Brit/pol/ #2251: Patriot Points Edition

UK may have staged Skripal poisoning to rally people against Russia, Moscow believes

Exeter University students who say they were subject to racist abuse call for systemic change in handling of prejudice

Israel has said it has agreed with the UN to scrap plans to deport African asylum seekers, and will instead resettle many in western countries.

Labour suspends candidate accused of sharing 'question the Holocaust' Facebook posts

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I'm a Yank btw

watch this stream to get an enjoyable eyeful of tasty tradthot

and learn about South Africa a bit

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There are still people posting in the wrong thread

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Wouldn't be the Sun if there weren't a pun needlessly shoehorned into every article.

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I'm not sure how or why, but this post proves David Icke is 100% right

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which thread?

Aaaaaahhhhh lad

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This one, the other one has the wrong number and must be shunned


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Good, more for me then

should start telling lasses that excessive make up makes them look like trannies tbh

It's true. But I think they feel the need to put on extra makeup to go in front of cameras, because the bright lighting can make their skin look shit

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this tbh

even men wear makeup on tv/movies

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wait for it…

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Rare Sam for atonement.

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my citadel of daftyism > your citadel of daftyism

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she was 24?! fucking hell she looks haggerd already

I used a photo from another article. Lass in the pic is 37.

Alamut Castle was a real Citadel of Daftyism while yours is LARP-tier lad.

unless I'm a brainlet and it was used in a peasant revolt or something

A (((big organisation))) or possibly a (((government))) tried to DDOS take down Lauren Southern's doc on South Africa….

A doc that could help whites in Europe and America wake up to what being a minority under mud rule would be like…

I wonder who could be behind that?

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Ah okay. My objection was that I couldn't even see your castle from that pic, it was so small

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yeah, doubt it would have much impact outside of these circles

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She has a pretty huge audience tbf, also ties to other people with big followings, including infowars and the like

who are the five supposed to be lad? it's not in the bible…

no one ive spoke to outside of the chans has ever heard of her - i hope youre right tho and it spreads outside the circles

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eve n with the articles on her being banned from UK entry, instantly forgotten

We only feel like we're 'growing' more powerful because our increasingly globalised lives are forcing us to interact with a far more international group of people tbh.

Literally nobody I've known IRL has moved any farther right over the past half a decade than Brexit tbh

I talked with my pastor about trannies. He mentioned watching a video of a blonde girl who went to the doctor and got her gender changed to male. He was talking about Lauren.

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idk lad, I think manchester was a defining moment that swung the overton window - if only slightly to the right - it woke them up to the mudslime menace and shut them off to MUH REFUGEES, MUH PEACEFUL MUSLIMS

That proves it then. I need to go pray now, for the sins I have committed thining about her whn I thught she was a gril

It's an illustration this lad did for The Pilgrim's Progress.

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My gf did. She was a normie when I met her, now she wants to kill Jews and talks about White genocide on Instagram.

you should marry her lad

My pastor is a typical conservative boomer.
Thankfully, our based theology stops him worshipping Israel. He says Israel aren't people of God, but we — the Church — are.

Everyone says that after every happening tbh
When you've been on Zig Forums long enough, you've seen it all.
I remember when vid related was hot shit and was going to spark the next race war. I showed it to a couple mates, and it rattled them, but that was it.

gfs are cheating tbh
After a couple years with my own gf she went from scowling at me when I called blacks niggers to playfully calling me a nazi and telling me she hates them all.

im talking about IRL lad, not online. there has been a permanent change in mentality in the UK since those little girls were blown up

I will. I'm proposing next month during our bank holiday getaway.

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More people died in 7/7, and more little girls were raped, murdered and abused when Rotherham first broke out. More damage to property was done during the London riots, and more genuine horror was unleashed at Bataclan and Nice. This shit genuinely doesn't phase the average person.

The 'permanent change' you see if them virtue signalling towards the right. They'll grumble about muh muslim radicals, but they really don't give a single shit. If they did, half the Muslim population of Europe would have been forcible deported by now.

late night tiny train posting

Why don't nationalists have swarms of thots around them, lads?

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because we're all on the internet, rarely leave the house, and don't talk about our views in public?

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you don't? lad…

hullo blackpill my old friend


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Solid posting lad


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no-one gives a shit about eurofags dying apart from the week or 2 its in the news, 7/7 was so long ago no one cares anymore

the raped kids being covered up is bubbling under the surface - hence why they are covering it up and memoryholing it

manchester as i said - albeit only slight - had shifted peoples mentality permanently, it's not a virtue signal to the right because thats fucking dumb, no one virtue signals to the right here

wow, you really dont have a clue or you dont live here

Neither do mass-murderers, yet they still get thots fantasising about them smh

tbf I did have a lass ask me out once after I was talking about Drumpf during the election


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Yeah, but everyone knows about them

I bet there are a lot of (probably jewish) girls out there that flick their beans at night thining about the nasty boys of the alt right, that they hate during the day

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That first pic shows the world of difference between male cosplayers and female ones

every cosply thot i've ever met was a dyke tbh

You're naive.
Lee Rigby, 7/7, Rotherham were all enormous events and were headline news for weeks in the aftermath.
Nowadays, who the fuck even remembers Lee Rigby? A serviceman was beheaded in the capital and nobody gives a shit. At the time though it was huge. Everyone was talking about how much of a disgrace it was, grumbling about muh muslim immigrants. Then it died, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone beyond the confines of our little circle that would recognise the name.

People don't give a shit and will never give a shit. You could point a gun to their face, murder hundreds of their countrymen, rape their children, riot in their capital, ethnically cleanse them and utterly destroy the very fabric of their nation and the most that'll happen is maybe 25% of the country will vote for a milquetoast civic nationalist party for a single election.

Nobody's waking up, mate. The older you get the more you'll see just how powerless we really are.

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I don't believe in lesbians, they're all faking it for attention

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i am old and i saw a material change in mentality after Machester that i never saw after 7/7, rotherham or lee rigby

manchester was the only happening where normies wouldnt swallow the mudslime pandering, it was very noticable - maybe you live in a city where the pozz was deeply ingrained?

I live in the most Northern of impoverished post industrial towns.
More people gave a shit about Stephen Hawkin dying than they ever did over a nail bomb going off at a concert.

The older gents will remember the IRA bombings, where it wasn't just a single bomb going off at a single concert, but an endless stream of bombs going off around the country almost annually. Even older gents will remember events like the Iranian Embassy Siege or Lockerbie.
Traumatic incidents regularly occur in this country, and I'm sure every generation thinks theirs is the most defining yet, but there's always something new.

A living case study of this would be America. Every single year whites become an ever dwindling minority, violence rises and riots break out, but what happens? They vote in Blimpf and forget about it all.

If I was a billionaire I'd use my money to do things that made British people happy, like restoring parks and beautiful buildings, railway conservation and stuff

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you should know then that the IRA are not forgotten then, and has had a lasting impact in peoples mentality
my generation was 7/7 lad, you dont have to believe what i said about manchester but you're the one being naive in thinking it will be forgotten like all the others that have disappeared down the memoryhole

you'd be better off building manufacturing plants in all the forgotten towns tbh lad - you'd be a hero

I'd be the far right George Soros

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I just want to furnish people's minds with beauty though

Yeah I might do a bit of that on the quiet too tbh

what could be more beautiful than giving people a purpose in life?

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good lad

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This tbh, the only thing that will change the current situation is raw nature of a climate change that will fuck over people unable to survive own our land.

It's dead tonight.

This girl knows her place, unlike her sister.

I rode on that once.

trips confirm tbh

steam engines are implicitly white

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I'm on holiday.

yeah, the nighshift is on duty

how new are you?

They're implicitly English.

not new enough

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Tindr is a disease.

Implicitly Anglo

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Girl, 17, shot dead in north London
01:42, UK, Tuesday 03 April 2018

I only care if she's a white girl tbh

its that hour, again

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