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Hullo, yes

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there you go, now I can be a (2)


are jewuids

Who's this wiseguy

How's his local politics going anyway?

tfw no brit lads to travel with since tourism is anti nativitist

the white helmets are the same ones that staged that fake chemical attack in Egypt and pretended it was Syria?
the same ones that showed the same guy heroically saving people from a collapsing building was also the same guy who beheaded a 10 yo boy in the back of a truck

Like, to Margate or something

You'll find out in a month.

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Somewhere foreign maybe like Inverness.

Is #NotAll literally the core of leftist thinking?

Lefty: generalization about X

X: Well I think that's like that because Y is Z

Lefty: Nice job generalizing Y! So you're saying all Y? Pathetic.

It's like this in every conversation they have.


Generalising is an anti individualist hate crime

It's just a very dumb, primitive argument that normies instinctively come up with when their anti-racist taboos are challenged


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The great irony is that they regularly generalize what they want to and that their generalizations are often the exact opposite of what is true.

Generalizations are fine as long as they're generally true or at least true relative to the other groups.

The general statement: Asians are short=quality generalization despite some of them being tall

The general statement: Asians are tall=shit generalization because most are short relative to people of other races

Like they generalize an equal amount(if not more often) and the only difference is, is that their generalizations lack merit by any metric.


Name a more profound and important thinker. I'll wait

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Anally raped by the alt gay

have the shits for a week.
solid poos for 1st time, got rectal bleeding now.

his Proper Names vid. keep in mind a while back he did a stream with sargon who said the alt right needs a new vehicle to get to where it wants to be. woes is now entertaining a rebrand like sargon said he should.

He just keeps on winning.

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Quality shitpost

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Mmmm bowel impaction

Jimmy Onishi.

It's also funny watching his Welcome to 2018 vid after his old Problems with the Alt Right vids.

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Yeah not really the same as "the alt right label is now tainted"

Their last meet up ended with Woes putting Sargon in a corner with a question and Sargon running off to a comfort stream where everyone laughed at him so, eh. Tranny lover is just Fox News lite.

Everyone's a special individual, no such thing as collectives exist. Get with the program m8.

well he was Savitri McDevi's hwhite knight


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Made Lancashite Hotpot for Sunday dinner.

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Give over lad.Here, try a single malt. Blending is for liberals.

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You velly good taste drink Johnny Walker

Big number one whisky

Velly classy dlink you must be important gentleman in home country

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can't buy cut price sweeties coz its sunday

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Black label is the nicest cheap blend

Lad im an Islay drinker, get that fruity bs away from me

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tfw been looking for an alternative mummy online for 2 years.


*reminds you that your great grandmummy is dead*



I'm envious lad

Nazis get the bullet too

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Why a rebrand though?

just leave already

shit on the thot


no shit

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It is a gay name tbh. But rebranding a 'movement' (of sorts) is even gayer.


He wants to pull a Godwinson


Which means?

delete his account and start again when everyone forgets about him.

GenZ Moans.

Get bullied off the internet, come back after a couple of weeks and rape all his subscribers feed with him reuploading all his videos.



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Except he wouldn't reupload any videos that indicate his homosexuality

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little did the children know the cake was filled with gas

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this gas attack is like deja vu from 2015 2013 and 2016 tbh

based new new labour

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i love him lads

Sargon is rising

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off out for a run lads

esoteric butlerian centrism is the way forward

They're just leftists upset about Brexit, not even centrists. Only hard lefties would blame Brexit for the polarization.


how do hapas explain Gennady Golovkin?
Extremely succesful boxer and has a white wife yet the son of a asian woman and a white russian man.

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Radical centrist party now

oh fuck

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he is welcome in the ethnostate tbh

his wife looks hapa like him

Don't get your dress muddy

They don't explain shit tbh and neither does /pol.

Stats on hapas. They mostly marry whites(males and females).

When people say "hapas have mental issues" this is actually only when comparing the average rate of hapa mental illness to the averages of all other dems combined. Really their rates of mental illness fall between the white average and the Asian average(gee who would have fucking guessed, their IQ average also falls in between white and Asian.)

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He grew up in Kazakhstan, everyone is hapa there.


It's blates another jewish psyop party tbh - particularly when you consider the bullshit about 'polarisation cause by breggshitnigger' and the fact that the kikes are turning on Corbyn atm. They just want to scare Labour into giving up on Corbyn, and scare the tories out of doing anything about breggshitnigger (until (((something))) happens which makes it impossible without a (((second referendum)))).

tbh lads how do we stop all these people dying in london lately? it's fucking horrible tbh

true tbh, last-ditch effort before Corbyn gets in by default because of how shit May has been.

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neutron bomb on london

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Anyone got a PDF of this

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If I had I'd delete it