Brit/pol/ #2256: Police State Intensifies Edition


Brexit News for Thursday 5th April

The 50 people murdered in London in 2018

Grey squirrels spread deadly virus to reds

The BBC has admitted to misleading viewers in the award-winning documentary series Human Planet

Prince Philip, 96, in ‘good spirits’ after successful hip operation

'Empty-headed son of a whore': Duterte takes aim at UN Human Rights chief in latest insult

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nth for no lightweights allowed

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Sounds like waifu material to me tbh



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If this doesn't end with a ring on her finger by the end of the year then SMH

I was just a bit caught off guard tbh

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dis is de price of freedam :DDDD


Fucking kek

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holy shit it's too warm today


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>Glow White keeps whites working

Yeah I bet


smh it's still going to be below zero tonight here, we get 20 in the day on Saturday though

I love winter tbh, hate summers

I agree tbh, lets all leave our 87% white country and go to one where whites are a minority.

anyone else?

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are they technically white if they are only 56% european?

ive lost the ability to feel shame now that ive devoted my life to the cause

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They are still 56% of the population

>misunderstanding memmies

Except in yankistan they consider spics to be white.

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and arabs

and jews

They aren't even that, it's just mutts and mutts and mutts.

56% is the % of the population that is non-hispanic non-arab "white" in the US, and that's an estimate from 2015.

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What's the song, lad

Stop talking to yourself and engage your audience

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hullo schizoposter

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lad, i think it is you who misunderstands the factsmemmies

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here's my autistic shame tbh

I liked the philosophy of eternal recurrence

Do halfies and quads count as white in America if they've been BLEACHED hard enough?


''Oh And! Diddly-diddly- diddly- diddly-diddly-didly-do! Oh diddly-diddly-diddly-dee and up thee IRA!"

h-here lad

DD is gr8 m8

that's a memi lad

Some should tell the US census takers then.



they know

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The 56% figure refers to non-Hispanic whites


I love the whole game man, the idea of breaking the eternal cycle and everything

bitterblack isle was fun. Warrior class all the way.

grigori has some great philosophy monologues

I work with a disgusting mulatto rat. She just looks at pure breds with envy and tries extra hard to be popular and accepted, especially by grassing everyone up to the supervisors
She's so dense she was chatting about me in front of me not even aware I was the subject of her tattle

Anyone fancy telling them we're not in Biblical times anymore

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How do we retain the racial purity of the white American peoples, lads?

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How did you deal with the Golems?

Tis a troubling foe!

Seriously lads, we need to have more white American babies before we are outbred!!!

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Kill them and embalm them

Goldforged dragonsbite and patience

killed death the same way too kek

tbf the UK census considers poles to be white.

British census has "white British", iirc there is a separate category for poles

"white british" is there for actual Brits, poles are under a separate hwhite section

What about the golems before the Dragon?

It also has 'white Irish' for SA

miscellaneous Irish

they fall under "white other" unless they fill it in wrong

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Burglar, 37, 'stabbed to death in pensioner's home' was on 'most wanted' list

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didnt they report him as being 21 or something?


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Well colour me genuinely surprised


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Yeah, 22.

Same here, I actually thought it'd be an ethn–
Bloody hell it really is a native.


this really did get me thinking back when i first got to this.

Is this a lowkey redpill on choice and fate?

Put away childish things
yet keep the childlike wonder.
Though dreams be rent asunder
our wishes still have wings.

Put away childish speech
but not the constant queries
that question rooted theories
which reason cannot reach.

Put away childish ken,
though artless ways of seeing
in any age of being
will find a poet's pen.

Put away childish thought
yet not imagination
which sparks our inspiration
beyond what we are taught.

Put away childish things
but follow deepest desires.
Those secret innermost fires
burn brighter as hope sings.

Put away childish whim
yet not delight in playing,
then when the world's dismaying,
our days won't seem so grim.

Put away childish fears.
Nonetheless, through thick and thin
hang on to the child within,
the laughter and the tears,

all the livelong years…

Put away childish things.
While our dusty death is nigh,
the utter self shall not die,
and karmic kismet clings.

Put away childish things,
though then in mirror darkly
we face our image starkly,
plus suffer destined slings.

Put away childish pain
yet not sensations tender
for sunset's golden splendor
or soothing thrum of rain,

therein the simple joys remain…
Nor questing spirit ever lose,
while on the pathway that we choose,
neither from love refrain

which makes a heaven of earth's domain.

Still, throughout, with faith unshaken,
seek enlightenment to waken,
thus the bliss supreme to gain,
plus not to live and die in vain…

Put away childish things
but hold to yearning youthful
to grasp the learning truthful
which timeless wisdom brings.

Put away childish things,
and embrace the peerless state
of illumined grace innate
wherefrom great fortune springs!


Shouldn't trust a steppes people lad, that's why I still don't trust Gloucester poster.

His partner in crime was a wog. He stopped to try and drag him into their white Astra van but sped off and left him when he was disturbed by neighbours

You asked for it lad.

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Who is this whore tbh

Excellent, imagine if they had little niglets that would be in the news for the rest of our lives

subtle kek

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Because everyone is being racist to them…

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I could have had a 17 year old choker gf but we met soon before she moved away

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Lammy keeps making a cock of himself.

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Reminds me of something I saw today

baist European values of free speech

But muh gentrification tbh

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Was this the self-harming taig lass or are you a different lad?

He was also blaming Eastern Euros and organised crime gangs even though almost everyone involved has been a wog


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How is a fucking mudkike the mayor anyways.

Glass the lot