Brit/pol/ #2266: KAT/scott steiner (tbh)

New head of Armed forces has threatened to block promotions of officers unless they improve ‘inclusiveness & diversity’ of their units
Telford ‘child abuser not prosecuted because CPS said his underage victim had consented’
Police put wrong fuel in vehicles nearly 300 times in a year
Gender pay gap: Theresa May calls on fathers to share parental responsibility to help women in their careers
Trump's OUTRAGE as """""evil Assad""""" gasses Syrian children

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first for comfy

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unleash the doggoman

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thank goodness I was watching you lads from the corner, those 56 percent black riders were going to 751 the thread while you were sleeping

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I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

I love him lads

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*worrys about you*

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Normans Crush the Saracens at the Battle of Cerami

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surprised a moral mummy I know with a moral gift today
she was very happy and it dispelled me of my negative mental state for many hours tbh

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good lad


But how did you manage to not include the raid on Trump's lawyer's office by the state police (FBI) and Mueller? This is the biggest story of our lifetimes.

should I order some knives online before the ban lads?



4-9-18: The day America ceased to exist.

This pic is one of the funniest bits of Zig Forums OC ever.


at least the comments are encouraging

Brit toddler ‘forced to smoke and kicked down stairs’ in shocking British value videos

SCHOOLGIRL KNIFED in standard British values attack. Teenage girl rushed to hospital after being stabbed in Greater Manchester as 14-year-old arrested over attack

'WHO ELSE CAN I BE A SLUT WITH?' British values teacher, 53, ‘had sex with pupil, 15, and sent him explicit card after he blocked her on social media’

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is she white?

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morning lads, have you started disposing of your zombie knives yet?

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truly, the cause of violence in Britain is impractical and unwieldy knives rather than the giant population of wogs

No she's a nigger like you

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I fucking cringe so badly whenever I hear anyone say this

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More and more reasoning piling up as to why this was yet another false flag. I can't stand seeing all this play out, it's so fucking obvious yet every politician keeps jumping in and agreeing we should start WW3. The fact they are all so quick to condemn Assad over a chemical attack by an unknown perpetrator makes it so fucking obvious

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They keep saying it was dropped in cannisters out of helicopters and that "rebels" don't have helicopters. However we know they have drones and that the US and Israel have helicopters and there's NO proof anything was dropped out of the sky.
We do know islamist groups have rounded up citizens and herded thm into dodgy areas for use as human shields and they probably exposed them to some gas attacks

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What will Blimpf do?

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The effect of the Jew

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truly parasitic, no doubt about that

HOLIDAY HORROR Brit backpacker, 18, ‘drugged and raped on Thai ‘death island’ Koh Tao after night out with "French" tourist’

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The probability of getting raped is so glaringly obvious that she's practically giving implied consent by going there


nice dogwhistle there, baist sun

Lmao, as if a nigger would be a policeman, especially in France

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I just want them to go away. Why won't they go away?

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They have no neck and an inflated sense of self importance

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As if the taigs are capable of doing anything any more

Soros gives another £400k to anti-Brexit group

Thereason May AGAIN refuses to say she supports Brexit

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Good lads, But I know normies will eat up the narrative smh

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Traitors can always be found and paid/blackmailed

I hope the Troubles start again, SF deserves to get fucking shafted every which way by right-wing Irish-nationalists in the republic and UVF/UDA in the north.

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Had a very weird dream last night lads. Starting to think I've been MKULTRA'd tbh

Not everyone is buying it lad or we'd already be at war
See comments on

He's repeated this on his LBC show many times when listeners suggest she may be sabotaging Brexit

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thought it was going to be a thing for like, shy people who like reading, sounds awful

Based accelerationism
Tbf it is a tough choice, Corbyn at the least doesn't want us involved in all these Jewish conflicts

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Sounds like something for wogs like based Akala tbh

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I thought it was supposed to be sarin

Griffin is clearly a Russian spy tbh

I hope you're looking forward to hear wog lasses read ''poetry''''' about racism for three hours lad

On International Roma Day, Italian Populist Salvini Leader Says Roma Should ‘Work Harder’ and ‘Steal Less’

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Not gonna go tbh. Gonna send them an email about how I hate normies or something

I'm starting to think Corbyn might unironically be are guy

Black gfs for every good boy, baste

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German Ministry Welcomes Jewish Leadership Plan to Deport Anti-Semitic Migrants

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He needs to be seriously memid as the next Mosley

Is that a blackanese?

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It should be filtered and the poster banned


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what the fuck

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He better not apologise tbh


I don't even like black women lad, it just seemed like an appropriate moment to post the picture


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Asian man have notorious jungle fever.


Bit of a daft poll that


That's hilarious if true

it's just a pity he supports the destruction of our culture and people, but then again all political parties do nowadays

what ever are the chances

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Based Sir Mo Farah
He's in multiple TV adverts now reeeee

problem, bigot?

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Teen Says School Officials ‘Humiliated’ Her, Told Her to Cover Nipples with Band-Aids

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It was stats from OKCupid years ago. it's most likely bollocks.

This is better data.

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The Okc stats were better than this since they were based on who people were actually messaging, rather than this which is stated preference


>"oh em gee bigotry :(((("


In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

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The oy vey at the beginning of this vid

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So either she
A)She's an attention whore
B) She's a self absorbed slag


C) both



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Evidence from civilian pedohunters used to charge 150 LAST YEAR ALONE


Fuck off

t. the so called BBC