Brit/pol/ #2259: Godders Edition

Brexit News for Friday 6 April

FORGET BREXIT!' Remainer Andrew Adonis’ rage at 'deeply revealing' BBC response

UK chains Bargain Booze and Wine Rack sold to Bestway

Six teenagers are stabbed within 90 minutes tonight in four separate knife attacks across London

Sadiq Khan launches campaign to put a STOP to knife crime in London after HUGE spike

London stabbings: Albanian drug lords behind surge in violent crime, says Labour MP

Polish journalist calls World Jewish Congress ‘gang of blackmailers’

"The man who thinks Europe has been invaded"

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bit gay tbh lad

For him

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Get back in the templar bogs.

Westie is covering for me this evening.


Big hairy fannies

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Gross tbh lad

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Humans use tools.
That is the definition of humanity.
Knowledge of Good and Evil.
The seeds of our own destruction lie within.
But to deny our humanity and live as the animals is to deny Godhood!

Papa Farshnuke licked his lips and unbuttoned his shirt further.


he bellowed.

And instead of animation with love and attention put into it, we get this.

I don't think that show was all that bad really


Ordered a pair of the boots KD6-3.7 wears in Blade Runner 2049

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Girls will surely love you now

Yeah, well everything Star Wars has it's shitty moments tbf


I don't care lad, I love Blade Runner

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Pic lad?

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Soon even seconds will be too broad a unit to measure the violence

Look alright, are they actual walking boots or just film merchandise.

What are you going to wear those with?

They're proper boots, existed for years before the film

fuckin based

smh not enough autism.

a trenchcoat, sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap

Don't know tbh
But it will sate my autistic urges for a while

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Weren't sure lad, if they're decent walking boots then good purchase tbh, on top of that you've something you like so that's decent.

Pensioner, 78, arrested after burglar stabbed to death in home walks free after police take NO action
Richard Osborn-Brooks was held on suspicion of murdering Henry Vincent, but will now not be charged

'Old b**s deserve everything they get': Sickening Facebook rant of 'relative' of burglar 'stabbed to death by pensioner'
Career criminal Henry Vincent died after he was involved in a struggle during a botched raid on a 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks' home

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and nothing else?

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Did they miss the bit where he was fucking arrested.

They're not exactly walking boots but technically more in the 'work' boots category, they're yank made so only come labelled in yank sizes

I really hope that driverless cars and commercial space travel arrive at the very cusp of commercial mass availability before the collapse destroys all civilisation as we know it tbh lads

It would give me so much satisfaction seeing millions of futurist liberal cuckolds who sold their souls for technological 'advancement' having their dreams instantly smashed forever as war, death, destruction and fire burns every single city and power station off the map until they starve alone in their pathetic little inner city cuck apartments.

Who hurt you, lass?

this although seeing some thots face when the cellphones lose power and there is no internet connection will be a great feeling non the less


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She did.


You did, she was a bully.

I imagine them one day in their little cuck cars, days into the collapse as they're desperately trying to flee the city, but the cuck car won't start because the government remotely shut down all AI controlled cars in a last ditch effort to control the social upheaval. They sit there on the street screeching, wondering why they haven't got any phone signal before a nigger smashed their window in and caves their head in with a brick.


Have some compassion lads

Yeah she's a total cunt lol


tbh was still pretty alright though

Old… bins?

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old b * * * * * * s, silly spoiler filter


I agree Satan ; >

I need to watch KoS tbh

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yeah it always makes me kek how most of them don't even know how to screw in a light bulb let alone even bother to try to understand the basics of a car, half of cars today can be started by ripping off the lower plastic covering of the steering wheel housing and looking for the plastic switch that the key actually switches when it is turned. many cars can be started simply by bridging the gap between the bolts on the solinoid. and I say this as a philosophy fag nerd

>Butterlord devs still trying to mask the lack of a release date by announcing features
ffs upgradable castles or not I'm getting fed up of this now

Again, they are clearly trying to bait a Grenfell insurrection tbh

The OP is rad.

Don't mention Butterlord here lad, SA is on no fap.

tbf at least it's not as bad as the SS remake where they've gone on indefinite hiatus.


Ah, so all this ethnic driven violence is actually a protest against Government Austerity and the polices that lead to Grenfell?

Darkies really know how to play the old 1488 D chess, it turns out

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Is that from behind the scenes extras where they digitally put Gosling and Bautista's faces in?

Found some Joifu videos too

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The thing about self driving cars is how fucking retarded they are.

Instead of relying on your eyesight or your own physical perceptions, which you've honed and developed your entire life put your trust in a hidden digital sensor in a little mettle box you're sitting impotently in as it hurtles 70mph down the motorway. People must either be literally braindead or sheltered beyond belief to have that level of confidence in technology.

idk, i just thought it looked really strange

Would rather a late date than a rushed game tbh.
It was silly of them to announce it so early though.

System Shock remake.
Video explains what's happened:

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The fact that the (((media))) is hyping up inner-city nigger wars should tell you everything you need to know lad. Psyops aren't that hard to understand tbh.

Aha I did hear of this tbh

its mostly going to be used to put people like 22st out of a job so they can complete the transformation to a "logan's run" tier society

The alpha was gr8 and things were going well, but everything seems to have been flipped and they're too busy fucking about and doing nothing.

Yeah, but they neglect the ethnic componenet

Its a slav problem tbh

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Sounds like AAA logic imo.

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This guy is going to be an MP for at least another 30 years


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I thought it was Albanians? I mean yeah if you stretch it an Albanian is kind of an Eastern European.. if you really stretch.

Wogs aren't smart enough to organise it themselves, Eastern Europeans can so they use the wogs as grunts.

who here /gundam/?

Tbh the wogs start in Calais.

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London wog violence isn't even about drugs. They just kill each other over retarded postcode "beef" on facebook

I actually love that he's blaming a race that doesn't vote for him.
Pure politics

Need to build a new desktop lads, and it's been years since I did any browsing at parts - any recommendations?

don't even consider it tbh, components are sky-high atm



Only two Eastern Europeans have died, one Romanian and one Russian.

The Slav to Nig K/D would be 25/2.

I wish it were true.

Raspberry Pi stack

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These wogs are beyond retarded. Let them carry on tbh.

Is that actually worth doing?

I mean, is tha ta good computer?

On the topic of automation, the UN is currently in the embryonic stages of discussing 'unmanned ships' in the maritime industry.
We had to do a pretty big assignment on the feasibility of them, and unsurprisingly they're stupidly impractical.

You'll never guess who was the only person within our entire group to be in favour of automation…
The woman.

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god I hate niggers