Daily reminder to tear down any LGBT propaganda you come across

Daily reminder to tear down any LGBT propaganda you come across.

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Be careful when you eat any cooked lamb, muslimanon. Might be bad for your heart lol.

Cringe and mudpilled

I'll do this in public, but unsure how to hande this in a workplace

I never had the chance to but I sure would if I knew I wouldn’t get caught. Not only is it not sinful but not doing anything about it while you can actually is since allowing the promotion of sin which cries out to heaven for vengeance further contributes to its enabling. People are conformists so if they are surrounded by pro-LGBT signs that appear to be intact, they’ll unconsciously think "everyone is ok with it so it’s ok for me to keep supporting it without feeling a shred of guilt, it’s all ok 😌". LGBT flags should also be burned as long as no other property will be damaged.

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Vandalizing it makes them more mad

It can be as simple as sticking a piece of paper to it while no one is looking. Pic related.

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Reminds me of college. I removed somewhere around ~600-700 flyers on campus over the course of four months. It's crazy just how much garbage people put up and how lazy campus police can be.

C’est encore mieux ça. Il faut qu’il leur soit rappelé que le Seigneur déteste leur péché, malgré leur athéisme minable.

J’avais pas ouvert l’image de l’OP…les deux ça va, tant que ce n’est pas en apparence qu’un acte de vandalisme qui pourrait être attribué à un "athée homophobe" qui veut juste faire ièch.

so what

Hon hon hon omelette du fromage merci bonsoire

Speaking of French, I haven't been here for a couple of years. Is that guy with the "une bonne truie juive" sinpost still here?


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just tear it completely down rather than modifying it or slapping bible verses on it, the bible verses aren't going to convince anyone of anything on their own and it's better if it's as if the flyer never existed.

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Every time I've ever taken down a flyer like that my plan was to pretend to be personally interested in attending

Interestingly I've never heard of the Muslims ever tearing these down, or otherwise publically renouncing the homosexualist agenda. Because in these countries they definitely have the clout for it that Christians can only dream about.

We do it all the time. We just don't feel the need to sperg out and brag about it. We just … do it.

I think they might be too busy throwing homosexuals off roofs to worry about some fliers on a college campus.

Every morning I drive past one of those big flashy Saudi-funded mosques and across the road there's a park with a dozen or so flagpoles flying pride flags, and nothing is being done about it. Not even a complaint to the city council to have them removed. I'm beginning to think the congregation actually wants them there.

When was the last time that happened in the west? Not that I'm calling for any lynch mobs, but the least they could do as they pour into the west is hold a public rally for sexual propriety once in a while. Both against thots and fags, but I'm starting to wonder if they even believe their religion anymore. Just look at that Sadiq Khan, who actually goes as far as to promote homosexuality: independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/sadiq-khan-gay-pride-london-lgbt-mayor-peter-tatchell-parade-antidote-sadness-a7824006.html

Maybe they think they are sticking it to the kuffar by promoting degeneracy, but they shouldn't rest easy thinking it won't spread within their own ranks. I've been seeing more and more Muslimas lately running around dressed like whores.