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Brexit News for Saturday 7 April

'''WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Fury as mock TERROR attack is staged at
London awards ceremony – on anniversary of Westminster killings'''

Anti-Semitic row Newcastle councillor WILL stand for Labour at local elections

Is the Queen related to Prophet Muhammad? Historians believe Elizabeth II is a descendant of the founder of Islam after tracing her family tree back 43 generations

British backpacker, 28, raped and murdered in Goa had her face severely mutilated with a stone, court hears as man, 23, stands trial for killing her

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good lad

wew, didn't even notice that. no where near the high score tho so whatever


Glorious van of peace, herald of the right wing resurgence.

I've got real irl friends tbh people I talk to most days, and a couple of internet mates too.

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Matters not that it's London mate, these skanks are the same as anywhere

How did you lose your friends to cults, lad?

Bins you here, lad? Want to watch that spooky ice series?

I'm not your mate, chum

Yes but being in a City increases your exposure to an extreme.

Nah you're not my mate, lad your my bfffe

Best fucking fuck friend ever?

Jews will flee if Corbyn becomes PM, says Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt


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Why did we stop dressing wide, lads?

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because you already are wide

I can sort of understand how it would be pretty easy to keep a friend as an adult, basically just be nice and meet them every now and then, but how the fuck do you make friends as an adult?
fucking kids have it so easy
how do you do it as an adult and not look gay? also adults with no friends are massive danger flags for other adults with friends. they just sort of close down and you can't get into there decades old click
t. no friends

lel baste hivemind.

Has anyone got the "i'm enjoying this" one?


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I prefer to be wined and dined tbh

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tbf if I didn't have my dad I would find it really difficult to go in and out of social groups, through him everybody now knows me so I can befriend people, if I didn't have that it would be quite difficult and just odd tbh

Lads we're actually all left-wing

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*realise I just typed the same thing twice in the same sentence*

Yes but it's "banned for sale" on the open market. Doesn't mean you can't buy it but it's manufacture and sale is restricted. Some specialist police/military units have it
In the current climate it's highly feasible it's been issued. I remember reading our police were issued armour piercing green tip ammo for their 5.56 set ups.
In America ap is defined as ammo constructed entirely from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium.
Solid copper will punch through armour. It also depends how fast the round is moving. Even lead will deal with some types of armour that jihadibaddies will be able to buy on the open market. Higher tech armour will be restricted sale items as well
Fort Defense solid copper bullets ( 9mm ) are not restricted for sale in the US and will probably deal with level IIIA armour tbh
Also we have units armed with Heckler & Koch MP7 which carry ap rounds that deal with higher quality body armour×30mm
Ammo such as the 6.5x25mm CBJ round which is a necked down 9x19mm NATO case with a 4mm tungsten bullet. It weighs 30 grains and housed inside a 6.5mm plastic discarding sabot. It's lethal against armour and only requires a barrel change on any 9mm weapon. I think some people call it a ball round but that's not the right name

Real mates are all well and good but at least I can act closer to my true self here

trad af

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shed be alright if she lost weight


iktfl lmao look at this faggot who can't say "gas the jews" at least seven times an evening to the chuckles of all

One of the mates I've got atm I met when we worked together, we chatted at work and found out we had similar interests so we've kept up with each other, play video games over the internet often.

I will take you out and pay for your tab only after you write me that blog post lad.


Dont know what my true self is tbh

Also, pic related

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Reminds me of Zig Forums obsessing over hwheat fields when literally every single woman in said photos is a slag posing

Better get some fucking cash out lad

lad the other day I was actually writing a theology article but then when I started looking for sources and resources they were all far better


You mean a second mortgage, lad.

Sounds like a brainlet excuse tbh.

I know what I'm getting into it should be he who you worry about.

smh stop being so self-conscious.

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Tbh. Also wives and gfs will act as gatekeepers and if they sense you've no friends or if you haven't been laid in a week, they won't let you be friends.

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sargon and godwinson both have the worst accent known to mankind
why do they sound so up their own arse?

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It's piss easy to make friends as a man. What are you interested in? Go places where other men who are interested in that thing go and talk to them. Done.

Well I guess I won't make friends with any well adjusted people then.


the accent is unnatural to native english people tbh, it developed out of london intellectuals and aristocracy who wanted to mimic foreigners, kraut kings in particular

She's ginger I think.

Lads I start reading Chalmers' Natural Theology and Descartes' Meditations and realise that it's all been written, anything I write would be nothing more than copypasting bits from them.
Literally everything that I'd write has already been written scross the centuries, I'm not the first to go "fkn fedoras I should own them epic style"

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This needs 'capping to be posted eveey time someone whinges

Kissed a lass last night lads
>and kissing her felt her arse tbh
We've been chatting all day, and we've agreed to meet up some over time

It's not about creating knowledge it's about transmitting it.

where do esoteric hyper far right wing lads meet to talk about genocide and cartoon pictures of frogs?

how many friends do you have?

grim tbh I couldn't deal with doing something unconsciously it would fuck me up


if she's the type of lass to kiss a random drunk lad wont she probably have std's

>It's piss easy to make friends get a GF as a man. What are you interested in? Go places where other men women who are interested in that thing go and talk to them. Done.

Pester me in the morning and I'll compile it again.

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thanks but I'm not gay

Right well no tab being paid and ending up in an abandoned nuclear bunker night on the town for you

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tbh from past experience I'm a normie when blackout drunk, it's the stage before that when my reservations are gone that's the dangerous one

well see lad

Not many and none really relevant to any of this, it's all old mates from school. However, whenever I was part of a gym/club I'd make friends instantly, the people within are much more like us than the blackpillers would make it out to be.

Women don't have interest's lad.

I didn't say the Templar bogs.

isnt it kinda gross youre kissing somewhere loads of other men have kissed
bit gay

But lad the KT is the only place that we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE

what does the "d" in "smdh" mean?

Don't bother lad, I agree with you. Any blog that regurgitates shite is simply narcissistic and preaches to the already-converted.

It's much the same as e-celebs tbh

I'm terrified of what I'd do if I blackout, hopefully never again smh

Answer the question chap

ffs is this a self driving van or some shit

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I just did.

lad you wore a dress

t. kissed a bloke

It had Jihad inside lad.

she's young enough lad and this isn't the UK and I think she leaves school this summer not a nonce tbh though

You probably have HPV or antibiotic resistant Syphogonorrheaids lad now. Best get yourself checked over Monday morning and never fiddle with disease ridden thots whilst drunk
That 'hungover' feeling you may have or what you think may be 'butterflies in your tummy' could be far more serious

Obviously the van was brainwashed by white supremacist groups


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jimmy savile

Did you mean to post this on kikebook?

yeah ok billy no mates


it's always nightshift somewhere

it's those fucking transformers again

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Sold half the audience on going back to the old days there mate.

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200 years ago he would have been shipped to Boston end of.

>"haha no mates"


Most boring forms of comedy out there tbh

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that's what my head automatically thinks, but it doesn't make sense smh

That would have been a funnier response.

This tbh, does anyone else find it incredibly effeminate?

the blokes you suck off arent your mates lad

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pretty sure it means damn


unironically the greatest advice in the world