US elects 8 scientists to Congress,ocean expert,a nurse,biochemist,etc,all Dems,no dumb GOPs

When the 116th Congress heads to Washington in January, there will be a record number of women in the ranks — at least 123, according to the news website Axios, including the first Muslim women, the first Somali-American, and the first Native American women.

There will be more scientists too.

On Tuesday, nine new science-credentialed candidates were elected: one senator and eight members of the House.

The members of the current 115th Congress include one physicist, one microbiologist, and one nobel winning chemist, as well as eight engineers and one mathematician. The medical professions are slightly better represented, with three nurses and 15 doctors, as well as at least three veterinarians.

The new winners will bolster those science ranks. The Democratic candidates who won all ran successful campaigns with the support of a nonprofit political action committee called 314 Action, which started in 2016 and is dedicated to recruiting, training, and funding scientists and healthcare workers who want to run for political office. (One Republican engineer turned businessman won a race in Oklahoma, without support from the PAC.)

"Scientists are essentially problem-solvers," Shaughnessy Naughton, the president of 314 Action, told Business Insider before the election results came in.

Since Congress often wrestles with complex issues like climate change, cybersecurity,Which most republicans have no idea about, being materialistic swamp dwellers,Naughton said she thought the US should put more scientists into the decision-making body.

"Who better to be tackling these issues than scientists?" she said.

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Glad they used their expensive education to become crooks.

I think your better off getting business people to do it than scientists.
Scientists, medical people etc are far too idelogical. We are too naive to understand people enough for politics.

I agree that politicians make bad politicians.
What you want is a business man (or woman) who has made a name for themselves doing great deals.

Great, crooked commie scientists sounds so wonderful! Always wanted to live under a scientific dictatorship micromanaged by commie bureaucrats.

Will these scientists please recommend getting fluoride OUT of our water supply and aluminum/mercury OUT of our vaccines? Then I'd support them!

Sounds like the contents of every sinking rapefugee boat in the mediterranean.

Newspeak dictionary approved post.


Actually this is good news. If they're scientists miscegenation will be outlawed, faggotry will be outlawed, fluid sexuality will be outlawed, trannyfaggotry will be outlawed.


Nope. Your dreaming if you think they'll get rid of tranny faggotry or anything of the sort. They're going to say transhumanism is here and we want mandated 5G installed everywhere to fry your brains and organs, get an extra dose of mercury and aluminum with those mandated shots, and oh, ban every single organic product on the market and mandate glyphosate-ridden GMO processed foods that cause cancer!

And I'm pretty sure more than half the complete imbeciles would relish to see this happen as they die from cancer, diabetes and Alzheimers disease by the age of 50.

Physicians are and always will be part of the ruling class.
My issue with scientists (as opposed to engineers) is that much of science is theories based upon theories with no guarantee of their truth. Take quantum computing for example: it’s a theoretical computer that no prototype exists for yet. Essentially it’s all mathematical equations that we are not even sure are correct.
And just because PhD’s can espouse sentences using words and concepts we don’t understand doesn’t mean they are smart. A smart person should be able to clearly communicate concepts in concise layman terms to a dumber audience.
My fear is, especially considering they are all demonkkkrats, is that they vote for impractical alt left ideals that will derail President Trump’s pragmatic approach.

I'm getting away from this system as if it was pure cancer itself. >>>/prepare/

Oh wait…. thats right… it IS pure cancer.

What type of fucking reporting is this?
Business Insider. The guys that can’t decide if they want to be a news site or a blog.

I think someone can be smart and not necessarily an effective communicator. A good communicator can explain complex matters to a layperson, but not necessarily be all that smart.

>(((or woman)))

Goyim, please. You must have a mental disease.

If it’s not based on (((peer reviewed))) Research they likely won’t.

Israeli-lobbied republicans replaced by Israeli-lobbied democrats

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B-b-but 50? Killcen? What does this mean about you?

That's what big publishers will never decide on, because if they do, then they will have to be held accountable accordingly. And they don't want that responsibility.

Similar to how big tech straddles the line between publisher and platform.


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The GOP elected a dead guy so they win nerds
In all seriousness when is America getting nuked by the Russians

The best they have got is outright LYING to these cucks.


Basically a bunch of people who have never made an honest dollar by actually adding value to a community. Scientists are just as often public grant seeking parasites, unless those scientists have worked in the private sector (where they'd be making immense sums of cash for legitimate and demonstrable proficiency in their field) I actually doubt their value as scientists.

Engineers actually. Scientists break ground on new discoveries. Engineers are more often than not the ones actually responsible for making those discoveries usable in the real world. They take a phenomenon and make it mass producible with their practical understanding of technical limitations. Beyond them are the real unsung heroes of making complex systems actually fucking work: technicians. The "lowly" plumber, mechanic, milwright, welder, and so forth are the guys who actually encounter the problems head fucking on and work around or correct it day to day.

mfw goy means cattle

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GOPs more like retards LOL


Yes, elect people who really know how to jew the rules. That's the spirit.

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So, not Trump