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He's talking about Maddy (@albawhitewolf), the lass who does those drawings. She's a Lefty remainer but tbh she is bangable, would cum all over her big round face tbqh

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Are you sure lad?

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Why does a lad keep shilling some crypto app? He's been doing it the last few days now

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Probably a /biz/ shill. They try to hype up random alt coins and then dump it on noobs when they buy in.

Bored of vaporwave, need some new dnb. Don't even know if anyone's made dnb in the last few years.



Autistic Irish lass.

no she is vikang lad

she is also an ameriboo with her guns tbh

even more autistic.

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that stinks lad

this tbh

Age? If you mind me asking. I'm having chest pains in the heart area at night. Have to lie in the same position for a while because moving makes them worse. Might become a mattress stain soon. lel.


do you lift?

I love her lads

*blinks at you like I'm having a seizure*


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Rough m8. Try losing weight if you're fat.

No, try to do some pull ups every day to keep the man boobs away. That's it.


she's alright tbh

That's the worst part, I'm fit.

If you know what I mean

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you should work on your posture too, that can cause chest pains tbf. you are probably a slouch with shit musculature. try to get more healthy do things like burpees and push ups instead of cuck-ups

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I am not a nihilist hedonist

I want an autism weather gf or a qt autism nature gf

or a qt autism country retard redneck gf

Your bar is way to high you might have to settle for severed lady parts.

Neither am I, lad. Don't watch porn, do drugs and am not a NEET.


Chin up lad.

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get a mummy gf lads

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you're a frog and you look stupid.
i'm a kundalini-cosmic-serpent-neet. king ophis. my real benis is a detachable spiritual whip

smdh I wish I had a mummy gf to keep my thot harem breeders in line with her big mummy spanking hands


Smh seeing schizo post is an upsetting experience tbh
who knows what is going on in his life, he might be smearing shit all over his walls smh

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yeah I wonder how terry is doing tbh

CIA niggers got him.

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Schizo posting is always terrifying. I think we all fear deep down that what we perceive as real, isn't. It's scary to see that in someone else from an outside perspective.


yeah read some intro to kant or any of the rationalists and really get into that existential terror of having to base all empiricism on belief. I think that really really messed up Hume


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Anyone know the music at 2:04

sounded like some barry white shite lad, probably on 105.7 thats the nigger R&B channel you can probably pick it up if you are in ontario


Good post, it's hard to keep up with Syria without going to Zig Forums, which I never do nowadays. Zig Forums probably keeps track of it too.

Zig Forums is shite tbh, its not even about guns anymore its just gear queer faggotry

half of the posts are load out threads
everytime I ask about Star pistols or make a Star pistol thread it 404s in hours meanwhile they have trap posting gear queer bullshit everywhere

The only handguns I really know about are glocks and the 1911.

It seems weird to me that people obsess over different brands of pistols, hasn't the design of a handgun been perfected already? I'm obviously nogunz, but I'd give anything to own any handgun that Zig Forums considers to be garbage.

Star was spanish pistol maker

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How long until they cut your foot off lad

Never like going anyway tbh normalfag adults are drunk and the kids are usually shitting or pissing in the water.

Fresh Scambo Kino

keeeeeek is he trying to find people that look worse than him now?

wew lad. Let them mire at your flanks

Shut your fucking mouth you little pussy

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But imagine being a normie American that got blown in a waterpark when he was 14. That guy's going to be much more confident and successful than we are. It's a tough feel.

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you can see the contours of her vagina


Church is soon, lads. Get a shower, and get ready. Spend the time waiting in prayer and reading the Bible.

He likes queers

It means he's straight, and he's been covering up his marriage, so nobody finds out he's not a fag.

agnostic tbh

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Sometimes girls like to have their taboo areas shown to anyone around. Makes me jealous tbh as I've never seen this in public.

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tbqf that means you're Catholic.

Hell, you might even be the Pope and not know it.

If your agnosticism goes that deep.

Game's up (((Bill)))

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literally who

A mere (((RINO))).


Ol' Billy Crystal


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Bill Kristol
Only one of the most famously evil neocon kikes in the US who is behind the drive for constant wars in the middle east to satisfy Israeli/Jew bloodlust and expansion who hides behind being a "patriotic fellow American"
Are you literally new?


The UK is destined to just be a wog nation, so I would recommend ignoring everything that happens there.

A lot of brits are extremely stupid.

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vid related

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not heard that in ages lol


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Fuck you.
t. asmrautist

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