Brit/pol/ #2248: Idyllic Edition

The 50 rural areas of the UK with the best quality of life revealed: Idyllic spots in south and east dominate, but Orkney Islands top the chart again

Spy poisoning: UK plays down Russia complaint at plane search

BBC News presenter OWNS Owen Jones EPIC STYLE in heated exchange on Labour anti-semitism row AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL

London murder rate beats New York as stabbings surge

Eddie Izzard calls for Labour to 'stamp out' anti-Semitism

Toddler wakes up as devastated family agree to turn off life support

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Stop being autistic lad

is allah gay?

Then how would he know that they were the same links if he did not read them

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Where is the real Tyne poster?

That's the power of autism

Rutland is nice tbh

>"if I keep saying 'autism' then I win!"

what are we going to do about the happy nord question?

want some sweets

Great one lad


He regularly likes to stir the man chunder every Friday evening and in respect to his brown starfish fetish, his followers point their buttocks towards the cosmos while talking in tongues.

Yes lad, it was revealed in the leaked table of sex things that Amber Rudd and Liz Truss took Kwasi Kwardong

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I am the real Tyneposter

really didn't need such detail lad

Who here actually autism? I (probably) am, tbh.

Don't get absorbed, lad

Makes me want to dry heave tbh

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He's stopped visiting a week or two back iirc now the yank is using his flag

Libellous untruth

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Oh yeah I remember that, it was in the news cycle for a week or two.

Lies you're an e-celeb imposter wearing his flag and possibly skin as well.

Yeah I know, it's a running joke now, I'd never fall for kosherism apart from when it suits me to beat a libtard epically in an online bloodsports debate

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Just make sure you don't fall for Lauren's spell tbh

Show me the Bowden memies or else.

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Kind of want to make a move, lads, but she's from Førde and a potential future college

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stop making shit threads tbh

Just go to Japan and buy a GTR to tear around in with the spare change


Take a fucking shower at least please lad

Ace idea.

Did you know that Japan is the only country where you can buy 100 octane fuel at a petrol station.

The Odious Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Justifying Benefit Sanctions

Yeah I had a shower earlier and I feel refreshed. I guess my own stench was making me feel sick

Nah lad he'll use his thigh cheese to lure her in

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He almost looks like a black Jahanus there.

Take another one before you go to work. If you want a gf you have to shower every day. That's just the way it is lad.


My cousin used to get some off mates who had contacts at various airfields

What about my natural oils? Fuck. I guess I should shave at least

going to keep my stache and impress her tbh

Methanol tbh
Or amyl nitrate for diesel

Put your hand on her leg while she's driving

This, also rub your hand upwards

Tell her you got that gorilla nigger dick and you make dyke pussy wet

If she doesn't answer a question within two seconds then you have to start screeching at her.

Yeah! Make her crash!

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BP used to sell 102ron fuel many years ago but then stopped after it wasn't popular enough. tbf at £2.48 per liter isn't going to keep the punters coming back.

tempted to grab her pussy tbh. Haven't felt this sexually attracted to someone in real life in a long while tbh. She has that thigh gap. Nothing will happen though tbh smh


keek. Would take some heat off me since I fucked up the car a little.

Καθαρίστε το δωμάτιο σας

Is this a lass?

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What's your favourite nonce hunting firm lads?

these local boys have some spicy videos

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Drive really dangerously to impress her

So if what I looked up is correct the octane refers to how pure a combustible mix it is?

She's driving. I'm teaching her the route.

that's what they use these days instead of tying them smh


correct. Tesco used to put in ethanol to up the octane levels but it was still shit because their fuel lacks the cleaning agents the other big name brands have.

why is there no google doodle

I really have not looked into this, nonce hunting is probably one of the few vigilante actions left that the police don't give a fuck about as long as you leave the Pakis alone.

γαμημένο κουκ


I think a holiday in Japan wd be like finding oneself trapped in a very poorly drawn anime' tbh, Or one where the background artist is a genius, but the one who draws the characters is incompetent at drawing QTs

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ywn have a 22st SatNav

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get in lads

Kek. She needs me because there are a lot of stops and unmarked post boxes

Give her a surprise playful dig in the ribs and squez bob as she's cornering. Film what happens and post it here

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Google is run by evil neo-pagans who hate Jesus

not sure what you mean by this tbh

I guess they might find something less than conducive to the people in power if they were left completely unchecked.


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why would they want single mums? Certainly there would be some Japanese men that would cum in a vagina if they were offered.


*Becomes mildly compliant and over powers the three xirs trying to arrest me*


Lad, she won't be going anywhere near your willy lad

a plausible ruse tbh

You'd probably pull an epic QT and get embroiled in a spaceage JetSam battle

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Wow she's sharp, only realising this 3 years into knowing me.

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Based Shane lad tbh



How'd that conversation finish?


She'll probably find it cute lad.

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Why would you say that?

I knew this was all fake news from number 10

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Hope you lads realise this is the end. It was always a 5 season story arc

That killed my sides lad. The problem would be not being able to speak Japanese. Wouldn't know what to do with myself unless I went with friends/family.

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Maybe she'll want to take care of me because of my disability

Keek. I wish. So far the only real plan I have is asking her out when she leaves the company, but for that to happen she'll have to leave first smh

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at least it's a happy ending

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Mate cut in there, probably saved our "friendship"

Rather blow my brains out lad

normies are so shit at memiing smh

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japs look strange

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Good better than dragging a good story on for the shekels

I find that jet black hair rather eerie tbh. The closest I get to them, is that Japanese "Stars in your eyes' show.

Just blag being a deaf mute and some soppy bint will take pity on you

I think it's all a misdirection tactic personally.

Could she handle your fucked up dick?