ALERT! Democrats Stealing The Florida Election, Caught Transferring Fake Ballots

You could easily make the case that Democrats are in the process of stealing Florida’s governor and Senate elections after thousands of ballots were produced 48 hours after the final tally. A voter in Florida caught a school teacher with a box labeled “Provisional Ballots” loading it onto a rental truck, which violates every rule of the chain of custody there are. Those ballots have moved both races into recount territory, and we know Democrats never lose recounts because they can manufacture whatever number of ballots they need to win. Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida, is sounding the alarm and is accusing Democrats of stealing elections in Broward County. That’s the same county where the teacher had the box of provisional ballots.

“This violates all chain of custody requirements for paper ballots,” argues Independent Congressional candidate for Florida’s 23rd District, Tim Canova.

They were transferring ballots around without any security officials in sight!

One of the women moving ballot boxes even asked the witness to help them!

Florida voter JoAnn Knox posted an extensive play-by-play to her Facebook page explaining what she witnessed with the paper ballots at a Broward County polling site in Plantation, Florida District 23 on election night.

According to Marc Caputo, a Broward Elementary teacher found a box of ballots left behind after the polls closed on Tuesday.

In Broward County, Miramar Elementary School teacher Lakeisha Sorey came across a box labeled “Provisional ballots” left behind at the school from Election Day & she’s concerned it might have votes. She didn’t look in the box because she didn’t want to tamper with it.

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more voter fraud, thats all they can do at this point, just steal elections

Why do the ultra-right rely on conspiracy theories?

It is well known that Al Gore won the 2000 election in Florida, but Bush had cousin and family members working for the count.

If you stopped relying on nonsense peddling from the likes of Alex Jones from infowars and started relying on factual evidence there would be no need to load up fake videos or videos that are easily explained.

Here's news for you: There are only two right wing parties in America. There are no 'left wing socialist' or 'right wing pro-corporation' parties; both the democrats and the republicans are right wing parties, just that the republicans are MORE right wing. You can find such information easily on reliable websites, such as opendemocracy.

Better yet: why not save some money and actually visit Norway, Sweden and Denmark? You'll see an example of socialist style capitalism that results in no homeless people and a very high standard of living, not to mention beautiful men and women to date.


Democrats are outright commies, and many Republicans are RINO cucks who cave on anything important worth fighting for. Very few REAL pro-capitalist conservatism left. Fixed that for you. By the way, Trump was a gift sent from God, likely the last REAL capitalist nationalist conservative we'll ever have as president unfortunately.

Hellholes. Usurped and infested with third world scum today. No thanks. I'd rather visit Poland.

Yanks confirmed bigger cucks, they have guns and take the ass raping like good little bitches.

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also, during Bush's presidency, the CEO of Diebold (voting machines) said
''I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."
and there were videos on youtube showing how easy it was to hack voting machines to easily give a result of 51-49% for whatever candidate you want. It was literally as easy as changing numbers in Excel and putting a usb stick in it.

Are you suggesting people go out to these places and start shooting people and chimping out over it? We'd be no better than a third world country. What we need is lawsuits and legal support to counter this as any civilized nation would.

quint is truth?

This isn't video evidence!! Do you understand that a random video on the internet doesn't count as 'evidence' in a courtroom until the true origin, source camera, authentic timestamps are verified and double-checked?!

If I post a video of a van from 9 years ago that appears to be vote ballots does that mean you can then provide your OWN narrative to this, post it on Zig Forums and say it's true?!? It sounds totally mad because it is total madness.

The simple fact of this is: The red votes have already been counted in the 'red states' - that is to say: the small rural places won the red vote, with those places having lesser number of people in the population! So: counting is quicker.

The dems generally win the suburban larger areas in the US and those votes take longer to count in total, because there are MORE votes to count!

I reiterate: a random video isn't 'evidence'. I'm a republican and I'm ashamed that you Trump conspiracy theorists will swallow any random snippets of video/tweets and regurgitate them to fit your narrative.

If you do not SEE that you are doing this, then I suggest you enrol in a university Science degree, which will teach you how to evaluate sources for research purposes.

If you concentrated on highlighting the real issues in society, such as the poor, massive widespread gun crime and mass shooting, lack of increase in your salary for a 10 years, then people would listen to you more. Think about it. You are the source of our side's destruction.

Final point, sad at having to write this again: one short video of a truck isn't evidence. You don't even know how old this video could be. Please consider how you evaluate sources, you are going to lose our side if you keep doing this.


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Commies? Communists?
I'm sure you'll provide some crazy reason to this question: Why has every Democratic president always been pro-business? Healthcare is a mess in the US and big business can do almost anything they please. Regulation is very soft compared every to every other democracy.

This is the main issue with modern USA:
People think that they are allowed to imagine things of their own country and other countries and this genius automatically makes it true. Sorry, your dreams are not reality, imagination is just imagination.

You don't seem to understand what a Communist is. Communism is where everybody has the same clothes, same ideas, in a heavily restricted society. I know, because I've visited true communist countries.

Have you even been abroad before? No. So how do you know what abroad is like? The US media is known to be ridiculous and emotive. They want to get people like you angry! You probably earn less than $20,000 a year, have rubbish healthcare and in real world terms are poor without much opportunity.

Instead of confronting this, the Republicans have tricked you in to thinking they will solve your problems. They won't. They are pro big business, even more so than the Democrats. They want to spread fear, so you will feel scared and use words such as 'commies' and 'cucks', when you clearly do not even know what they truly mean.

Anger is what keeps you ignorant - this also applies to the Democratic party but even more so to Republicans.

Oh, and Poland is a really cool country. I was there for a year. Honestly, great food, with Warsaw having some great people. Let me guess, you only know about Poland from your imagination and rubbish US news channels; so how do you even know what you think is true?


I also believe evidence can be ignored if it's presented by people I don't like

They are NOT pro-business, they want mass taxes so governments can suck off the wealth, they don't give a shit about the working class either for that matter. Not that RINO cucks are much better.

You mean Obamacare? Yah, I agree! Complete disaster! Lets stop subsidizing healthcare since its corrupt and sucks, otherwise we'd just get more of the same. Choose the alternatives like I do: exercise, healthy diets and plenty of vitamins + curcumin.

Nope. They only get my vote because they (unlike the commies) don't want us disarmed. If there is a cuckservative that does want me disarmed I won't vote for that person. Period! 2nd Amendment is ALL we have left that makes this country livable anymore.

I have distrust more than anger. I get anger when I dwell on things too much. Thats why I will drink sometimes, it helps me manage my anger and lets my mind wonder a bit.

Less than half of 1% of all deaths annually.

Less than half of 1% of all deaths my firearm, over two thirds of which are suicides and accidents.


Caught On Video: Concerned citizen sees ballots being transported in private vehicles & transferred to rented truck on Election night. This violates all chain of custody requirements for paper ballots. Were the ballots destroyed & replaced by set of fake ballots? Investigate now!

— Tim Canova (@Tim_Canova) November 8, 2018

Gaetz vowed earlier to hold Snipes in contempt for missing the 7PM deadline.


And get raped by Jamal. So far their socialist system isn't fucking working with the amount racial aliens they are importing.

The leftists LOVE to point to Sweden as their model not know it is complete utter shit. Healthcare is rationed as fuck, with little options for people. You don't have the right to defend yourself. Even butter knives are regulated over there. Third world migration infests Sweden, very high crime rates including murder and rape. Its a fucking shithole! And yes, I've seen a Swede who speaks English talk about these issues before. There a FEW good things about Sweden, but the bad outnumbers the good by far!

This is how we all know you're a fucking plebbit retard.
Republicanism is extremely far left of center.
Republicanism is the socialism to liberalism's communism.

Isn't that a George fucking Soros society?

That was shady as fuck but Gore conceded rather than fight for it, so that's on him.

The fuck outta here, faggot.