Xbox rage' sends game player, 30, on shooting spree; neighbor’s home struck: report

"A Tennessee man was arrested Wednesday after he flew into a rage over an Xbox video game and fired over a dozen rounds from two different handguns into his bedroom ceiling and walls, a report said.

Casey L. Jones, 30, had been playing on his Microsoft Xbox when he suddenly reached a breaking point, screaming at the game and smashing the console with his fist, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported, citing court records.

Jones then went up to his bedroom nightstand, picked up a Springfield XDS handgun and fired several rounds into the ceiling, the paper reported. Jones proceeded to grab a second handgun, a Springfield XDM, and fired another volley through the walls. One of those rounds went through a window, striking a neighbor’s house.

Court records state Jones made threats of self-harm, which he has a history of making."

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Zog bot

better try a easier game. try the one called dark souls.

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fuck you fox news

Time to ban Microsoft.


an emotionally unstable, immature, effeminate, temper tantrum throwing ADULT MALE WHO PLAYS VIDEOGAMES LIKE A 7 YEAR OLD BOY, AND HAS NO GIRLFRIEND OR WIFE………

color me surprised

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we should be worried about people who suck at games
it wouldnt have happened otherwise it seems


You Video Gamers Are Cool As Shit

………and you have the audacity to wonder why no women will fuck you……..

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Read the source article:

An unidentified woman in the home at the time said there was no argument beforehand and he never turned the gun on her.



it was also his mother's gun he took out of her closet.

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you won't even stand up and take out the trash for your mother

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Gamers have always been fucking cowards.

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Actually, he was quite instrumental in having the trash taken out of his mother's home..

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It's easy for those bullets to go through the walls and hit a neighbor's residence, especially when you live in a trailer… This guy and his mother live in a shoe box with wheels… Typical white trash effeminate little sissy boy with his video games, masturbating to WWE and anime…

It's really surprising that he doesn't have women knocking his door down trying to climb into bed with him because he's such a stud…

what woman WOULDN'T want to invest their life into the life of an overweight neckbeard who lives with his mother and plays video games, and when he loses a round of Miss Pac-Man, he starts shooting holes through the trailer walls?

That's marrying material !!


This made the news because
< guns are bad goyim.

His mother continually has to beg him to take out the trash, but he said he tried taking out the trash a couple years ago but then she wanted to marry him. It was his sister

Made the news because
< this is you in 6 months

I knew this story would attract Johnny Cuntlicker—like a vulture to dead carrion. Queue in non-stop anti-video games rants for a few hours.

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Ewww! He doesn't actually lick them, does he?

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Too bad you'll never have HPV


But at least you still have Zelda

Yes, but ancient Greeks and Romans have condemned him as a pussy for this practice..

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Video games are much better.
Girls are so ooey gooey sticky and gross. Not that I would know, but I'm pretty sure.. I've seen pictures.

Andy was right all along

I just shot my Playstation, went outside and am going to buy a bottle of ripple and get a BJ from a $10 crack whore

You have no idea..
sorry, Johnny.. on a roll..
Besides, I know how you love to be hated and ridiculed, so I am only here to help!
Poor Killcen, on the other hand, can't take the heat and is taking a well-deserved break. Probably didn't like the email..

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There was this one time, I was down there and sh started having hr period….but that wasn't the worst of it…she had a yeast infection and …phew. lads

I puked all over her pussy.

I told her that I had the stomach flu.

I've sucked cocks ever since, but don't swallow

just kys already then.

Casey L. Jones, aged 30teen and a half
413 Westcove Ct Maryville, TN 37803

and I was wrong about his mommhis mommy and daddy divorced, so he mooches off his father in this house.

The 'unidentified woman' in the house is Casey's STEPMOTHER…..

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I call bullshit on this story.
Obvious false flag.
Casey Jones was a great American icon - a legend, really. He knew how to go fast..

Stop sucking cocks, you effeminate shit, and be a man.
Captcha: yfwcgd

Gamergate 2.0 has stared. The bloods on sargoys hands .

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'Stared' at what I am not sure..

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Believe it or not, FACEBOOK

I have a 'Female's Account ' on Facebook, with a profile pic of a pretty girl…….

I believe it. As everyone else on the planet finally begin to wake up, Johnny Neptune is called by the siren song and lulled into an everlasting slumber..

…….and my new 'hobby' is finding attractive women on Facebook, then telling them that "I have a session today, and I could sure use a little help"

Like this chick……

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Agent ..007 may have a point.

Then, when they respond, I tell them it's just three or four customers…. Businessmen…. And it's just handjobs….

You would not believe the responses I have gotten

True. No belief happening here yet.
Post many more images..

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Oh trust me, none of them have said yes….. Of course not…

If they did, I'd be disgusted….

I've just been enjoying how they all freak out and get furious with me

Only women would be stupid enough to believe any man would think a woman could give a better handjob than they could give themself!
Wew. Move up a level..

Is that Killcen?

Yes. He's catfishing Johnny Neptune atm. Ignore and enjoy..

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Lol @ fatfishing

everybody's so uptight these days

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people just need to relax

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Just pm'd her with your entire profile and dox with a link to this thread. Expect a white van soon.. She was so pissed off she accidently sent me a pussy pic..

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I say 'handjobs' to soften the blow of having a complete stranger (who they assume is another female) asking them out of the blue if they'd like to make a few dollars on the side.


Do not soften the blow.
Be rough. They like it.
Not too rough. Just rough enough they know there is a possibility of you fucking them in the ass later with your strap-on.. Because everyone knows you barely have a micro-jew-dick, Johnny!

Killcen will no longer bite.

You'll have to do..

WTF is going on in this thread?
Is Jim still paying these buffoons in DASH and Monero?
Where's my bullets and gasoline?

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I can hardly wait to see the Wendy-reaction-pic when she sees that download on your phone..

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I'm tired as fuck. Yesterday, my doctor prescribed me 60 count 2mg clonazepam, AND 30 triazolam…..

Last night I took 2 clonazepam and 2 triazolam….

I fell asleep like a fucking rock, but I have been groggy all day


Go to sleeep and stahhp posting..

Take your meds..

I say equal amounts of games and pussy on the daily idiots.

Naaahhhhhh….. I prefer taking them during the day and just remaining zoned out

unreal tournament

Joke's on you..
It is daytime!

gg no re

not surprising…………………….
since, after all, your typing patterns
and formatting style gave it away

and you're STILL a mundane nobody
just like your bitch of a wife and your
worthless "friends"………………………..

so go ahead, keep throwing
around those stale as FUCK
insults; you're only being kind

even more than YOU think we're being to you………….


Not him, but gotta go plow some pussay nao..
Be back l8r..

this is actually where sensible gun control SHOULD be coming in. if he's actually gone to court and there are court records showing he's an unstable prick, he shouldn't have a gun. what kind of a gun owner starts shooting his gun wildly around inside his house?!

(the typical kind?)

It's the smell, man…that hint of rancid tuna

I've tried, but my gorge rises and I say "shit, hawk hork, I've got a pubic hair in my throat"

Swear to god, this has happened to me with 2 different women.

The pussy juices start flowing and when that mucous hits the back of my throat…it's worse than a man's semen(semen makes me puke to, if I don't spit it out quick enuff)

But at least I can suck a cock as long as the cock doesn't spew in my mouth(the male lubricant from the male cowpers gland doesn't have any taste and is a small amount)

But when I get sticking my tongue up that vagina, that fishy cunt juice just oozes in my ……hawk..hork…mouth.

Got any cock yet?

thank god I play PC, if I stuck with consoles I would have ended up like this guy and roped years ago. consoles are dangerously bad, programmed to kill young white males and cause violence.

Implying there’s anything wrong with masturbating to anime. Any connoisseur of hentai knows well that no 3D whore can love you like a wholesome 2D girl.

Doooooooo! Stay 'way from mah xbawks ya varmints!

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Nintendo: Innovation
Sony: Immersion
Micro$haft: Impairment

vidya games…

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this story is hilarious as you picture it in your head, much lulz
cause it's fucking ridiculous to go nuts and start shooting up the place
over god damn viddy
grabs another gun even
"grown" ass man

big darkness soon cometh