Brit/pol/ #2249:Bye Lads Edition

The 50 rural areas of the UK with the best quality of life revealed: Idyllic spots in south and east dominate, but Orkney Islands top the chart again

Spy poisoning: UK plays down Russia complaint at plane search

BBC News presenter OWNS Owen Jones EPIC STYLE in heated exchange on Labour anti-semitism row AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL

London murder rate beats New York as stabbings surge

Eddie Izzard calls for Labour to 'stamp out' anti-Semitism

Toddler wakes up as devastated family agree to turn off life support

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saw a perfect moral family of Anglos with five children at Easter service today lads

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I was making a thread tbh with fresh links too. smh

Tbh we all know where you're going lad.

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York has one but it's a bit underwhelming tbh.

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found one who liked the donkey punch yet lad?

born in Honolulu to a jap ancestry mum and taig ancestry dad

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who here /anime/?

Time for some Yank (Dixie) posting tbh.

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do I want to know lad?

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only celto-brythonic anime tbh

Probably. Steiner's favourite move

she should be flogged for indecency

you'd like that wouldn't you

I think a nice slap on the bottom would do

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nice itty bitty titties tbh

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Isn't purity good enough?

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can we stop the relationship talk

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imagine the shadows earlier and later int he day

No suffering is good.

Antisemitism matters: Jews are the canary in the coalmine
>It’s hard to take seriously the outrage of the Mail or Telegraph when both have reached for the antisemitic dog whistle in the recent past, attacking Ralph Miliband or George Soros using the familiar old codes. You can be particularly disgusted by Leave.EU, which tweeted an image suggesting Labour was turning on Jews in a bid to win over British Muslims. It was factually wrong, sought to pit one minority against another, and was instantly condemned by mainstream Jewish organisations.

a fascinating insight into the Jewish preoccupation with victimhood, and the levels of self-deception around it tbh

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good lad

AoT is such a normie anime smh
A lass I liked watched it, we were never meant to be smh, she was qt but her friends brainwashed her

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"purity", as you describe it, will always leave you empty because the Gods split man in two.

You will always be left wanting, never fulfilled and never complete.

No chance

I like threshold stuff but i'm careful when it comes to anything extreme or potentially damaging. She was of the same opinion herself.
We had a heart to heart talk about it years ago.

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Got to love this semitic memi

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Of course it does.

lad what's the source on that gif?

Chicks with dicks 5

the curse of being a social creature in the normieverse.

This is the MOST annoying voice I've ever heard.

Dunno m9.
I want to find out myself

Wish I knew a girl who liked anime. Or a girl.

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It being on netflix and normies liking it put me off it for ages but the manga is actually pretty good I really enjoyed it.

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Sometimes I wish I had a single real life friend but then I interact with normal people and end up hating them.


smh I've seen it around the place for years

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couldn't enjoy the anime never bothered with the manga.

lasses with male friends are mental 'not like the other girls' whores


Just got to find the ones raised in pure isolation Fritzel style.

the irony

I've known at least 4 girls who liked anime, never made it with them smh
I don't even like that much anime
Only patrician NGE and a few others

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Still haven't got round to watching LoGH.

It was fun.

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You never date a lass.

IRL, you end up dating the opinion of the group until you get the all clear.
It's an approval mechanism.

I think this is a joke. God wouldn't make me feel empty for not having good enough sex. Conceiving a child would make me feel good and I'm sure he'd want me to feel that way.

This, tbh.

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Sounds god awful, it's hard enough keeping one woman happy.

Will you raise them right, lad?

God has quite a dark sense of humour lad. He shitposted the cosmos into being

tbh, I met one once, but she had full blown autism. Only really liked Naruto too.

Wonder why my boss hasn't gotten a sharp steel whip yet.

This is your mind on materialism tbh.

People refusing to verify themselves on the internet, i don#t have time to chat shit to you for days bishes.

That's shit taste tbh.

Me too tbh, can't remember the name exactly but I think I know which one you mean, there are quite a few memi pictures out there from it isn't there?

I'll try which is more than my daddy did smh


t. hedonist

smh. Also I didn't say that.

good lad

Thelema is implicitly British


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Just about to start another British Thelemite run on ATE

The very point I'm making is that sex is about the spiritual bonding that occurs when both parties intertwine you mong.

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They all thought I was a nutter, I didn't even talk about politics. She seemed to like me a fair amount until she spoke with her friends about me after I asked her out and they must have given her advice
Tbf she was 17 and I was 21
Smh still

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Modernity tbh.

If you have ever came across the shitposting that women do about their partners then it'll turn you hair grey overnight.
Sites like mumsnet are just the tip of the iceberg tbh
I was lucky to have a based gf who exposed most of this stuff to me years ago and it was like discovering a whole new sub culture.

Good one teenus

Reading the facebook posts of a lad whose gf is a hooker. it's kinda weird, he always writes he loves her and post pics of them together. he must know ybh

I never denied that though.

*duels you*

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You ever read an ex's/partners internet/text comments about you to her friends?

They make you out to be the most evil man who ever lived.

to say that is a hedonist position is retarded.

Sure, I assumed wrong.

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If you have a cuck fetish you might as well get paid for it.

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Was Crowley a degenerate, or was it just banter?


Did you go to church with Mummy today lad?

I'd say that he was but he used to play it up to shock people by saying he was Satan and that he sacrificed children etc,

Here's the proper translation, lad.

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He was demonised and destroyed because he spilled the esoteric secrets known only to high-level orders previously

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yeah and then watched ben hur

that means he's going to deport 11 million hispanics

It's a one sided position and always will be because they don't want their friends to make them out to be slags even in a shameless culture they are in right now. They will stab each other in the back at a moments whim because believe it or not, they are in constant competition with each other. It gets even worse when they hit their late twenties because of their bio clock.
I know you might think all women are slags, but deep down they still have intrinsic values that they use to undermine their counterparts when it come to the procreation war. They are ruthless imo.

Zig Forums MEETUP
Natives: An evening with Akala and Frankie Boyle
Patricians only, of course

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tbf only stayed a bit at church since I was sleepy

Oh boy.

Jesus would understand

That's lovely.

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*makes them think they are safe*
april fools

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