Why is Ye-shua autocorrected to Jesus?

If you write Y-eshua without the dash it autocorrects to Jesus.

Is there some particular reason why we're covering over his actual Hebrew name which means "God saves", "God equalizes", "God levels", "God's resemblance", "God's Tempest/Storm", "God with us", etc.?

I don't have a problem with the name Jesus and I don't by those weird conspiracies about it pertaining to Zeus or any of that horseshit but still…

We should be able to invoke the real name when we want to, surely.

It's a really bizarre thing to censor.

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Are you talking about ιησου?

Wait a minute.
Why do all these names sound similar. What's going on? My dad's nickname grandma uses is Yashoo. THE SIMULATION IS COMING APART

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Because we had a dual invasion of a bunch of Zig Forumsacks who kept saying Christianity was Jewish and insisted on using this hebrew reconstruction of his name, and Judaizers who insisted that Paul had destroyed the true teachings of Christianity and we were under the law.


ᛁᚻᛋ ᛉᛈᛋ

Because Ye shuah literally translates as "Joshua" directly from the Hebrew into English. The name Jesus and Joshua are etymologically equivalent it's just that the former first went through the Greek first which is "Iesous" and that gets translated into English as "Jesus".

So Jesus' real name is Joshua? Interesting.

afaik Joshua in Hebrew is Jesus, whereas Jesus is Jesus, although some say both names apply to Jesus.

No it's Jesus because that's what it is in the Greek New Testament which is inspired. Technically yes "Joshua" is his name but there is no Hebrew or Aramaic part of the NT.

damnit, forgot about the filter lmfao. corrected:

Okay everyone, tell don't him about other Englishized names. He clearly cannot handle it.

The KJV and other Bibles also use Jeshua in the OT. The Greek sometimes renders it as Iosue.

It's still attested through Hebrew and Syriac renderings of the name.

The name is only Iesous in the nominative case due to the rules for distinguishing masculine names from feminine ones. Why Tawma, Bar-Abba, and Bar-Naba becomes Thomas, Barabbas, and Barnabas in Greek.
The last consonant in the Aramaic form of Jesus is an ayin which doesn't have an equivalent in Greek or Latin but is pretty much vocalized with an A sounding end anyway which would make the name look feminine in Greek. There is also no Shin in Greek.

IRL I never met a Joshua who didn't seem to think he was the son of God

It appears that Latin is which does that but Greek OTs sometimes use a similar inflection for it "Iesoue" so that might be where it comes from.

OP here on a diff device here.

Jesus was a jew and his name would have been pronounced Yah'shua… which satisfies his name being Emmanuel.

It's important to know that the name actually predicts his coming and has meaning itself.

He takes God's name YHVH and adds a letter meaning fire/spirit/lordship and stands for Shaddai meaning lord.

Anyone who doesn't see that justifies Christ and thinks its somehow Jewish malarkey is having a serious crisis of logic in my view.

The extra letter is literally a crown.

Yod = hand
He = a man with arms up
Vav = nail

So his name is hand - raised man - crown/fire - nail - raised man

Which one Shin or Ayin?

Mind you oriental royal headdresses might not have necessarily been like the popular pointed crown shape.

Depends on which spelling you take.

The ayin spelling works too but that letter means spring of water and also "no-thing" and also means "eye", shin also means "tooth" so it's the "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" (fulfilling the law)

Both spellings would be with an ayin and shin its the He that would differ.

True enough but the letter itself is 3 yods (first flames) which is thought to symbolize the trinity… it also can mean sin (depending on the vowel mark) so its like the crown of thorns.

This stuff is all very fascinating.

There is a case for the ayin spellings which see typical and found in OT and some ELS.

There is a case for the OP spelling too… which I favour for lots of weird and wonderful reasons… its uniqueness for example and that its Gods name YHVH with Shin added.

Mostly the fact that shin-vav-heh has way better word meanings in Strongs than shin-vav-ayin

I'd use Iesou in NT translations and the appropriate equivalent elsewhere and for historical contexts.

I'd guess it's to mess with p*gan posters who use that name all the time, trying to look smart and enlightened.

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Well at any rate it's a very strange thing to censor… but I'm new here so whatever.

How do I get initiated in this knowledge bothers (mind you I don't plan to learn Hebrew)

That's not the proper spelling of the name though. It's spelled yod-shin-vav-ayin.

As another poster pointed out, it was being spammed by Odinist false-flaggers and Judaizers.

According to whom?

I had to read a lot of books to get up on it. You don't really have to learn Hebrew beyond the letters and their meanings. Any words you need can be found in Strongs.

Odinist false-flaggers? What fresh hell is that?

Judaizers like Alan Horvath or like… Messianic Jew types who preach we're still under Mosaic/Levitical law?

According to most biblical scholars. It's how the name Jesus has always been spelled in Hebrew.", except when it's Jesus.
As for Odonists, many Zig Forums fedoras have begun to grow fearful of the prospect of some kind of afterlife and weary of a pointless nihilist existence, and have latched onto Norse and Germanic neopaganism to fill the void in their lives.
And the Judaizers are Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventists, and anti-Paulians.

Which is kind of my point… I understand the reasoning behind the YSVA spelling and the longer YHVSVA one.

But the big clue to me is that his name will be Emmanuel…

Look through the old testament, every name is given because it has an inherent meaning.

I don't think we'd just get handed another Jesus like what we've already seen… this is the one begotten Son of the Most High God.

Hence my feeling that YHSVH is a valid spelling because it's literally the name of God made manifest through Fire/Spirit.

Do me this one favour alright… we know that YH stands for Yah and is the shortform of God's name…

Go to your Strong's and look up Shin-Vav-Heh and look at what the meanings are. I listed some of them in the OP.

Conversely weigh that against Shin-Vav-Ayin.

Worth noting is that "Ayin" is a "Negative A" whereas "Aleph" is a "Positive A"… by which I mean that words that contain an Aleph, when spelled with an Ayin in its place, quite often take the negative connotation.

It's not always the case but it is often enough to be worth consideration.

Also worth consideration is what YHVH actually means in itself… it's not just some throwaway name that God picked for Himself because He likes it.

I am not a JW, SDA, anti-Pauline or Judaizer beyond the fact that I respect that the Hebrew language is a part of the tradition of our religion… just like I respect the Greek for the NT.

I'm not advocating any of this as being necessary for salvation but I do think this stuff is interesting particularly because the more I delve into Jewish philosophical and mystical thought the more convinced I am that Jesus Christ was the promised messiah.

For background, when I began looking at these things I had only just had my God-realization and had not yet made it all the way to Christ yet.

I'm not accusing you of Judaizing. The language itself is important in the co text of the Old and New Testament.
The sognificance of the spelling yod-shin-vav-ayin comes from the oldest Hebrew letters and the proto-Sinaitic alphabet.
The proto-Sinaitic letters served both as proper letters, like in our own alphabet, and also as hieroglyphs with each letter representing a word. Yod is a forearm, Shin is teeth or fire depending on the time or region (but overall meaning "to destroy/damage"), Vav can mean tent peg or nail, and ayin is an eye, meaning "to witness".

Is there a book or school that deals with the Hebrew alphabet and its meaning? Isn't that what they do in the Kabbalah?

I heard some messianic jews put a lot of emphasis on Jesus to the point of using it as a prayer or invocation.


Huh there's a filter. Yεshuα

Now I get the original post.

Cool. You know your stuff.

Yeah so I am certainly prepared to say YSVA is a more standard spelling of the name Jesus, no question.

I've laid out some of my reasons for YHSVH.

Not really I was cross referencing many books and websites. There may well be a book that makes it its mission or maybe I should write one.

The Folio Society has A is for Ox which is pretty good as a basic alphabet comparison.

A fair few websites like hebrew4christians do pretty well and you can cross reference them with other sites…

I would Google "aleph hebrew meaning" "aleph in kabbalah" "aleph esoteric meaning" and go through the alephbet.

If that all sounds too hard I will tentatively recommend an introduction to the Otiot by Alan Horvath who is definitely a Judaizer but does know the letters… you can safely ignore his other stuff.

I recall also a series on the hebrew letters called "secrets of the hebrew letters" and there's one for each of the 22 letters, which was pretty good.


Seems like it has validity; Athanasius Kircher wrote about it as well.
Here's a handy-dandy proto-Sinaitic chart.

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This is quite good.

Additional… the letter H or He is a breath… so God puts his breath or spirit into Abram and Sara and they become Abraham and Sarah.

It's cool shit which is why I advocate Y'eshua having at least one He in it even if you're going to go YHSVA (yod he shin vav ayin)… you still get the all important Yah.

Yeah medieval Christian kabbalists were definitely up on that shit.

People here think Christian and Kabbalah are oxymorons and Kabbalah is devil worship but they're ignoring a history whereby Christian Kabbalah (or Cabala) is used over and over again to PROVE Jesus' lordship.

Think of it this way…. The Word must be valid to both the super smart and philosophical right through to the plebs and borderline retards…

The OT predicts Jesus kabbalistically and the NT proves him kabbalistically.

Medieval Christian Kabbalists tried to convince these Jewish Kabbalists but you know how it is…

I hope I don't get banned for this but:

YHSVH = 10+5+300+6+5 = 326 = 11 = 2

2 is both his dual nature… human and divine… and his status as second being after the Father… Father the Son then Holy Spirit. 2 is also Chokmah, the 2nd Logos, God's Wisdom manifest.

There's stuff to do with 11 too being a Master number that deals specifically with healing but that's going too far into Numerology for this forum I'm sure.

This is on top of all the meanings listed in OP which only work with that spelling… and the whole Hand / Man Raised / Crown/Fire/Spirit / Nail / Man Raised…

Because he's raised twice… once on the Cross and once from the Tomb.

I mean this stuff goes on and on and you might say it's all bloody nonsense but if it continuously points to Christ as the promised messiah it clearly isn't Satanism and it clearly isn't a bloody coincidence.

The name means God's Storm (he calms a storm), God Levels (he levels mountains), God Equalizes (valleys exalted), God's Resemblance (he is the very image of God), God Saves (salvation)… I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

It's seriously astounding and there isn't a single other religion or system in the world that has this degree of stuff.

The name YHVH predates Christ by HOW LONG and literally has the hand, nail and man raised just sitting there waiting to be noticed?

I get irrationally upset that people don't believe me. 🤣

Leaving this here too. A fun nugget.


Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Jesus in almost every language other than English is pronounced with the "J" sounding like a "Y". Both the case I'm German, Latin, and even that one language in India where they actually say "Yayshu". So it's really more just an example of Semantics in my opinion.


Jesus =Y-eshuah
Jesus =Y-ehoshua
BO is a pedopriest

Test 2
Yehova =Y-ehova
Jehova = j-ehova
Yaweh = Y-ahweh
Jahovah = J-ahovah
Yahovah = Y-ahovah

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Save yourself the headache next time, kid.

Also Hosea is an abreviation of Jesus (Hebrew form of Joshua) so technically if you follow the Deuterocanon there’s three books in the Old Testament with Jesus in the title (Sirach/Ecclesiasticus has the full title of “Book of the All-Virtuous Wisdom of Jesus, son of Sira”)