This Sex act is making women deaf and doctor thinks he knows why

Women have reported a sex act has been leaving them temporarily deaf and a doctor believes he may have worked out why.

A woman called in to a talk radio show to report the strange phenomenon happening to her and initial research from the doctor found other women had the same problem.

The woman, who has been kept anonymous, wanted to know what was causing the unusual side-effect. When the doctor found out it wasn't a one-off he decided to investigate further, and believes he has found the answer.
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The mystery was raised on Australian radio show Triple J hosted by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

One caller told the doctor that she found herself going temporarily deaf after performing oral sex on her husband.

Dr Karl told News Au : "A lady rang in and said 'how come whenever I'm having oral sex with my husband and his penis hits the back of my throat I go temporarily deaf?

"So I asked my girlfriends if they experienced it with their partners and it happened to them too."

The doctor did some research and believes he has found that sudden pressure at the back of the throat may be having a short-term impact on the ears.

He said: "The penis pushing against the back of the throat pushes against the Eustachian tube and closes it off."

He said the sudden pressure 'stiffens' air on the inner side of the ear drum, trapping it inside and stopping it from moving freely.

This mean air waves don't pass through the eardrum as easily as they should, causing temporary deafness until equal pressure is naturally restored.
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Dr Karl started as a ditch-digger then became a taxi driver before moving into physics and gaining first a Master of Biomedical Engineering from the University of New South Wales then a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Sydney University.

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