Brit/pol/ #2265: Already Minority Edition

New head of Armed forces has threatened to block promotions of officers unless they improve ‘inclusiveness & diversity’ of their units


Telford ‘child abuser not prosecuted because CPS said his underage victim had consented’

Police put wrong fuel in vehicles nearly 300 times in a year

Gender pay gap: Theresa May calls on fathers to share parental responsibility to help women in their careers

Trump's OUTRAGE as """""evil Assad""""" gasses Syrian children

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Yes, spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)



Humongous bushy growlers

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the end can't come soon enough

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Shit OP

We All Have That One Auntie | Famalam

I hope Israel nukes Syria and then Russia nukes Israel then America nukes Russia and then Russia nukes America.

top post lad

Council elections are just around the corner which means canvassers knocking on my door. How do I deal with such pests?

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Thank you for being relevant



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XD here's your reddit gold

at least she's smiling not making a grotesque duck face

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Celts aren't white

Reminds me of the 'scientists' who said that men are taller than women because parents subconsciously feed boys more than girls

Sharpened spoon.

Who makes a grotesque duck face?
Anyway, this bitch is precisely the sort of judgy cunt who does well in school, but is basically completely retarded. This bitch is Emma Watson. It's strange that I am utterly repulsed by the one type of woman who is guaranteed to be faithful and to share many of my values

adam wallace

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Ask them about their opinion on the Jewish Question

I was a minority in my primary school.

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I'd turn her arsehole into a warzone tbh

Used to go out with a lass a bit like that, fortunately her feminism was completely shallow tbh and she changed her views to align with mine while I was seeing her. Probably supports Corbyn now though smh

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has duck face had it's day

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You call that a duck face? This is a duck face.

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That's a chemically assisted trout pout lad, not a duck face

Shame she ruins it all by liking Harry Potter.

lulwut @ pdf
Cornwall majority wog?!
ur failing at excel

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these threads are fucked

Didn't women already get the vote

Zig Forums is circling the drain I'm just waiting for the 22 story to end then I'm driving a lorry full of ANFO into the headquarters of Goldman Sachs tbh

And black nail varnish. And the stupid t shirt. Bitch needs to take a slug to the head.


Zig Forums as a whole tbh


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Do you not find everything about her irritating? She's the archetypal overachiever who will end up teaching boys to be girls.

There's no source for anything in that pdf so it's probably just cooked up by some amerimutt larper to get a reaction tbh. The rural south west is fine.

We've replaced you more than once lad. You're not special.

wtf lad

just filter lad

I bet Mark Collett and his giant bird do this

And Wales, wogs will never tame the mountains.


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Pissing myself laughing tbh

I feel like a large amount of posters have disappeared recently, or is that just me?

Where will I even get all of the bombs welcoming gifts for these mosques, how will I be able to greet these gracious new members of our society?

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he is so kawaii

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Because the board is a cesspit, I've not posted in months.

Gchq have kidnapped them lad

Jock raiding party to cleanse Hebrides when?

Yeah but its OUR cesspit

Well I was questioned about my posting

Well there goes this thread's quality.

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Did you grass

Tbh you're better off coming back when something starts happening in politics again, or weather permitting, when the Pakis go full jihad this summer.

This is exactly the sort of personalityfagging that is killing Zig Forums tbh

No I was lying no one talks to me

*opposes racism on all sides*

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I blame 11x2 stone

(((Dell))) computers
Nice to see they are brand loyal

It figures

I blame everyone bar myself tbh

Why are you playing this lad?

Flags were a mistake


Wew, sorry lads. Didn't check.

This is where its from. Some of the tables seem to be accurate, but you're right to point out the one in the OP is bogus.

Their source table:

I blame flags and tripniggers personally. We lost all the good tripniggers and got flag wogging in its place.

That's just a nigger. That's normal for them

Ah but this post is gold lad, you've never seen the likes of it before, by god it'll really knock your socks off.

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Flags are great, just mix it up every thread
Need something to fap to

*One ups your post*

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I blame moaning cunts like you

didn't this hapa lolberg get raped by proud ethnat halsey?

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Is the methodology explained anywhere?

Dawson might just be the lowest energy person on earth tbh


Good post mate thank you

If you aren't using felines as embrasures then you are doing something wrong

It's actually just of primary school children.