Brit/pol/ #2252: Sharia May BTFO edition

We have not established whether Salisbury nerve agent was made in Russia’ – Porton Down chief

Two pakis held in Dewsbury on suspicion of preparing terror plot

Russian former general warns the world is on the brink of 'the last war in the history of mankind' amid fallout over the UK spy poisoning


Labour anti-Semitism row: Corbyn defends appearance at Jewdas event

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good evening good evening good evening ooooh err bumsex

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Why are homos so high IQ, lads?



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wew meant for

It's a trait of predators.


How did this behaviour get passed on when they don't breed smh

Good lad.

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first for Zhukov

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Anyone know if this is a real quote?

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I guess it is to be expected of literal terrorists but woah

the absolute state of labour

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Benefits cheat who told officials he 'didn't like to travel'
He took 839 international flights in nine years – and swindled £40,000 in poverty payouts while funnelling over £400,000 through five secret bank accounts

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It's a shame that the world sided with the communists to give blacks self rule.

He'll be given a stern talking to about how naughty he is and sent on his way.

yeah… a shame…

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i hope skike becomes the UK's version of Fox news tbh

We already have that tbh

Forced to watch ISIS execution videos: 4 siblings call authorities over ‘anti-white’ parents
Fucking based skinny kids BTFO isis supporting parents epic style

fucking baste mini cheddars

civc nationalism always wins

BASTE East German culture in 21st century UK.

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you sound like someone who is not going to get many patriot points

Remind me again my we have Somalis in the UK and why we don't have them at the bottom of the Magnox storage pond in Sellafield?

Finally watched the new bladerunner the other day. Still digesting it tbh. It lived up to you lads' hype though. Soundtrack was better in the first.

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22st posting porn again

Good film but I didn't like how they tied it to the first and the greater plot about the pregnant replicant. Wish it was just a personal story about K tbh.

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what is this shit
22st how dare you

almost as bad as when he posted blacked porn

same tbh

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At least the East German government taught their kids to shoot.

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but guns are evil!
only the govt should have guns!!

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Post the Skeptics Orgy webm tbh lad

only the govt (which lies about russian chemical weapons, iraqi nukes, and covers up millions of rapes) should have guns tbqh with you chaps

The more I think about the film the less I like it tbh

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don't have that one, lad

Woah It's all cut from the rock

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there's no nudity tbh

could have sworn it was you

what happens in this orgy?

Tbh the preggo replicant thing is a bit cheesey, but that didn't bother me. The whole point of the films (as I see them) is to provide a commentary on life, as dictated by commercial interests. Aptly, the whole film feels like a music video or advert.

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It's of after the supposed orgy, they're in a hotel and a trap leaves the room

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They all walk away to their battlestations after taking the brown pill

Sorry lad don't think I can find that. It's so obscure and doesn't tell us anything though tbh

Fucking hell my sides are history

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the liberalists are old hat, it's all about Dirty Kurt now

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Who's even running UKIP these days?

Just let it die already

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oh well

I haven't a clue tbh

Dunno tbh. I suppose they wanted to get the legal wranglings out the way before having someone in permanantly. I guess Batten will get the leadership role considering his appeal to save the party.

My best guess tbh

When were they in the news last, I can't even remember.
By the way looks like I'm not going to Londonistan on Friday after all lad


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Would have incredibly violent sex with the neoliberal shill lass

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Much better than are local libthots tbh

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smh, she looks a little bit piggish otherwise tbh still has a qt accent for a yank


I know a decent-looking libertarian lass who interned there

>tfw never got the chance to see how incredibly wet she got when I explained how she was a shill for the jews


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>her little yank squeaks whenever you're rough with her

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what's the point


British Port posting tbh

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I'd fill her up like an old Range Rover tbh

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gives me a headache

tbqh I drank excessive amounts of port as a student because it's probably the most cost effective alchohol.

Same tbh

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Christ imagine shagging a yank


sounds like it would be qt tbh
still, shagging a yank is a questionable decision in the long term

future queen of england lads

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You don't have any type of gf

I don't want any type of gf

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He does love tentacle porn though

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this lads, it's easy enough to carry around and doesn't run out as fast as wine

Irritating myself looking at all the pakis and faggots lapping up the #PunishAMuslimDay false flag bollocks, acting like they're so hard done by all the time, acting like this isn't blatantly bullshit and this proves they are so so persecuted, the poor innocent angels. They're absolutely loving it.

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I wand a mousy thicc little Norwegian gf

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tbqh an entire bottle would usually be enough for predrinks