Google Executive Fatally Struck By Company Bus While Staring At Her iPhone In The Street

A young woman crossing a street on Google’s Mountain View campus was fatally struck by a tech company bus Monday evening, authorities said.

She was too busy staring at her iPhone not paying attention to the road. Google identified the woman as Emily Hong, an executive in the tech giant’s finance department.

“We are devastated to learn of the tragic passing of a member of our Google family,” the statement read. “On Monday night, our colleague Emily Hong passed away after being struck by a shuttle bus on our Mountain View campus.”

Officers responded at 6:45 p.m. to the pedestrian collision at Charleston Road and Huff Avenue and administered CPR to Hong, who was lying in the road.

Despite life-saving efforts, she died at the scene.

The driver of the bus stayed at the intersection and cooperated with investigators. Neither drugs nor alcohol appear to have played a role in the collision.

Authorities have scolded other Google employees telling them to stop staring at their iPhones 24/7 and to pay attention to what the fuck they are doing.

Anyone who witnessed the collision is asked to get in touch with Officer Kevin Solomon at [email protected]

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One down 20,000 to go

such is real

Oh no. That's terrible. My heart goes out to all the corrupt, pro-censorship commies at the company.

the ironic thing is that you probably believe the press should only write flattering stories about the president, and unless they follow that directive, the president should be allowed to silence them and deny them the opportunity to do their job.

This wasn't an accident.


You mean like during the Obama administration?

They are the ones that censor, don't blame the victims of that censorship. Google sucks so no sympathy given from me.

100% agree. My next thought would be what scary shit did she probably know?


especially since Google owns the bus

Daily reminder that you can assasinate people by giving them notifications at the optimal time. Not sure what the optimal time is but maybe somebody goes to get food and is then feeling happy and invincible , then you could get a notification about some sale in some dumb app then it makes your brain get shocked for a second or maybe you look at phone, then you are dead. Refusal to acknowledge that the study of human psychology needs expanded to these unknown areas is the reason that these types of things continue to exist. An app that suppresses all notifications when it detects you are walking could he integrated into Android and activated with a click and save a few lives and get people to focus on one task at a time. The problem is marketers are the ones in control of these devices. What's more important , an extra shekel or an extra goy?

95% of mental breakdowns which doctors declared psychosis are people who have their brain overloaded with bullshit. People become so integrated with tech that they turn on their phone and get an ad "BUY DOG FOOD 50% OFF" then a second later they hear a dog bark. also the same way you would go insane if somebody was staring inside your window all day with a camera, mass surveilence is literally felt by people. The reduction of a living thing to a resource which can be used by a person with more pieces of papers like their slave will lead to people going insane. A simple solution is a daily text letting every human being know which companies and governments are currently monitoring their actions. This can lead to a public debate on the issue rather than people in the know having their mind raped 24/7

how come jewgle's company busses aren't guided by an autonomous gps AI?
i can't believe these tech hippster disapoint me even in my asumptions about their opulence

No surprise there. Apple users are, after all, retarded beyond redemption

C O R R E C T I O N :



there's no such thing…..

Back when I was a whippersnapper like you, they used to call it a 'nervous breakdown'…..

it's bullshit… There's no such thing.

sick burn

So, you support Judo chopping women(violence against women is disgusting as you probably don't understand since you consider them less than you I decided to state ths fact)while exerting white patriarchal dominance of an inclusive space that should have allow an equal voice to under represented and oppressed people. There were many women of color waiting to give voice to their concerns and Jim Acosta(white male)stole that from them just like he also stole that young womans safety and dignity. You disgust me.

I call bullshit. Where are the videos? There has to be at least 6 million cameras around a Google campus.

So she was too retarded to pay attention to the traffic she was walking through? Sounds like he brought it on herself.


Googles first murder? Or was there something befor this…

orange man bad

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Out of curiosity, what would you call things like meth psychosis?

good news


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please show me one time when a press person was denied entry to obama's white house for criticism.
righties have this idea that obama was treated differently, but he wasn't. canadian here, who watched cnn (and other american networks) regularly and every move he made was criticized, no different than trump. the only difference with trump is the number of times he's criticized because he's constantly tweeting idiot bullshit, and the severity of the criticism that is fair when he outright lies and says ridiculous bullshit.

haha! judo chopping? you must be a 20-something millenial if you think that qualifies as "violence" you precious snowflake! there was no violence. in fact, she moved into his space as he was simply gesturing. show me her bruises.

The Obama regime would have NEVER EVER allowed real conservative media to step foot into a press meeting (such as Daily Caller, Free Beacon, Breitbart, Infowars or even World Net Daily). I have no sympathy for CNN, if they acted rudely and refused to handover a mic after their turn is up then they should be revoked over it.

Why the fuck does the press even have an opinion to begin with? Report the fucking facts IMPARTIALLY, and don't do so in a lopsided way either (cf. media preferentially reporting things that made Obama look good and preferentially reporting things that make Trump look bad).

Keep your fucking shit opinions to yourself. L

There is no more impartial press anymore. Its all bias in some way or form when it comes to politics because the nation is more divided than ever before. Even Larry King admitted this.

As far as I'm concerned there are those that want to be left alone and those who don't want to leave us alone. There are those who want our nation to be strong and sovereign, and those that don't. Those that believe in a constitutional republic and those that believe in collectivism and big government. And thats the great divide.

comedy gold!

So she worked for google but didnt have android?


Do you or do you not believe that a woman should be violently and repeatedly judo chopped in the head and genitals for daring to take the whitehouse microphone away from Jim Acosta?
Its a simple yes or no question.

if that list didn't contain so much fake news, maybe they would be considered real press. aside from that, breitbart was given credentials for white house briefings, so you're wrong on that. also, it's not the first time trump has gotten butthurt over questions he doesn't like and banned a reporter.

Even Fox, trump's biggest supporter, knows he's wrong when it comes to his dealings with the press. the press is not your enemy, it's your greatest friend, that keeps government from turning into dictatorships.

Its not fake news. Its only news you don't accept or hold bias against. I consider a lot of the BS you'd post to be fake news too, by the way.

It's only fake if there's no evidence to back it up. Fox is notorious for that. They actually sued one of their own reporters for refusing to broadcast a fake news story, claiming that they should be considered an "entertainment" network that has the right to broadcast made-up stories. Fox won that suit. The only "news" organization to go to court and win the "right" to broadcast fake news.

ALL of TV media is notorious for fake news. All of it. Its all corporate controlled and gets permission what they can/cannot report by major intel agencies. CIA bitches.

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Probably deserved.

Like the saying goes. "The only good gook, is a dead gook"


Every Antifa looks like a fucking twig, not one of them had body mass, and they wanted to go toe to toe with people that work for a living

Gotta love how four of them disappear too. So much for solidarity.