Brit/pol/ #2247: White Elephant edition

Prince Charles delivers plea to end religious persecution in first Easter message

Easter: Irish pubs lift Good Friday alcohol ban

Brexit means eggs sit: Ferrero warns of stale Easter chocolate

Trimble: “Rubbish” that Brexit will undermine Good Friday Agreement

Leave voter bursts out laughing after Evan Davis outlines Brexit doomsday

Thousands of violent crime suspects released without conditions

'It's not his party' - Lord Levy in furious rant on Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of Labour

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Not even giving you a (You) after that tbh lad

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b-but why

Why, lad?

Why would I be?

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watched a documentary on his life and found it sad
plus its easter

Oh, yeah I thought it had something to do with Easter.

Give me the quick rundown, lad

I have a confession lads, I actually am GCHQ.

knew it

trys to restore Rome, builds the Hagia Sophia and tries to heal the schism in the church
instead plague, persia, traitors and goths bring it all down

The life of Belisarius is more tragic imo


show us your badge, lad

their tragedies are intertwined tbh

22st draw us a proper Easter bunny pepe

not feeling it, lad

Thought so.
At least it's a good career, I don't get paid for being a lesbian.

you heretic tbh

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woke up feeling like shit
hate this planet
hate everyone on it
wish levangerland burned down
world war vets died for nothing
give me novochok

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Tbf London is a shitty 56% city these days

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woah I had no idea

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That fucking paki hasn't done a single good thing since taking power.

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I begrudgingly accept lad.

Money and a sense of authority without a sense of responsibility is paki heaven tbh

*Semite heaven.

you've just described Caliphs of the islamic world since year dot

this is gay lad
40 minutes of god damn overanalysis
"get your life together" doesn't work because it implies that there are avenues available for you to take or that prison bars are merely metaphorical.

1 sentence - generalised truism undone - 39 minutes of your time saved.

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keek he does make too long videos, but that is just one of the points and he got it out of the way early.

the idea behind the easter bunny is that useful new stuff grows from the fucking eggs. Pepe easter bunny would just give you eggs made out of his own excrement

how poignant and deep

Good lad but you have to be careful not to push them into sympathising with them. The Palestinian issue is so ingrained amongst leftists that they have developed a default aversion to Zionism but that doesn't make them anti-yid. And there are plenty of yids, especially living outside of Israel, that are likewise critical of Zionist policy.

shit makes life tbh

where in the bible does it say that

Egyptian thinking tbh

Britons were Egyptians, yeah?

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Druids 7:7

tbf where I live we're only allowed Qurans

hebrews lad

I merely point out how the media shitstorm wouldn't have happened for any other "protected group" but Yids and muh antisemitism. It's quite effective in showing how much power one particular group has.

You haven't sampled our fine selection of Egyptian cheddars?


But one of the pharaohs were related to you smh.


My condolences, lad.

other way round tbh

the Old Kingdom dynasties were descended from prehistoric tribes living in the basque region of Spain, same as the ones that crossed into Britain during the last ice age

watch out lad i was accosted by the sharia police last night for not wearing a beard


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I get left alone tbh

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why are they all so thicc


Where is the house of the (((Red Shield)))?

When the SHTF I'm considering of getting some lads together to take over the pad using some "gentile persuasion".

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this is just an empty pie dish case of whodunnit

persuade them with your genitals instead

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There are rumours that Jacob was deliberately killed in that plane crash that happened on their estate last year tbh.

when he said he'd use gentile persuasion
I thought he meant jewish methods where he'd make up some debt or other

I think they have a penthouse in London
this is their main house apparently

Pic related

Nah, smash Jacob with a pick axe in his bed tbh.

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Christ is risen

Cheers lad

*scribbles down address*

its also where that plane crash that
alluded to happened


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this cafe


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Top 7 Reasons I Embraced Civic Nationalism

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some creepy shit with how the nips are acting tbh. Like if I can tell a person is acting in real life when talking with me I'd be put off, but Nips seems to like the fakeness. smh

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every time

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with maid cafes and the like its the cliches they go for really
they love tradition and recurrent rituals

"I want a bacon and egg sarnie on crusty bread with a pot of tea. And make it sharpish"
*smacks her arse*


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where did these cliches and traditions come from?


animu and mango
their own assumptions on western culture

ywn work at one of those english butler cafes and be mired by japs

This is exactly what I dislike, lad. It's creepy.

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smh. At least when paying for sex she can think about hating you as you fuck her birthing hole.

* lets 10 million third worlders into the country and pretends its wonderful *

Are nips stigmatised and incarcerated for not acting, lad?

Well I guess it is their culture, so maybe they are stigmatised

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lose their jobs and social standing


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Well when your job is literally to act out some creepy fantasy that makes sense.

I'm not going to read a strawman that is several pages long keek


those jap maids are so upbeat and annoying it makes you wanna bodyslam them all

each culture has it's own fakeness and society demands they adhere to them

imagine a fisherman who lost his entire industry to eu regulations reading this and being painted as a rich toff

yes, societies have different social norms which is one of the reasons I dislike it.

i almost did that to a mate tbh
was drunk and wasnt looking

this is projection on an entirely new level
how disassociated from reality they are