Brit/pol/ #2257: Turgid edition

On a tablet lads sorry

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it's fine , goodlad

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That's where you went wrong

Always cull your idols, lads.
Philosophers are just pre-internet ecelebs who also survived off donations.

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Or just be Catholic like a normal person

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Fuck this shit forced memi

tbh lad because the pope makes political statements that get shared and discussed on here, he too is a memi and an eceleb

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nuke rome

He's not an eceleb, he's a celeb

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Wew, it even looks like one of those torah scrolls that rabbis use.

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Imagine my shock
It's almost as if all minorities are focussed on undermining the majority




I really really hate this era lads

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Jesuit superior general: ‘We have formed symbolic figures such as the devil to express evil’
Really makes you think

Kill me lad.

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At school we had a Greek textbook in which the reading passages were about an Attic farmer called Dicaeopolis, his brave son Philip, his dutiful wife Xanthippe, his chaste daugher Myhrinne, their dog Argos and their loyal slave. It was incredibly comfy tbh

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It could always be worse tbh
At least we never had to experience that world only to have it stripped from us.

Do Jesuits believe any of the teachings of Jesus?

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Papists cooking the books

I dunno it feels worse to have never had that world. I feel a longing ache which is insatiable, for a world I never knew smh

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Based Athenaze

unironically based tbh

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feels bad man

the greeks were god tier

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Jesuits have been the fifth column in the Church for a long time. Clement XIV was right to supress them.

Good lad, I loved that book tbh

No there papists that believe they can work there way into heaven. This is a rejection of Christ's work on the cross
Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.
1 John 2:23

We get a second chance - something they never had.
Maybe it'll only get worse or maybe we'll fix the world. Either way, at least we can say we tried.


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Oh wow we have to stop them subverting a massively heretical church lads

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Looks like a port hand lateral mark - region B.
Red light, signature anything but composite two plus one. Keep it on your port side hen travelling in the direction of bouyage.

Big Ian btfo

I hate it here lads

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Fuck off Godwinson we're coming for you soon

Smh lad how's it going with the gook?

stop making shit videos Masterbrew

I'm not Godwinson

I thought Big Ian was an Evangelical?

here here
I am trying, Lord knows

ah fuck
Hear hear*

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>>>Zig Forums11449636
Part and Parcel tbh

you C's and B's GCSE plebs have NOTHING on me. NOTHING!

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Huh he was
I thought all the Ulster lads were calvinist

should have went out and stabbed them all

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You can't stop it lad. A chain of events that ends with Godwinson getting bullycided has been set in motion

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you new?

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remember this pasta lads


the lad must have some kind of fixation on these eceleb neets. I wonder how much of the pasta applies to him too

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But this man, this man likes miniature trains…

I remember reading an article about how Congolese nigs were stabbing people across the stomach and pulling it out in such a way that all the guts would come out

It's alright. Honestly, just waiting until I can get back to sea, get the rest of my time in and get my ticket.
Visiting her family in the US for a couple weeks soon. Hate it there.

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ROOOOO I was here when we left 4cuck and Zig Forums

You a yank?

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So let me get this straight, lads - I'm no longer allowed to enjoy anything produced by anyone in history on the grounds that they existed and were/are known and were thus the e-celebs of their day?

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I don't remember him ever making a song about Jahans though

Took your time lad.

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I've been looking for good ambient cyberpunk-style music and you bullies decamped without me.

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meat-celebs are even worse than e-celebs tbh

Stop there lad


I worship impersonal Nature, which is neither "good" or "bad", and who knows neither love nor hatred. I worship Life; the Sun, Sustainer of life. I believe in the Law of everlasting struggle, which is the law of life, and in the duty of the best specimens of our race — the natural élite of mankind — to rule the earth, and evolve out of themselves a caste of supermen, a people 'like unto the Gods'.

I don't really enjoy things that much tbh smh.

Sorry lad. Now you have to take the no-one-else-is-aloud-any-fun pill.

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This tbh no fun allowed it's sinful

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Disgusting tbh… but the money/media power wanted this, and the peasants still haven't revolted ;_;

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Comfy Church chants.

Another great quote from /ouraryan/

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If only it was the case that no one else was allowed any fun.

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absolute memi tbh, they're stars that go supernova and kill everything

Disemboweling isn't a new thing/wog invention tbh.

acceptable tier:

memi tier:

shit tier:

What about historical figures?


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Ban this sick filth

she was an esoteric hitlerist

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I really hate this country lads
I hate all these shitty poor people ruining everything

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swap godwinson with youkipper