Rit/pol/ #2246: Pompey Edition

Prince Charles delivers plea to end religious persecution in first Easter message


Easter: Irish pubs lift Good Friday alcohol ban


Brexit means eggs sit: Ferrero warns of stale Easter chocolate


Trimble: “Rubbish” that Brexit will undermine Good Friday Agreement


Leave voter bursts out laughing after Evan Davis outlines Brexit doomsday


Thousands of violent crime suspects released without conditions


'It's not his party' - Lord Levy in furious rant on Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of Labour


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Good lad and took you long enough tbh


Women and lawnmowers tbh

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I put in Brit

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We rit/pol/ now

well that didnt last long

face it lads, he only got famous for triggering bassets epic style and ripping his owner's childrens throats out

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That dog actually looks like a middle aged chav.

I just looked them up, it's a crossdressing weeb
OP really is a faggot

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which is the real thread?

Hear his voice as well, lmao

This one, waiting for someone to delet my one.

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did we ban the gays lads?

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Bix nood kill golden retriever

I only watch it for ARMA streams, I do not condone /jp/.

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mods are fags lad

the absolute state of the posters here

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I think we need to post screen caps of our browsers 'favorites' list.

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RT shut down in Washington DC
muh russia intensifies


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Fucking hell.

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Every time I see that name it makes me shit myself.
That bloke is a fucking demon.

Mine's mostly of youtube videos that no longer exist.

smgh, I only recognise his name from when I used to watch Dark Souls vids years ago, and back then he was a bloke. Not great news lads

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face it lads, british nationalism is dead in the water

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Always love the banter between him and the other lad who's on the program
Model of big-brain/brainlet presenting that the 22st's e-celebs should follow

But lad, what about the football lads alliance

even typing that name out made me die inside

>watching other people who arent Arino play video games

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I think we need to start shooting MPs tbh

this tbh

These tbh

*arrests you for 1000 years*

careful lad

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Every Saturday should be rit/pol/ tbh

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rip/pol/ would be better tbh

what for?


is it safe to post in this thread?

Ive got your back lad

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*gets comfy and shares the crisps/chips*

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what sweets and crisps are you having

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I had some kvikklunsj chocolates and paprica crisps

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t. Daniel M’Naghten

Oh my gosh that's a big bear

kek. What?

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1st for gookposting

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this memi is shit but made good by the sheer amount of effort people put into it

ahhh we sang this in school

What are they paid to do?

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God that was bad. It's not for anyone's ears

they look like kit-kats for africans

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smh how could she. whites have lower IQs

the crash at the end really does it for me kek
fallout 3 was a fantastic game, I can think of loads of places where it was shit but the thing as a whole still pulls through for me

Keek. yeah, they're are kit-kats. They've become pushed as an easter chocolate that you bring with you into the mountains while skiing.

I honestly think he's trolling tbh. In one of his vids the description say "for Aus/pol/" and he's clearly being ironic in a couple of vids.

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Certainly that's a common thing for people to do

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do you visit the mountains often? you should take advantage of them, not many countries have such magnificent terrain



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What's Zig Forums drinking tonight?

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Not often because sadly it costs money to park but I am going this summer. I sometimes go on summer drives in the hills where there are some lakes.

One of my favourite places aren't really a mountain, or maybe it is. I'm not sure what it's classified as. I'll try find a picture

my own lonesome tears

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Ah here it is. It is such a nice view. It has pretty much a straight drop in front of it and the environment around has kind of a mountainy nature. The view looks much better in real life than the pic tbh smh. The buildings in the distance is my town.

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A chheeky Port or Sherry maybe.

can kind of see what it looks like better here. It's just 465 meters above sea level, while my hill is 137 meters above sea level. I guess you wouldn't call either of those mountains.

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lovely. Have both and make a night of it lad.

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portly portsmouth pours pinch of potted port possibly.

lager, i'm going out again, only for a few hours tho

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this and pepsi max

I hope one day I can be as good at trolling as him, he baits literally everyone into responding so he can stay relevant.

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but I'd call 22st Queer of the Mountains

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who gives a shit about Coronation Street characters?