Brit/pol/ #2254: Big Henry Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 4th April

Homeowner, 78, arrested for MURDER after 'burglar armed with screwdriver stabbed to death during break-in'

Man, 78, arrested over fatal stabbing of suspected burglar

Fishing for Leave announce mass protests over Brexit transition deal

EXCL Tory councillor suspended after sharing 'Muslim parasites’ article

Prestatyn man appears in court on race-hate charge after displaying golliwog doll in window

London murders: Sadiq Khan blames Theresa May as pressure grows on mayor

First of London’s new drinking fountain locations revealed

Skripal poisoning: deleted Foreign Office tweet leads to awkward questions

Mystery Salisbury suspect ‘travelled to UK with Yulia Skripal then flew straight back to Moscow a few hours later’

Putin & Macron will still meet despite diplomatic row over Salisbury case

SAS soldier died in Syria trying to ‘kill or capture’ ISIS member

Dewberry: Men and women are not being paid unequally. If they were it would be illegal

Youtube HQ Shooter Identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam

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Lood Gad

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*commits horrific crime*

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9th for British Port

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The last white rhino smh


Another one?

Happened today?

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You're wrong. You must be a thot because you can't accept being wrong

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GCSEs enginered for ethnics and everyone else to pass them so no one loss
You wouldn't pass the old CSEs or GCEs

papa did it again!

what did SA mean by this

A lot of the people in the last thread seemed to have some difficulty with them


Because they are retards probably

Why haven't you lifted today lads

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Implicit homosexuality tbh

kills estrogen gains

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Gravity is turned off today so no point

Wish I had
Whopping great student loan
Then fuck about for 3 years

I had 10% attendance in my last year of school due to illness and I still passed all the GCSE's I took.

You're not wrong tbh

Bunking masterrace

England listed as an African nation in the official Commonwealth Games programme

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Years ago it would've been viable but the past 10yrs or so uni has become a joke.
Much better to get an apprecticeship or just work your way up tbh

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Nah that was the year prior and college until they kicked me out

tbf if you walk in London you'd also think it's an African nation

baiste modern education system

I'd say since 1990 it was useless. In fact since they converted Polytechnics into Unis and introduced useless degrees

Fair tbh
Guess lodging would cost too much nowadays
I did college then an apprenticeship tbf, best of both worlds

But you chose to be there
Why on earth would you bunk that

I have no idea tbh

Lel madness


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Portsmouth Polytechnic was the hot bed of the British Video Game industry being made in to a useless Uni

r8 my maymie

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are lass

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Exactly. Polytechnics were great and they should have stayed the way they were

[Horseshoeism intensifies]


I forgot the word "before".

Feel deathly tired tbh lads

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Well luckily for you, scientists have just invented "sleep"
You should look into it


It's too early though lad

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Cardiff's flag looks like a blood stain at that resolution.



Get some pharmajew sleeping pills lad
Unironically better to be well rested and taking jewpills than tired and nonfunctional
And lose some weight you fat cunt

Litvinenko's father maintained MI5 poisoned his son

>tfw feel incredibly energetic despite only getting 6 hours sleep

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This tbh

Fuck the law

Looks like when I blow my nose after a night on the marching powder

Should probably remove that fatboy from your life if he's causing you issues tbh

Lucky you

Spent all day at the garage waiting for my car to be fixed. Fell asleep 3 times in the waiting room. Makes me want to fall asleep again tbh.


6 hours is perfect lad
8 hours is a Jew lie

Source you spicy cunt

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Donald Trump is so manly he has literally caused the soy markets to crash.

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Spot-the-flag is best game

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Context or source

Leave the coke alone there's plenty of sheep.

That webm cracks me up every time.

But sheep don't have any psychoactive properties

I meant CIA but it would have been in collusion with MI5 and it was a Jew to boot

cover me with kisses baby

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Thanks though

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lad pls

too good for this world

relevant here

Found an honest job for SA

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You should need them either then.


Wake up sheeple
The waters turning the frickin frogs gay


Should've got a proper job tbh

Fuck off Porkyshenko, we are literally listening to Farage right now about how the British Government are fucking pathological liars
>Mummy (((Nuland))) is that way m9
It's not a fabricated story btw

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Wish i hadn't watched this

i wish i could get that skinny tbh

Take the nap pill, lad.


"Whoops officer…he suddenly sped off under that bus to Stockwell…DDDD"
Another poz lord down