Brit/pol/ #2245: The Modern Enoch Edition

Prince Charles delivers plea to end religious persecution in first Easter message

Easter: Irish pubs lift Good Friday alcohol ban

Brexit means eggs sit: Ferrero warns of stale Easter chocolate

Trimble: “Rubbish” that Brexit will undermine Good Friday Agreement

Leave voter bursts out laughing after Evan Davis outlines Brexit doomsday

Thousands of violent crime suspects released without conditions

'It's not his party' - Lord Levy in furious rant on Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of Labour

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Modern Mosley

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face it lads, he only got famous for triggering UKIP voters epic style and bullying Keith

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Face it lads,he only got famous for exposing the subdimensional force on a taiwanese imageboard

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face it lads, he only got famous for posting basset hounds and has-been wrestlers on a Mongolian carpet weaving forum.

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face it lads, he only got famous for getting triggered in an online debate and deleting his channel

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Good lad


face it lads, he only got famous for repairing a clock tower epic style and it being covered by a regional BBC news crew

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face it lads, he only got famous for eating shit

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face it lads, he only got famous for a gatekeeping psyop on the frustrated youth

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Zig Forums pub for sale

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face it lads, he only got famous for murder and larping

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face it lads, he only got famous for triggering boers epic style and being financed by the rothschilds

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face it lads, he only got famous for losing everything

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face it lads, he only got famous for destroying nazi supply routes causing an epidemic of typhoid to wiping out 90% of all the polish work camp residents

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face it lads, he only got famous because you bought his game

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face it lads, he only got famous for being an anachronism and praising the goddess mary epic style

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face it lads, he only got famous for triggering hanoverians epic style and charging his starving infantry across a flat plain towards a right angle of well drilled line infantry

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would put the shits up me on a late night walk tbh

face it lads, this memi is getting old

face it lads, he only got famous by getting BTFO'd epic style by the normans and dying from being shot in the eye with an arrow

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and it only took 20 minutes smh

im drunk lad

face it lads, he only got famous for sadposting antidepressant style and drinking coke in his dressing gown while pursuing racial preservation as an excuse not to kill himself

alright I'm done, running out of people to shit on

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face it lads, he only got famous for triggering royalists epic style and being the worst thing to ever happen to this nation since 1066

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You misspelled best

Face it lads, he only got famous for crossdressing and having no friends.

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Fuck off taig


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I'm his friend!

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she only got famous for lopping it off

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Lad don't lie

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face it lads, he only got famous for triggering Guy of Gisbourne epic style and covering Maid Marian's tits in ye olde jizz

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Face it lads, he only got famous for being a mutt and sucking off strangers in the toilet

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Aaaaaaaaaah, you're right, he hates me
But I still like him!

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all done tbh off to bed now it was fun while it lasted

lads I got uppercutted hard on tuesday during karate and it hurt my tooth

face it lads, he only got famous for leaving the thread in a huff to walk his dog after calling anyone who criticised UKIP "bins"

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Night lads

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face it lads, he only got famous for triggering jews epic style on cable street and sleeping with all three of the mitford sisters

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Remember that new memi called "Infinite Saxons"? It lasted half a thread before everyone forgot about it.


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It was created by the HRT taking mod, of course is died so quickly.

xurious killed it tbh



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very nice

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face it lad, he only got famous for selling soy pills on the internet and filters that make your water taste like shit

Eemagine moi shawk

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I love this memi but I don't understand it.

face it lad, he was only famous for selling out the church to modernity and selling out to the jews

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*makes movies about germans randomly sniping jews*
why are jews so based?

shek represents nature's broom sweeping out the moldy atrophied moderns

Do these now

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face it lad, he only got famous for BTFOing the feminists epic style and chuckling at Dickie in an online debate

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face it lad, he only got famous for having his shitty show cancelled on cartoon network and documenting his descent into madness on youtube

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or because he's a jew

fuck writing one for the MAGA thot

She's perfect tbh.

Ordered pizza hut.

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american civil war guerrillas looked so based tbf

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tfw Stefan is my only friend

Her naive political views only make her more adorable tbh.

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she is a shitskin and needs to fuck off back to goblitixico

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Fuck off, lad.

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Oh god not the spicboi smh.

I love Nick too. This does not anger me.

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Wish she did some asmr tbh, none of her videos are fapworthy :^(

he will shank her in the race war and establish the castizo caliphate, lad

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I hate him lads

I want to drag him behind a horse to the county line and then hang him tbh

bit disrespectful to the future president, lad


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