I need help…

I need help…
I keep draining my energy on arguing with infidels.

Today I spent hours arguing against abortion with a non-believer girl online, and then with my non-believer friend.
I made the mistake of posting against sexual immorality & abortion into an 'unpopular opinion' group on a stupid app to see if I get at least one positive reply and I received so much hatred it's not even funny anymore. It literally got to me and I got very angry with the world.

I know I keep bringing this stuff on myself, and I'm trying not to hang out on shitty apps and stuff like that anymore… but then even your close friends spit in your face and make fun of your Lord…

When I think about the fact that I'm gonna get a job soon and I'll have to deal with people who don't believe on a daily basis and with the same people, I'm getting very freaked out.
I just wanna retreat to a monastery honestly. I absolutely hate this world and I hate myself so much for being like those people in the past…

Does anyone else understand how I feel? Is it a sin that I feel like this?
Any verses/words of encouragement and advice on my situation, brothers?

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do it

Btw I'm full of shit, by "in the past" I wanted to say that I still struggle with sexual sin myself, but I HATE it when people openly promote it and make parades out of sexual immorality and judge and spit in your face when you preach the truth.

Stop doing that.

I've been thinking a lot and idk…
I need to get more used to the Church and with praying for the biggest part of the day, and attending both morning and evening services at my local Orthodox monastery.
I need to do these constantly and then go live in a monastery for a while to try out that life completely.

I know user… it's done me more bad than good. But it's like most of the people in my life, including my closest friends are all non-believers.

Find new friends. Go to church regularly and attend church functions.

Let me help you put your abortion stance in a better light…humanity today lives in a state of (relative) peace that is entirely based on how many nuclear weapons we are pointing at each other. In other words this is quite literally hell.

So with that in mind…1) how can anyone with a righteous mind put a child into this scenario and 2) why would you take the only chance a child has to escape this hell unscathed?


It's healthy to hate the evil and injustice that engulfs our society, but it's no reason to go off the handle. It's also just as valid to take deep joy in the countless good and beautiful things that do exist, and will never not exist. In the face of people who reject the good for evil you can at least rest assured it's nothing Christ himself never suffered. You can't change others and that's completely fine. You can, however, change yourself, and that's a great fact.

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This. But don't forget that talking about politics with females is even more retarded.
A woman's world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home. An unmarried woman of voting age (that's not a nun) is a non-entity. She has no place in the world, and her opinions on any matter are useless, especially when it's political matters. Steer clear and keep your sanity.

… I bet women are just crawling all over each other to get with you.

Considering I'm not a degenerate and am married, I'm happy they're not. That said, based on your response, I know your options are likely very limited, if they exist at all.

This world is pagan, OP. I don't know what you expected.

From what I can tell, you're literally advocating sexual immorality (having sex without intending to procreate) and murder of the unborn baby, in case a mistake happens and your mutual masturbation turns into life.
Even if the world is winnie the poohed up, how do you, a believing Christian, reconcile this with Scripture? Because your argument so far is really weak.

Thank you anons. This is very good advice. It's really tough for me to be able to put it into practice.
I don't really meet people at my Church since I go alone. I should really start going to some events and stuff like that and try to group myself up with at least one person and then be introduced to more people.

I tried writing a reply to you several times, but in the end, in the way you worded it, you are somewhat correct.

Read the Book of Psalms

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I know that feels bro.
Best thing is to just quit the argument if you see that opposing party just isn't "getting" it and both of you are getting heated.
Lol. Just argued with some atheists on 420chan myslef, but I reached a limit where my capcha was forced into audio check which doesn't work for me. Wasted an hour for literally nothing. Feels bad.

Ah, the sign of a fresh convert. Commendable, but as you said, very energy-draining. Pray on what God would have you do.

Trust in God's plan and pray more, argue less. To be a positive example of "the other" in society is better than trying to directly convert people. You have to let your light shine in the world and warm people like a lamp, not set them on fire with a flamethrower of truth, if that makes sense.

I get sucked into it every few years and waste all week on a dumb conversation. I've learned there's no point in arguing with someone who doesn't have the same authority (God's word).

I don't bother arguing with people online. People can be three times as obstinate online compared to offline.

No it isn't dummy. Hell is unimaginable eternal suffering. Even the worst suffering on Earth pales in comparison to it

If you don't want to have children, don't have sex. Murder and fornication are sins and not acceptable regardless of whether you think they might bring about a good.

Try not to throw your pearls before swine too much user. If it gets brought up in conversation then by all means defend the faith, but at the end of the day, you can't change everyone's mind, especially random strangers. Keep strong and don't give up

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