White House Pulls CNN's Jim Acosta's Media Credentials For Being Rude, Disrespectful

Following the disturbing behavior in this morning's White House press conference, when a journalist from CNN refused to hand his mic back to a White House aide…

Watch Jim Acosta from CNN hit the young intern on the arm to keep the mic. Where’s the #metoo movement when you need them? pic.twitter.com/o59ncCfAO4

— Raynard Esquilin (@tainomessenger) November 8, 2018

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders announced that CNN's Jim Acosta has had his media credentials pulled:

"President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his Administration. We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern…

President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his Administration. We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern…

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) November 8, 2018

This conduct is absolutely unacceptable. It is also completely disrespectful to the reporter’s colleagues not to allow them an opportunity to ask a question. President Trump has given the press more access than any President in history.

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) November 8, 2018

Sanders continued:

"Contrary to CNN’s assertions there is no greater demonstration of the President’s support for a free press than the event he held today.

Only they would attack the President for not supporting a free press in the midst of him taking 68 questions from 35 different reporters over the course of 1.5 hours including several from the reporter in question.

The fact that CNN is proud of the way their employee behaved is not only disgusting, it‘s an example of their outrageous disregard for everyone, including young women, who work in this Administration.

As a result of today’s incident, the White House is suspending the hard pass of the reporter involved until further notice."

While some have questioned whether he "acosta'd her", the CNN reporter has just confirmed it via tweet…

I’ve just been denied entrance to the WH. Secret Service just informed me I cannot enter the WH grounds for my 8pm hit

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) November 8, 2018


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Trump was extremely butthurt about losing the House to the Democrats, and in true form, he was lashing out like a child.

Or, you know, the media could act like professionals for once and tell the truth.

Not only did Trump attack Jim Acosta, but he did the same to several reporters, AND he even lashed out at REPUBLICANS who 'had the audacity ' to not seek his endorsement, naming their names, one by one, insulting them.

Jim Acosta 's 'unforgivable violation' had nothing to do with the stupid bitch who jumped up and tried to drag him out of the room.

What Acosta did 'wrong' was to mention that the 'invasion' of Guatemalans was still 800 miles away from America, at which point Trump lost his composure like a little butthurt baby.


stfu, dimwit

suck it

I watched the entire press conference LIVE yesterday.

I'm the first one to upload the video I shot off my TV set

(see video above)

AGAIN: Jim Acosta mentioned that the caravan 'invasion' was still hundreds of miles away



he dared mention THE TRUTH
which is the alleged invasion is still hundreds of miles away

that's all…….

and Trump lashed out

OK. He was still very rude. And it is an invasion. They were given asylum in Mexico and refused to accept that, and are not wanted in the US. They do plan on invading our country, thats their intent, thus it IS an invasion.

He asked his question and Trump responded. His turn was over. He refused to accept that his turn was up.

Invasion, my ass.

they've hyped the numbers to 12,000 (lies) but a small county Fair concert will have 40,000 people

big deal


Trump was the one being rude and childish and insulting and unprofessional and unpresidential

ahhhhh, I see that you've never watched a press conference in the white House before

It's actually up to 14,000+ invaders now.

There's no point arguing with you, because you're willing to fabricate justifications.

AGAIN: trump lashed out at SEVERAL reporters

(many of whom never said jack shit)

he actually named off a series of REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES and insulted them, simply because they didn't request Trump's endorsement.

Trump is THE most embarrassing
childish, unprofessional, unstable
unprofessional president ever

hahaha! sure it is, dude

sure it is

this must be very exciting for you……

your first election process

lemme guess: you became 'politically aware' (turned 18) two years into Obama's 2nd administration?

that's adorable

so…. your mother had to switch the channel from The Teletubbies so she could watch the 9/11 attacks ?


I couldn't care less about
Jim Acosta, or any other
reporters or whether or
not they are allowed into
the White House anymore


but the fact of the matter is:
Trump behaved like a little
butthurt bitch………………..

obviously, he was butthurt
about SOMETHING………..

gee, I wonder what it was

H I N T :

if you want to know what he was butthurt about, perhaps you should forget about the embarrassing, rude, unprofessional behavior he demonstrated towards the reporters…….

and focus on the embarrassing, rude, unprofessional behavior he demonstrated towards HIS FELLOW REPUBLICANS who didn't ask for his endorsement

it hurt his megalomaniacal feelings

Since I'm NOT a Democrat…….

Since I'm NOT a Republican…..

Since I'm NOT a Libertarian…..

Since I'm NOT a liberal…..

Since I'm NOT a conservative…..

Since I'm NOT a moderate…..

Since I'm NOT a socialist……

Since I'm NOT a communist…..

Since I'm NOT a fascist…..

………I do NOT care about the politics

………..I honestly don't care about that

but since I AM a human being with a brain stem:
I can honestly say that Trump is the most embarrassing, weird (and not the 'cool' kind of weird) unaware, childish, illiterate, cumbersome, oblivious, idiotic, awkward, childish, uneducated, unprofessional, UNPRESIDENTIAL PRESIDENT I have ever seen in my life.

solely on its face value:

just the human being, not the politician

that human being IS A JOKE

Can you clowns be any less clownish? Acosta was not banned for being rude as the headline says and the story immediately disproves. As for "confirmation" by tweet, Acosta's hit is surely tv speak for a standup in some WH locale. As if he turns up at 8 pm everyday to assault a WH staffer. Get real.

If I had an opportunity to hang out with trump in real life…..

If I was given the chance to just 'kick it with Trump', to just hang out, shoot the breeze, hit on chicks, talk about life, etc etc etc….


he would be SO UNCOOL to hang out with

he would be so cumbersome and awkward and lame

imagine trump trying to talk about music, or movies, or current topics and trends, or technology.

hahahaha!!! what a fucking DOUCHEBAG

what an albatross caveman

What makes you think he'd want to chill with you?


the term 'hit' is an industry insider term

that's the pattern used by White House press corps for decades

it's how they function during the press conferences. They have to 'get' in where they fit in' by by being ASSERTIVE


hahahaha egg zack lee
you stupid, inexperienced fool

I would certainly hope he wouldnt

No, it's 27k now

Look at pix

ther's more beaners coming to rape my children than there were at trump's inauguration

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oops,forgot to explain pix
the right side of pix shows caravan, left side trump's inauguration

True because you just read it here and I am Q and I don't mean queer

If that fat, knuckle dragging, hunched over, out of touch, psoriasis-riddled, creepy, ugly-woman-marrying, awkward caveman actually wanted to hang out with me ?……

that would mean I was a loser, too


That's less than a month, on foot.

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many years ago, back when Pearl Jam was still a relevant touring act, I was in Memphis visiting family when I inadvertantly bumped into Eddie Vedder

(I literally bumped into him, almost being run over by his limousine as I walked out of an alley into a parking lot to get to my car)

Pearl Jam had just finished their concert at The Memphis pyramid, (a concert you couldn't pay me to attend, because I hate pearl jam. Their music SUCKS) and they used to have these 'after show festivals' that travelled city to city, following the pearl jam concerts.

I was just leaving a downtown nightclub, about to drive to see a girl that I was fucking…. I had no idea that this 'after show festival' was happening…

Eddie Vedder got out of the limousine, and I made a joke about how they almost ran over my foot. I introduced myself to Eddie, and explained that I painted Elvis portraits for celebrities, and I was ZZ TOPs Art Director. Eddie Vedder was rolling on Ecstacy bigtime… His eyes were completely dilated, and he was undulating and surging as we spoke. He told me he LOVED Elvis, and said he'd like an Elvis portrait….

So aaaaanyway……….

Eddie asked me to go into the 'after show festival' with him, and even though I hated him and his music, I figured there'd be some hot chicks in there, so I agreed.

As we walked into The New Daisy Theater together, Eddie actually told the doorman that I was his 'head of security ' (which was of course an inside joke) and we breezed through the door as the crowd parted…..

The split second we got inside the packed theater, I cut a 'b line', and immediately ditched Eddie Vedder…

He's a schmuck….

a loser……

There was NO WAY I was going to '''hang out ' with Eddie Vedder

Much like Eddie Vedder, or Donald Trump, or Frank Sinatra, or ANY OTHER COMPLETE LOSER:

coming from YOU, that's a grand compliment

if a faggot like YOU actually thought I was 'cool', I'd be worried

considering the source, you
just complimented the shit
out of me, and I thank you

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No one would want to pay you, period

too bad you're an astronomically bigger loser than all complete losers…..


Trump lies about being a billionaire, of course…. He's got over $330 million, but he's NOT a billionaire…. not at all….

but any guy with $330 million could get ANY WOMAN HE WANTS….

that's odd…..because trump only gets the UGLIEST fucking women… prostitutes… hideous hookers and Slavic transvestite looking freaks of nature….

it's understandable why you would look up to him

that's nice

*throws dog shit at your face*

thankyou very much
videogame boy

for the

says the adult male who's
life revolves around cartoons
videogames and denial

HAHA !!!

you're very flattering


you really are

I try

I'm not joking

I honestly DO try

this is the 'nice' me

It's reddit spacing on steroids.
And the entry of an unwanted party is considered an invasion.

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— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) November 8, 2018

—Donald Trump, whenever he can

t. Boomer

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i'm not from the US and even I know it.
stop lying you filthy leftist rat.
if you like browns that much, go in their country.

1 would still 1 too many.

I think Johnny got trigged by this article.

Thanks for bumping this thread, but more importantly, providing me with not just fresh salt, but fresh salt delivered right to me. I don't have to go to twitter or facebook to see how assmad the left is getting. Thanks again Johnnyboy. BTW,
6 more years

I read this whole thread, and gathered as follows:
If assault == true && man == conservative;
Man = bad;
Else If man == orange;
Man = bad;
Return Man;
Else return salt;
(watch someone correct my psudocode)

t. idiot who can't comprehend that moderates might have serious convictions and beliefs

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Tucker Carlson btfo by femfita.