How do you teach the Bible to children without “veggietalizing” (in other words censoring or kiddifing the Bible)...

How do you teach the Bible to children without “veggietalizing” (in other words censoring or kiddifing the Bible) it? Because there is some aspects of the Bible that seems hard to teach children unless they are already taught about “the birds and the bees”

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Hey I had a dvd movie of that shit when I was the kid.
Need to find if it was approved by the Church.

Simply read appropriate excerpts.

You don't. Sacred Scripture wasn't something they tossed at the children to read. The old Mosaic Jews never allowed their own to read Genesis until Age 30. This is why the child Christ going to the Temple to lecture the Jews at a youthful age is recounted in Scripture.

Same way we did it before there was any such thing as veggie tales. My family had Bible study hour twice a week way back in the stone ages when there were 3 channels on television and the internet was a fever dream.

Most of the Bible is inappropriate for children.


Problem is we've became too soft to acknowledge reality and the effects of it.

Stop trying to hide the world from them and teach them about "the birds and the bees" if they ask what something means. Speak plainly and honestly. If they don't fully get it earlier, they'll get it later. Do NOT use children's Bibles or comics, or anything of that sort that makes the Bible seem like a series of odd and fun stories. DO just tell it to them as if they were an advanced theologian. They'll also get it eventually. Extrapolate about typology and symbolism, the Church, etc. People need to stop treating children like dumbasses when they are not.

Christ wasn't allowed to read it as a child?


You should teach your kid about the birds and the bees at a young age, otherwise the world will be their teacher.

I meant that the Scripture was never "Vegetized" for children, not that children should not be aware of the scripture.

As for your question, well, Christ is God and all-knowing, so He probably didn't need to "read" it anyway :)

I know but you got me wondering if the adults at the Temple were shocked about His knowledge of Sacred Scripture because He, like all children, wasn't supposed to have read it.

Nest Animated Bible Stories! They have many of the good parts of the Bible tastefully done without being too dumbed down. They used to be on youtube but youtube has been censoring a lot of christian media and all that is left on their are short few minute clips. I beleive full video collections can still be found on torrent somewhere.

Aren't such accounts from apocryphal texts anyway.

Thinking about my Religion classes at school, we started with Jesus and the Gospels. Then some years after that, we studied some of the more prominent stories from the Old Testament. Then a few years and we got to stuff like learning about history books, wisdom books, etc. and had to memorize the names and order of all the books of the Bible. We were no longer little children at that point.

Teaching things in the correct order is important. Children can benefit from versions that use simple language, but one must keep in mind that the material is introduced at an appropriate age and the intelligence of children is respected. Kiddification is the opposite of that.

You tell them to subscribe to the Bible Project.

Can’t tell if a glow in the dark or just trolling.

Let them read it. If they can't, tell them they're faggot crybabies. If they won't, they're heathens.

Show the kids Veggie Tales. They were great.

Should have been Israelites anyway.
For OP, I would recommende he to contact his priest. Proper catechesis &c.


Although you're right, Veggie Tales was great

Speak to them plain and truth. You don't want to raise weak boy and girls, neither physical, emotional or spiritual. Sheltering kids from life is the worse thing you can do to them. When my grandfather was a boy, his father taught him how to slaughter and clean pigs, to shelter my father, my grandfather only taught him how to raise pigs, not how to slaughter, my father never learned and stopped raising pigs, for me as a boy I was never able to learn how to slaughter pigs. Now as an adult, I have difficulty slaughtering hares and chickens. If you shelter your kids from certain parts of the bible, you're eventually sheltering them from religion itself.

I've been seeing cows, goats, and chickens getting slaughtered since I was a baby, yet I'm still scared to see them slaughtered as an adult now. I'm too scared to gut a fish. Hell, even seeing a dead fish in the tank still disgusts me so much. Doctor said I'm an HSP. Some people are just naturally too sensitive to do such nasty things.

Neither, I'm referring to a very real thing the Old Israelites did, because they understood that Scripture wasn't meant for children's undeveloped reason.

If this offends your sola scriptura mentality, then I beg your pardon. These were the days where you were expected to live in a highly structured religious family, not on your own and thrown the scripture to interpret yourself.

Proverbs has your answer.

Don't withhold instruction from children; if you strike them with a rod, they won't die.
Withhold not correction from the child; [For] if thou beat him with the rod, he will not die.
Don't withhold discipline from a child -if you beat him with a stick, he won't die!