Brit/pol/ #2260: Go Outside Edition

Brexit News for Saturday 7 April

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Fury as mock TERROR attack is staged at London awards ceremony – on anniversary of Westminster killings

Anti-Semitic row Newcastle councillor WILL stand for Labour at local elections

Is the Queen related to Prophet Muhammad? Historians believe Elizabeth II is a descendant of the founder of Islam after tracing her family tree back 43 generations

British backpacker, 28, raped and murdered in Goa had her face severely mutilated with a stone, court hears as man, 23, stands trial for killing her
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is it in the larpers nature to play the victim card or something

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Revelation 3:9
9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
you are being deceived by Satan
read the New Testament tbh

For Roy

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Corrie >>>>>Middle-Eastenders tbh


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holy shit lad are you a woman or something? imagine feeling personally attacked when someone quotes a book at you lmao


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The utter state of larpers

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>gets christians bashing him with (((bible)))

and you wonder why I say the (((bible))) is anti-fun smh

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After the third child in France """"""""French""""""""" mothers never work again
Last thing we want is over a third of our population being born to foreigners. The feckless will breed like rabbits and the weak will then outnumber the strong
Scrap two-child limit on benefits, say UK's religious leaders

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for someone who's so pro-fun you're taking this all rather personally lad


Jews control both sides as per usual

international politics is really just a pantomime at this stage

Jesus was Pagan anyway tbh, it's (((The Bible))) that kiked all of his teachings and turned it all Jewish

vid related

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this is the most retarded thing I've ever seen. Have you actually read any of the gospels?

Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs have the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees the war pig's crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings
Oh lord yeah!
- Ozzy Osbourne

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Ozzy didnt write those lyrics

Ever heard of Mithras or Horus?

Let's play "spot the difference"

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thanks for #correctingtherecord

answering my question with another question isnt answering the question lad
Have you read the New Testament?


There's a guy raping the men in Coronation Street now, spreading the poz around

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unironically made me think

No fit thots to capcha blud

>it's another religious argument episode

Yeah, it's basically a reboot of the Mithras and Horus stories

really made me think

my sides

It's that or I just ban all larping, the actual theological debates here can be fun.

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This video actually disgusted me more than anything else I have seen in the last several months

jej, that really takes me back to primary school

It's literally fedora arguments from the last decade being reposted, it's fucking retarded.
If the lad's actually interested in learning then he can go and watch InspiringPhilosophy or one of the several other channels that cover this stuff in detail, if not then I'll ban him for (you)bait tbh

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They were ok the first time, now they are just tedious.


howling at you lad

most of them ARE just out of primary school
Vote for me and I will introduce Primary Holocaust Schools to get rid of this useless scum where they will be forced to battle each other to death en masse with the winners getting gassed

spotted in a London Tesco

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baste tescos chemical warfare

So what lad?

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Polonium'd with the sanction of the British State


Forgive me lad, I'm a normie.

England is a Christian country ok if you dont want to be religious thats up to you but there is no reason to come to Zig Forums to shit on our national faith for the past 1400 years. And they always pretend they are somehow more native than us and that Christianity is the foreign religion meanwhile all his grandads and forefathers are in heaven and he's going to go to hell because he fell for Zig Forums memmies.

tbf we don't all live in shitholes that require this kind of chemical warfare tbh

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tbf lad at some point they'll use this shit on us to track us daily
We're at war with the state.

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No. The state is at war with us

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Tomato Tomato

Its not even ignoring, its directly shitting on the faith of your ancestors

what is the final state of Christianity though?

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Tbf these are just companies that sell their security system at the moment, there's a rival company with water in the name, can't remember the name but it's the same kind of system

I know lad we've done the discussions a countless times over by now.
It's been bloody boring for ages; I'd rather have someone like Jive in here talking about pagan faiths rather than them repeating the same debunked shite from a decade ago for the sake of (you)s.
If you're going to attack the Christian foundations of this nation then at least have an actual point to make rather than just opening your arse and letting shit fly tbh

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Local elections in May lads
Message from /areleader/

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the Second Coming

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once upon a time….

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THEY declared war on us
WE DID NOT declare war on them
Declared Declared

muslims believe in the second coming too

Fair point lad, though regardless of who called it, we are at war with each other.


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I dont give shit what those pedophile worshipping faggots believe

Islam is the product of a pedophile warlord's fanfiction and is completely contradictory to God's word yet pretends its somehow a continuation of the Bible

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I'm not at war with them but they can fuck right off with their repressive statism and corruption tbh
It's almost impossible to not be criminalised and they have files on everyone waiting to go if you piss them off too much. If they have nuffin they'll just invent something

It was great but it went into rapid decline socially in the late eighties and that started with (((WINDRUSH)))

Honestly you should just make a fuss about white female over representation over "women of colour" in regards to things like this.

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Hopefully the stabbings will lose them votes

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Lad within six months of Khan taking power there were more terror attacks and the like than the entire eight years of Boris.

Lad the second image in each image isn't Fortnite, it's some mobile clone

wtf i'm imperium now

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isn't the second photos from the Fortnite mobile version though

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No, art style is completely off plus it literally says "in ROS" not "in Fortnite"

rooftops look as different as they could be

Mmm tasty tbh
would bite tbh

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Pretty sure most of PUBG's buildings are copypasted from ARMA in the first place.

Is it not the name of fortnite's gamemode?

I'd know where I'd like to sheath my katana

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I'd do both but if I had to choose between them I'd pick bubba


No, it's called Battle Royale, smh SA you're such a brainlet. You also don't have helmets and such to pick up in Fortnite like they do in PUBG

>fack the pagans, fam

Shitposting aside what the fuck did Lauren do to herself where she looks older than her older sister.

I don't know these things tbh lad I have a life haha lmao


can someone explain this to me

Father: drinks with the lads, smokes cigars, eats when ever and whatever the fuck he wants. afraid of anything status = nothing.

in the last 5 years, cycled from Cornwall to Scotland. ran a couple of marathons and its currently training for another one.

Mother: always watching what she eats, unironically does pilates and aqua rhythm. constantly on this diet or that diet. gets scared if she drinks more than a glass of wine.

knees are shot. bad back. arthritis. get a pretty bad flu every year like clockwork. hot and cold flushes. cramps. might have to have knee surgery at some point.

are women really just that badly put together?

I've only played a couple games of Fortnite and maybe 10 or so games of PUBG tbh

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Could just be health issues but yes overall women are shit.