"Ian David Long named as California shooting gunman: 12 dead after US Marine Corps veteran opens fire inside bar

Twelve people have died after a “maniac" gunman burst into a country and western bar in California and opened fire on hundreds of young revellers.

A police spokesman said 12 people died in the shooting, including one "hero" sergeant who rushed to the scene to confront the shooter.

The gunman, 28, was named by police as Ian David Long. He is said to be a veteran of the US Marine Corps.

Sheriff Geoff Dean said local police had previously had "minor interactions" with Long, who lives near the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. "

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Already two threads on this!

Nutcase Goes On Shooting Spree In Gun Controlled Commiefornia

A gunman has opened fire at a country music bar during a student night in the city of Thousand Oaks, California, killing 12 people and injuring several before turning the gun on himself.

The shooter stormed the Borderline Bar and Grill wearing a black trenchcoat armed with a pistol equipped with an extended magazine and smoke grenades began targeting people as young as 18.

Ron Helus - a Ventura County sheriff sergeant - was among the deceased. The 'hardworking' officer, who was due to retire this year, had 29 years of experience in the force and leaves behind a wife and son.

An additional '10 to 15' victims were injured during the mass shooting, including a doorman, a young female cashier and college students.

The perpetrator, dressed in all-black, wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses and a mask covering the bottom part of his face, walked up to the entrance at 11.20pm and shot the doorman before making his way into the venue.

He then opened fire on a young female cashier before throwing smoke grenades onto the dancefloor and letting off rounds into the crowd.

First responders from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office and Highway Patrol arrived at 11.23pm and got into a gunfight with the suspect, during which a deputy sheriff was shot and later died at Los Robles Hospital from his injuries.

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So now even zog-bot chads are at the tipping point?

it's a start

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You think Chads are the kids talking about joining the military after high school? Come on now, buddy, all you need is to read "trenchcoat" and you can tell what kind of a person he was.

He's a big guy.

This is why homosexuals shouldn't be allowed into the US military.

Teach people that its ok to murder human beings when it helps you accomplish your goals and this is what happens. Rather than going HOW DID THIS HAPPEN THIS MUST BE AN ISOLATED INCIDENT IS HE WHITE IS HE REPUBLICAN IS HE ANTIFA , the only way to find a solution to murder going further is by acknowledging a human beings 1) desire for freedom , the way they view freedom
2) desire to dominate or employ any technique necessary to achieve that freedom then prevent it from being taken away
3) feelings of rage upon being denied what they feel is freedom

Dumb fuck science nerds all acknowledge that this aggressive behavior occurs among animals, they acknowledge that we are animals, then they act shocked when everyone except designated kings mafias Elites politicians and army's have to follow the unlimited rules here. It fucks with people's head when Kim Jong Un, some retarded psycho fuck, has more freedom than somebody who pays their taxes every year. There is no getting around the fact that Kim Jong Un has 1000000000000x the life of any American worker. Attacking freedom of speech or right to own a gun while following certain regulations is a perfect recipe for Armageddon.


if this suited your need to fabricate 'magical thinking' correlation to bolster your GAY AS SHIT political (amateur hour) agenda, you'd all be insisting that this was a 'false flag event' designed by leftists, or whatever other nonsense 'boogeyman' you fabricate…..

………..but the midterms are over

……….so you're not saying 'false flag'


There were 307 MASS SHOOTINGS THIS YEAR in America




Today is November 8th, 2018

This is the 312th DAY OF THE YEAR

and there have been 307 MASS SHOOTINGS SO FAR IN AMERICA

Also friendly reminder that "Mass shooting" means a shooting involved with 4 or more people and that means people who are uninjured, all you have to be is around a shooting when it is happening and it becomes a mass shooitng

Ahhhhh….. a hypothesis

Nope…. In the past fourteen days, there have been a couple of shootings where only TWO people were targeted……

Like the two black people who were targeted by the white supremacist, killed for 'committing the crime ' of going to Kroger to get groceries.

They were part of the 307 mass shootings

meaning the criteria is:
More than one randomly chosen victim

I'm certainly not here to argue with you, especially considering that I have actual facts, and you have nothing but a hypothesis… I'm not going to lower myself to arguing with a hypothesis….

The difference between you and me is I actually have numbers, and all you've got is a theory, based upon some preconceived racist bullshit


More than one person randomly targeted for no reason

Not enough if you ask me..

Cool reddit spacing please return to that place

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I'd tell you
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but you never left

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just like your poor mother
and your school counselor
told you so many times before

"The reason nobody ever asks you for your opinion is because none of us acknowledge your existence"

white people


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based upon the criteria 'more than one person randomly targeted for no reason', drive-by shootings don't qualify, because most drive-by shootings are focused on specific individuals, as retribution, and are not 'random' at all.

Now, of course there are often innocent bystanders injured or killed in drive-by shootings, but a vast majority of drive-by shootings are directed at specific targets.

bust THAT, nigga


there is a father of a young man who was unaccounted for at the shooting.

the father wasn't sure if his son was a victim or not, alive or injured or safe or whatever….

he went straight to the Bar & Grill and tried to find out….

And on camera, in front of the reporters, he was informed his son had been murdered.

his anguish and grief was heart wrenching

Unless you are a heterosexual and actually have kids, you really wouldn't understand what this father was going through………

I've experienced similar loss in my life. My brother was murdered in a robbery gone wrong… I know exactly what kind of unimaginable emotional roller coaster you go through when you find out tragic news like that…..

If you are an introverted, isolated loner sits in his own self-imposed cocoon, playing video games and watching anime, with no girlfriend and no wife and no children… Then OF COURSE it's easy to sit there and act like you have no emotions or compassion…..

But the fact remains…………………..

this isn't a joke or a meme

watching that poor father freak out and break down on camera really touched me…. And I called my kids to tell them how much I love them……

So… of course it's easy for me to be in character and sit here acting like a jackass, insulting you guys, ridiculing you for your shortcomings, highlighting what losers you are…..

…… but that's just my online persona speaking……

In reality, I actually admire you guys a lot, and I empathize with you, and I know that you love your families, and your parents love you… And I want the best for all of you… I really don't dislike you guys at all….

the holidays are upon us………….

and I hope each and every one of you find happiness and closeness

Oh… I almost forgot

military guys ALWAYS get the fattest, ugliest women

A L W A Y S . . . . . . .

the type of pigs you'd NEVER be seen in public with…….

so I understand how angry he was

Thats strange, the prior articles stated that eye witnesses claimed the shooter was full bearded and dark skinned. Something is fishy here.

GTFO of here you tryhard fuck

good post

need more of these posts and less of the "eat shit nigger faggot neck yourself and die in hell"

but a gay dad would be losing a son AND a lover…

Is this true? Can we get confirmation on this?

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How sad. Jim play despacito 3

Thanks for telling me about your location goykun :^)

I knew him, he was a failed country singer and grew to hate the sound

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I heard he was laffed off the stage in america

idol auditions and was triggered by cuntry muzak

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