaten for 12 to 24 hours. And virus, such as Usutuvirus or West Nile virus are excluded.


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So the real question is, what can we do about this? I try to do things like not keep my phone in my pocket and am seriously considering switching to a 'dumb phone' for daily use, but there is wifi pumping out of every house and establishment these days… AFAIK most wifi is now dual-band which includes 5g right? Is there anything a person can do to combat this form of weaponized radiation?

You might have to look into ways to cover up some of the radiation exposure eventually, whether it be moving your bedroom you sleep into a basement or shielding for the walls and ceilings. There are companies that specialize in EMF/RF shielding residential homes but it does cost a pretty penny! I've been looking into this option, still am.

Finally! A way to get rid of the starling scourge!

One option (which sounds pretty kooky but hear me out) would be to tape magnets all over your walls and ceilings, so that the radiation would bounce back off. HOWEVER, this *could* interfere with nearby electronics or WiFi signals as well, so you'd want a landline and an Ethernet modem thats wired.

Pleeze tell me it is not so!

can we put 5G network to the border?

Just cover your house with that UV-Protection sheeting.

Oh, it is so.

What I'd like to know is the possibility of nascent iodine to prevent this radiation, would dropping a decent amount of nascent iodine help much? This too could be an option.

Not a bad idea either!

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Lugol's Iodine is cheaper. Just load up shotgun shells with it and save your neighbors too by shooting them with numerous rounds of the stuff. Not only will you save their lives, but they will appreciate the red color too. Red dyes may be worth a few more cartridges or something. Maybe even a blow job. You could make a decent business dyeing bitches' clothes by having them line up in their dresses outside your home while you shoot them with said iodine shotgun shells.
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My walls are fine with the gravel poured in, like I said, I had to reinforce all the studs with galvanized steel (very strong!) AND I replaced all the drywall with thick cured plywood thats very securely screwed onto the studs. That gravel ain't going nowhere, the foundation is extremely secured too and the studs can hold massive amounts of pressure. I've been doing DIY construction for years so I know what to do and how to do it well. Extra sheets of UV-protection won't amount to shit as far as wall stability. Put 1,000 pounds against those walls, MAYBE.

My house is built with Brick and not wood because I'm civilised and not a throw back to living in fear of termintes eating my house.

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Termites are not a big problem because I pour Diatomaceous Earth around the corners of my house. When bugs get into that they die within a day or two.

BTW, I recommend this for any pest control (as far as bugs go, including bed bugs which kills them too). You can get 50 pounds of this stuff pretty cheap.

Bugs are not a problem at all in my house, because
1; i don't live in bug infested country, and
2; my house isn't made of any material that is food to any living entity.

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(((They))) have made brick-eating pests by now.
There is no real protection except one..
Cover yourself with Vaseline and light yourself on fire. No one will fuck with you and you won't have to deal with (((them))) anyway..

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Well I'm not going to rebuild my home anytime soon so I'll stick to what I have.

Where we're gping, we don't need houses anymore.

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They're trying their best to kill us.

nah. magnets don't do shit mate.
https:// www.quora.com/Do-magnets-work-to-block-cell-phone-wifi-signals

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Shew me how it is done, great architect..

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3G and 2G-GSM are already weaponized enough but its range is too limited that only if people live right beside a tower (like literally close proximity where you can touch the pole) they get the harmful effects such as lunacy, and miscarriage (if not birth defects or die at around their teens according to the residents living there think it's some kind of disease spreading).

The effect may vary depending on strength but pretty sure that place is harmful to live in which is why the prices of land were pretty cheap.

EMF/RF shielding are usually on bomb shelters. Though bomb shelters might be harmful to live into if there is asbestos and lead coating (Pb) on the inside that can deteriorate over time and make you sick, check if it is properly insulated within cement or it is on the outside. Most buildings don't use asbestos these days. You'll notice signals getting weak like on bomb shelters or subways (yeah, basements are great too).

Water and cement is good for blocking those signals. On public malls and places they use what is called femtocell which works similarly as wifi extender but transmit mobile signals otherwise there'd be none of it.
Water from body can absorb RF/EMF so most of the danger goes to children with undeveloped skull

The commercial and generic neodymium magnet isn't gonna do a thing but magnets that are called "ferrite magnet" can do something.
What it does is convert RF/EMF into heat kinda like a noise 'heatsink' which blocks outgoing and incoming noise. Mainly used on current/digital/analog transmission of electricity/data/audio-video.

Your router is your greatest source of radiation. A friend of mine regularly swept his apartment for bugs and had to switch off his wifi router because it made the readings go through the roof. Pegged it at maximum. This was back in the days of 802.11b. I can only imagine how much radiation our newer n and ac routers put out. He doesn’t bother sweeping anymore because all the apartments around his got routers of their own.

Some people disable wifi during sleeping hours, that’s one option. Some people also turn down the antenna power to the minimum strength that gives you an acceptable signal throughout the house, that’s another measure we can take.

It’s also possible to use radiation reflecting home paints on your inner walls, which reduces the penetration of neighbouring wifi into your home, though this may also reduce your cell signal in the house.

I suppose the most thorough solution is to go Ethernet only and only use LTE on your phone…

Either way, it’s compromise city : \

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I was going to point out how retarded that was if you didn't.

it might be the problem of your old router.
WiFi 'n' these days are very efficient but I don't know about WiFi 'ac' and the modern variations of 'n'.
Seriously, people need to use ethernet wires and the latency-reliability is much better than WiFi which is likely to drop all frames when someone turns on the microwave or congested network,

I only use wifi few times if I try to do network transfers over my phone and PC and turn them off on both the router and phone afterwards.

The problem lies on your neighborhood who probably use wifi ac with 8-10 antennas which are like fucking toxic tbh. You can use your phone to check these kinds of networks.
The only way out of this loop is to use a fucking signal jammer though it is kind of illegal in most places and I don't know where to get one and I really want one myself.
You can also go live somewhere no signals can penetrate or people using wireless electronics are minimal.
LTE is the most optimal build these days but it's shocking how the networks are trying to drop support and move on to 5G cancer. Like literally why would they do that when they couldn't even maximize the potential of LTE into 150Mbps~0.5Gbps…
For handheld it is safe to use Tablet with wifi only then have a LTE dumbphone. It's quite a shock how there's some kind of enforced rule to not sell Tablets with wifi-only today and they plastered these LTE electronics all over those tablets though there's really no purpose for having that extra sim slot.

I am kinda thinking of putting a certain kind of 'tinfoil' build on my hat (not tinfoil or aluminum since these actually react to EMF like on microwave it can act as receiver!)
…so when I go outside so I'm not vulnerable to these harmful goyim frequencies.

The latter is kinda impossible on US I think if Trump doesn't stop it. The ISPs are dropping LTE support.

Where is my bird rights?

You know it will be a matter of 10 years exposure to this and it will happen to you as well.

God damn them to HELL for trying to force us onto their bullshit. Capitalism my ass! Where are the anti-trust actions, or the free market competition? All I see is govt-subsidized monopolies. I'm getting ready to live my life without the internet if things get too much worse.

Not if I don't get on a roof in the next ten years..

5G can go through regular walls and houses, the radiation is deadly if you live anywhere near it and PS: they want to install 5G EVERYWHERE even in the middle of buttfuck now-wheres!

I still won't fall off a roof if I don't get on one..

Nope, but you'd drop dead anyway and you know that and likely don't give a shit.

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