Brit/pol/ #2264: Fishing Edition

Fishermen take to Britain's rivers to protesst Brexit 'capitulation'

Brexit News for Sunday 8 April


Telford ‘child abuser not prosecuted because CPS said his underage victim had consented’

Police put wrong fuel in vehicles nearly 300 times in a year

Gender pay gap: Theresa May calls on fathers to share parental responsibility to help women in their careers

Trump's OUTRAGE as """""evil Assad""""" gasses Syrian children

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Zig Forums FLEET WHEN?

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mfw boomers

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Not watching that video lads. Does she start screaming?

What do you fucking think lad

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There is no sound unfortunately

You mean, Labour moving left and the Tories moving to the centre has opened up a space for a new centre-left party?

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I knew something was fishy about you once I read that cannibal story

What are you implying lad?

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Just that you're a bit funny lad. I suppose we all are, one way or another.

Jesus christ, that woman's face looks like a farmer's a3080861 on a frosty morning.

Maybe they want to be Tories with out the baggage of being "BLOODY TORIES, THATCHER THATCHER THE MILK SNATCHER"

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t. 100% normal in every way.

Requesting a filter for 'arse' to 'a3080861'

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Some more than others, perhaps it's strange to find people doing stupid shit that leads them to being seriously hurt or killed gut bustingly funny, or perhaps even fantasising about smashing the legs, arms and heads of nonces with a hammer- I forgot where I was going with this.

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THAT A3080861

Has it actually been changed?

let's test it: 'a3080861'

I didn't want to test it in case I looked silly.

Try it



Damn you got me.

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Change it, you a3080861.


Only the BO can change it, a3080861hole.

Who is the board owner (*prepares for bullies and their bullying*)?

What video is this?

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dungeddit, tbh.

You could be forgiven tbh, he's like a ghost

Never here tbh

Spoiled for poor little SA's benefit.

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Does he have a name?

This is an oldie but a goody.

British too.

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The set up was funny tbh

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classic deano

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What did he think was going to happen?

What you can't tell from that clip is that his scream at the end is one of joy for himself and the lads.

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Be honest, lads: you all want to plough he a3080861 as much as I do.

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noice bit of mystery meat

Don't think there's much mystery there tbh.

She looks mostly Asian but what kind and perhaps she has a bit of something else in there, we do not know.

Local posting tbh

I'd shoot that junkie in the face tbh

*sends slinkies after him so he thinks he's being attacked by snakes


looks like drumpf did it again

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Is muzak baste and hwhite?


mixed reports now possible ruse

based jews

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Stay strong big guy

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why are the jews so based lads?

Cursed post

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The demiurge protects them

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High ashkenazi IQ and khazar milkers.

What don't you understand about "God's chosen"?

wew lad

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the jews are just the playthings of Yaldabaoth, they are like his little clay dolls, without any emanation from the logos

Just want Dorset back tbh

How is London going to ban knife shipments? Will the post office be inspecting parcels at the request of the city?



lads did the jews just BTFO of themselves rn? holy fuck


woh happen?

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I got u

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It's three in the morning. Just the crazies and the anime club at these hours.

""""somebody"""" launched missiles and aircraft out of lebanese airspace into syria and the US denied involvement

smells like turkroaches tbh


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turkey doesn't border lebanon hasbara lad

Just realized I get vacation days this week.

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Absolutely nothing wrong anime.

Post more tweets and youtube live reactions from boomer faggots ok ty.

Forgot to post this earlier.

Assad probably bombed himself he's a monster like that

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Death to Israel

what are the jews even doing rn?

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bonald dump is just chess moving rn, he is going to BTFO of kikes in minutes

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