Brit/pol/ #2253: Protect That Smile Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 4th April

Mystery Salisbury suspect ‘travelled to UK with Yulia Skripal then flew straight back to Moscow a few hours later’

Dewberry: Men and women are not being paid unequally. If they were it would be illegal

Youtube HQ Shooter Identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam

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Fresh Owen

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for her

I'm genuinely lost for words

Except for the lack of a penis

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appropriate tbh

Couldn't get through the first paragraph without rolling my eyes a half dozen times


London's rising murder rate: What is happening in the city?
There were more murders in London in February and March than in New York - what is causing the rising violence?


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Not enough water fountains

Meanwhile the Mayor is more focused on this

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Homeowner, 78, arrested after 'burglar stabbed to death with screwdriver during break-in'
The man was arrested on suspicion of GBH while murder detectives investigate the fatal incident in Hither Green, south London

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Hmmm - nice to see he totally destroyed both of these 'tropes'. On that note:
The yids are so cack-handed. They need total control, because they are devoid of subtlety or tact.

Don't forget to give your kids School Compliant Fruit Shoots™

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Another stabbing death in London. Police actually arrested the killer swiftly this time. Well done to them.

They arrested a 78 year old man for GBH because two thugs broke into his home to rob him and he got into a struggle with one that was threatening him with a screwdriver and the stabbed thug later died.

How long until everyone is forced to feed their children sugary poisons.

The children’s comic wrote to the Conservative MP asking him to ‘cease and desist’ his alleged impersonation of Dennis the Menace’s arch-enemy.


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I was already tryingto post when you made yours.

He should demand a jury trial
He'd get off guaranteed

Trope is a word queers use

He hopefully won't be charged or brought to court.

That reminds me I need to get a recurve bow.

Do they have majority verdicts Instead of unanimous ???

Our gov't wants to see us dead.
If someone breaks into you home, make sure they never leave.

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Yeah, for a long time.

I hear it used most by kikes. Their retarded hive-mind has memid it into this all purposes term of defense and offense - meaning any article you read about judaism (written by a jew) will feature the word at least twice. The amazing thing is - the authors of said articles never provide a single shred of counter-argument to these 'tropes': they just rely on a pavlovian response to a word that is in no way as emotionally resonant as these brain dead psycho-kikes think it is. As I said above, it literally is the case that the jews are so simple that they think they can continue to hold observation of reality at bay by repeatedly saying 'TROPES - ANTISEMTISM - TROPES - ANTISEMITISM - TROPES…'.

My town centre used to have a water fountain near the market.
They had to disable it because drunkards kept pissing into it

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Based streamlined legal system

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London used to have them in the parks, I rememberthem from when I was little, big stone fountains.
Councils hust decided to stop maintaining them to save money, it'll happen with these as well. All you need is some pozzed cunt to fuck with one to spread shit and there'll be uproar.

At least Sadiq knows want Londoners want more buses and free water.

Only one left functioning is in Regent's Park IIRC

tbqh do enough people know about jury nullification to actually do that?


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Hey cool it with the antisemitic remarks

That's the one I meant, there was also one in St Johns Wood park but it no longer works. The one in Regents Park was rebuilt some years back, but I wouldn't use it seeing as it's in the section of the park the mozzies used after mosque


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typical lazy British working class tbh ;^

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If they do it quickly and on time then their budget is lowered and they're paid less as the job ends sooner.

so ebic
this will stop the knife crime!!!


he's giving them a place to wash their blades to hide evidence

if it was self defense (which it sounds like it was) he'll be fine

no evidence = no crime
racists btfo again

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The fact that police is pressing charges of GBH and not manslaughter means that the Police are trying to undermine the house owner with threats tbh.

i'd fuck her cunt right up tbf

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GBH is less serious than manslaughter lad

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would you really? tell us more lad

Thus more likely to get a conviction

I would sex her up

he can still argue self-defense or s.20 GBH rather than s.18 GBH

I dunno what this is but it feels demonic

I really want to go down on her tbh.

The charges regardless of what charge it is, is a threat against the house owner for defending himself.


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It's like some kind of mk-ultra experiment.

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bit gay tbh

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yeah, I just hope he pulls it off by claiming self defense. I mean a 78 year old man is going to feel reasonably threatened plus householders are entitled to a greater degree of disproportionate force (not that using a screwdriver is necessarily disproportionate if it was a big lad attacking him)
S 76 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 tbh

tbh I would say this is the most esoteric "mass shooting" yet

why specifically that

ooo errm bumsex and willies

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obviously a nutter

at least get her to suck you off first

national treasure

I don't know - she just looks like she'd have a nice cunt. Also I like the idea of making her squirm with my mouth. I guess the idea of controlling the sensations of one of the world's premier leftard triggerers turns me on.

is it worth the throat cancer


but shes a baste ethno-nationalist..

would you buck her

I'd go on a shooting spree with her
then shag afterwards among the bodies

Lad, sexual congress is not necessarily a battle to see who triggers who in the epicest style.


lmao yeah whatever pindick dont boast on Zig Forums about your micropenis

It seems for you, lad, that it's about desperately seeking a woman's approval

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*smacks lips and makes clicking noises*

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poor lad

and so England was conquered, not by guns, but by the womb



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oh dear, what a shame

How do wogs get guns? Curious tbh


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She's a proper Christian lass.

Tbh it's more about making her writhe and giggle as I play with her engorged clitoris.

theres plenty of illegal guns out there lad concentrated among the worst of our society
thanks, gun laws!

why do you really want to do that though lad

smh I love southern English "countryside" now

is she single? she seems to have lots of vids near where i am
maybe I could meet her

she needed only ask and I'd have kept her company smh

I have seen any rings on her left hand.

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Smh. In spite of probably being precisely the sort of bloke these sorts hang around with - I cannot help but feel awkward and slightly disgusted by girls who dress like/talk like/have mannerisms like blokes. I absolutely hate it when girls have deep voices. Also, their attempts at humour tend to be shit, and they're just all-around inferior copies of men. Literally wtf is the point in them.

They're happy though I guess - and it's not like she's a bad person. She almost certainly won't become a betraying-thot either.