Children ‘should be taught about orgasms at school’, MP says
She later clarified that she wasn’t suggesting children a ‘taught to masturbate’.
Speaking to Grazia Magazine, she said: ‘Women’s expectations should be greater, we have to start demanding more.
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‘To liberate women and end violence is to break down the culture of power and imbalance between men and women.
‘Let’s stop people feeling ashamed.’
The interview came shortly after figures revealed only 65% of straight women admitted to ‘usually or always orgasming’ during sex.

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I don't need to be taut this by no guverment
We home-schooled our kids on the subgect

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Not long now until a bunch of pedophiles will take to arms against the left to protect children from abuse…and if you think that sounds crazy, then you're still underestimating liberal insanity.

Of course it's in the UK.

Poor Ahmed and Jamal, unable to satisfy per-puberscent little girls because they don't know how to enjoy it.

This is what happens when you allow the govt to take your guns…. never let this happen America!

White women will lay there like dead fish and expect the man to do all the work. Colored women will actually put forth effort and enjoy themselves because they haven't been poisoned by Disney princess syndrome.

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Will there be labs for this class?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. She's high on the same old dipshit feminist rhetoric, but she's right in that children, ALL children and not just focusing on girls like she wants, should be given comprehensive education on sex and sexuality. Treating it in a hush-hush manner, as if it were something of which to be ashamed, is what leads into abusive situations that the parties involved are unreluctant to talk about, what leads into uneducated retards having urethral sex for decades and not figuring it out until they go to a doctor for UTI issues, what leads to outbreaks of chlamydia because "surely it won't happen to ME".

As far as I'm concerned, the Puritanism espoused by the religious "right-wing" is nothing but more leftism in a different package.

Time and place. I have the arms, and the will, but one man alone is just a lunatic.

Ugly womans wants attention, where's the news? Men should really stop listening women, and women should absolutely be second class citizens with no right to vote.

Sure, as long as she is personally in charge and takes and active role on the lesson…

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Cityfags have no guns.
UK has loads of guns in countryside. If Government tried to take them they'd lose.

Thats good to hear, many in the UK should consider moving to the country side, I know I would if I lived there!

Sorry I read that as "Children should be taught to orgasm in school"

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TBH that's what I imagine when 8ch gets up in arms about anything.
"Haha look at all the angry pedophiles"

Yes, one case out of 100 million is an epidemic.
Kill yourself child molesting freak.

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UK is not US.


Glad that you found a place to call home, user.

State-issued Tyrones WHEN?

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Skeet shooting shotguns are much more common for sport in England.

Would you say asian women are ‘colored’?

Isn't this already taught in sex ed?

we laugh now, but at this rate i would not be surprised at all if at some point in time they start making kids masturbate in class. I mean SEX eds with actual sex are a fetish of mine but i'd rather them stay in fiction where nothing really matters beyond what's written/drawn.

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I bet some kids actually do covertly touch themselves and use their desks as cover if there is a hot teacher in the room talking about sex. Likely thats why sex ed stirs so much controversy.

of course: colored = non-white

UK countryfag here, it would need to be handled carefully. We've already had about a decade of wealthy Townies buying 'a place in the country'. This drives housing prices up to a ridiculous level (if you want to buy your own home in the country then you'll need to have at least 1/2 a million in the bank, if not I hope you don't mind staying with your parents). Combined with the facts that jobs have been moving out of rural communities for a long time - and that the average cityfag holds leftist politics - it would need to happen slow enough for the people moving to be forced to adapt to the communities they were invading rather than just swarming and changing them. The communities they'd be ruining also don't have the infrastructure to cope with a sudden influx of people.

user … I …

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Looks like my grand parents will have to have an "accident", those motherfuckers are hoarding out on me

I like this psyop. Keep it going.

I volunteer to bring every female student to orgasm so they can experience and learn from it.

A march is forming against your kind. You drew the line in the sand and helped yourself to our pockets and accomplishments, you waved on the others gleefully as you robbed, and threatened. No longer. No more.

Stop living in abstractions.

It's okay user. We won't make fun of you.

just look at that slag

You're such a fucking hoe I love it.

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if a woman doesn't consent to sex and gets herself raped, does this mean she's actually an incel?

Someone likes to fuck gorillas.

No chance at all of this ending up being a recipe for pedophilia.

If these out of touch boomers had any idea how much porn kids watch these days, they wouldn’t be proposing such silly things

Plus we’d make up for lost time back in our high school days. I like where yer head is at, user.

Purely disingenuous. Seeks to imply that anyone can walk into a shop and purchase one of these "uk legal" weapons, when in fact anyone wishing to own one must undergo a protracted application process which ultimately rests on being given permission by the local chief of police, after deep background, psychological and social investigations, doctor's reports etc.
And once all that is complete, the lucky owner is under draconian restrictions on where the weapon can be stored, carried and used.
Add to this random police inspections of your secure storage.
tl;dr this stupid chart wants Americans to think that Brits can legally walk around with weapons for self-defense or keep them at home, ready to protect.
They can't.

Oh, and as for the pump action shotgun.
Why did you omit the fact that magazines are limited to a capacity of 3 shells?
because it's disingenuous propaganda
Don't believe that bullshit, which seeks to cover up the true extent of UK disarmament.

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Wanna know how I know you're from Saudi Arabia or some other muslim shithole?
News flash, retard: the US government doesn't give a shit about the popular vote
Do you understand any of this, Abdul?

Is this the "chav" that I keep hearing about?

Go on, call me 'fake news' you'll feel better about yourself.