Brit/pol/ #2255: Deano Edition

Khan Responds to Knife Crime Surge, Blames Tories

Teenager fatally stabbed and man beaten to death in another night of bloodshed in London

Britain’s Foreign Office Deletes Tweet Accusing Russia of Having Produced Salisbury Attack Nerve Agent

England listed as an African nation in the official Commonwealth Games programme

SAS soldier died in Syria trying to ‘kill or capture’ ISIS member

Fishing for Leave announce mass protests over Brexit transition deal

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get out of the cities

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Let's see if we can memi half of London to death.

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So brave

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Tbf there is absolutely nothing wrong with that first webm

Baste while flight

What we need
Forget "days without incident", we'd have them hourly.

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People trying to sleep tbf

Lad it's a town centre.

The paki who turned up to Tommy Talmud Speaker's corner speech with a big stick got nicked.

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Are those not flats above the shops, being inconsiderate is not LOCAL

Oh no he might disturb the pakis while they do drugs and rape white girls

It's not all kebab shops

Yeah my heart soars when I see absolute BANTZ like that

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was halsey vs ryan dawson good

From what I can tell there only natives on the list with two eastern Europeans. The rest are niggers and pakis.

there are only three natives*

What's ur point

ur mum

So to avoid being murdered, all you have to do is not be scum

Seems like it ,however how do we deal with the scum that live after such altercation?

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Most likely a native.

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Has the guardian not seen the level of autism in her videos?

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Look into the stories rather than just judging.
That bloke who was machete'd at the pub was clearly alright, however the wog out at almost midnight on a Sunday, and the white kid also out in a dodgy area at around that time, they were clearly up to shit.

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What wealth? They still haven't reached the stone age yet, they're still on wooden tools.


don't let them breed before they get murdered or imprisoned, problem solved

I'll add a caveat: don't go out after dark in areas populated by scum, but that's probably impossible in London

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Have any of you lads got the deano revolution vocaroo?

That's fair lad, however they spread; where I live isn't too bad (75%+ native according to datashine) yet I've still had niggers try to start shit at me.
Most of the attacks are happening in the absolute shitholes, but it doesn't mean these cunts aren't exporting there cuntism across the country.

floopity whibblescromps


Is there a map of the stabbings? I reckon it'd line up withthis almost perfectly.

I'm assuming the hotspots are also where mayor khan's voters live

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Just look at how the crime grows up through Haringey and Edmonton, and along the side through Stratford and Barking.
The gun map is poetic, it curves around the South East perfectly.
Fucking pottery.

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Grim up North - Crim down South.

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nth for cathedrals

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Crim up norf as well tbh we just don't have as much murder. More child rape probably.

Any truth to this? Granted there was more woodland back then, but farming was still incredibly important and much of the land would be cleared in order to grow crops or raise livestock.

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Easter was last weekend.


Happening today I reckon.

So why would anyone still have Easter eggs

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because she's not a greedy fat bitch

I'm torn between her being insane and her being /aregal/

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How many Easter eggs does one person need wew



Thursday daytime, lads are working.


it wasn't wealth until we made it wealth
before us it was just dead rocks in the ground

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I found God at Durham Cathedral.

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Fuck off Guardian she's /ourvegan/ you are not meant applaud her, that's our job!

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Jeremy Corbyn loses battle with local council to build price-boosting extension on North London townhouse


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More than 50!

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Fucking hell, lads

when the shooter is a brown woman, the Guardian shows nothing for compassion for her and extols her virtues

I see xenos going in and out of the bookie constantly. Couple of spics who look like they just crawled out of the Mayan jungle are always hanging outside for some reason

A fraudster who helped rig language tests so overseas students could apply for visa extensions has been ordered to pay back £230,000. Wahida Sultana, 40, was part of a gang who charged money to read out answers to multiple-choice tests and get substitutes to sit language exams for non-EU citizens. Sultana was the principal and chief operating officer of Eden College International in Mile End Row, Bow, east London. Five others were also convicted in the scam

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250+ by the end of the year

How long till we reach triple digits? At this rate I'd say 16th May for 100th murder.

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WhenI went through Southall the only natives I saw were travelling between the bookies and the pub.
I know that ethnics alsouse them but the likelihood of it being an innocent native is higher with it being at a bookies than if it were on the streets.

It's amazing that the article reads like any other obituary for a bleeding heart liberal. Have the Guardian ever empathised even slightly with past mass shooters? I'm guessing maybe the brown ones.


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2018 is a bad joke and I'm not laughing anymore

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I still reckon there's a competition going on in the background over who can make their country a complete joke the fastest.

I reckon a jihad will end up getting one of Sadiq's daughters tbh


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How do so few people stop and think 'Where the hell is all this coming from? Are gays being attacked en masse? Is Britain not already explicitly politically correct?'?

Canada might be winning that, France has been excluded from that competition for being a joke from the start.

How do so few see how bizarre/degenerate it is for such effort to be put into "celebrating" homosexuality and trannies? We need fire and brimstone tbh.

Its literally Satanism in high places trying to make everything as upside down as possible. I cant think of any proper reason for the madness.

How long before ordinary (i.e white commuting-class) Londoners start carrying shankers tbh

the thread I found the article in had some ex-bobbies calling it bollocks, as well as everyone else calling it bollocks

Thing is, they'd be the ones that get arrested.

So not only does he have to keep quiet, he has to stay here and endure the gay.

But they do see lad, you just don't hear them.

Not without stop-and-search :^)

Kikebart isn't reflective of much though tbh. I imagine a tonne of people find this recent poz push jarring, but I just find it mental that so few members of the police, local councils etc seem perturbed.


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We should really try peddle the memi that Khan only has blacks stopped and searched tbh.

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I imagine institutional pressure from above tbh
Even if a whistleblower came forward, do you think the BBC are really going to allow a confession that our police are being intentionally neutralised?

Because that's a mean word

Is this being memid? It bloody should be. It's fucking worrying tbh. I'll never fully grasp how a young man can be such a blood sucking cynic tbh - other than being a typical kike, I suppose. I really want to stamp on his greasy face.


Not when loose women are lolollolololoolol-ing about normal, non-tranny men having their balls removed by a cunt. Of course, if any man sniggered at the idea of a woman having a knife shoved in her twat, he'd end up in prison. I hate women tbh.

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smh lad go and make a difference

The based Tories may have cut police funding but they also had other measures in place to fight crime such as stop and search. Sadiq has rolled back the operations of the Met and London is now seeing the consequences of tweets over action.

You can point it out to most people and they'll agree but the response is usually "Well we can't really do much about that but we shouldn't let in more." if you suggest sending some home you get called racist.

Then don't suggest sending them home, but suggest actions that would by connection send them home.
From that, most of them would self-deport

You don't say?
The rights of the few are the same as the rights of all. Once the state starts revoking passports or banning people from sitting on park benches they don't stop at just poles or yids. You'll never get a civic to say "yes let's start deporting people who are already legally here."