Brit/pol/ #2267: Quintessentially British Identity Edition

Furious vigilante films himself tearing down shrine to dead burglar after crook's friends set it up outside home of OAP who killed him

'When u die I'm ripping your flowers down': Dead burglar's friends hit back at vigilante on social media after he filmed himself tearing down shrine to crook outside home of OAP who killed him

Tony Blair backs British military action in Syria without a vote

DfE ends divisive pupil nationality data collection

Evidence from civilian pedohunters used to charge 150 LAST YEAR ALONE

Theresa May not invited to Royal wedding

Amber Rudd should consider QUITTING over violent crime epidemic, says boss of one of Britain’s top police forces

Soros gives another £400k to anti-Brexit group

Brit backpacker, 18, ‘drugged and raped on Thai ‘death island’ Koh Tao after night out with "French" tourist’

EU Head Juncker Slams Poland for Taking in Ukrainian Migrants But Not Muslims

EU’s Threat to Hungary After Resounding Election Victory, Porky Futch Faggot Claims Bloc Will Prevent ‘Dictatorships’

German Ministry Welcomes Jewish Leadership Plan to Deport Anti-Semitic Migrants

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first for hwicce

I bet kipper wishes you would be his internet defense force tbh

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3rd for death to e-celebs

Sounds like British identity is pretty similar to Norwegian

Druids tbh

The first time had one was in uni who believed ISIS was a stand against capitalism.

The future is bright. The future is chocolate orange.

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Ist for Irregulars

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Can you be prosecuted for posting images you've found on the net on twitter?


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Fucking post the source, you cock-tease.

Where's the one of her squatting?


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I just don't know what to say

Maybe he want's to be a based northern monkey deep down.


I do.

Defamation maybe? It'd be a massive stretch and only a faggot would attempt it over something so trivial, but that's are Owen right there.

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Animated adaption of the Mabinogion,tales start at 12:00. Pretty cool tbh

Mixing shy manlet with fat NEET to create the most cursed children on earth.

tbh sometimes I think that normies will never wake up and I just want to live in mindless hedonism and die before I see natives become a minority in our country

Britpop iirc

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that our government pushes the same shit

That's not how it works smh
Fuck sake.

Leaked footage of 22st picking up bins

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wots that got to do with british identity

That'd probably be the plot of 1984 if it was named 2018 instead.


What don't you get, lad? Academia and government tell us what our values are so obviously they are similar.


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My Dad's actually form up north, you'd never know it though they beat the accent out of him at boarding school.

dont see what govt has to do with British identity. its not like they invented being British or anything

When we win the race war what do we do with all the foreign children from the migrant baby boom?

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top kek same with me


Use them as fuel for our steam powered zeppelins

Only so much you can do

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Same as we do to their parents and grandparents
Fuel, Fodder and Compost.

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I'm not talking about actual identity, lad, just the manufactured one. WHAT DON'T YOU GET ROOOOOOOOO

YK is our version of Owen Jones, trying to pretend he's working class when he's actually a middle class cunt

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Based elitist education.


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Why did Owen Jones stop making his youtube show?

British identity is not similar to Norwegian. you lot are snownigger mountain huggers and we are beady seafarers and empire builders

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We can't really justify that after allowing ttpw to be around for so long or 22st.

And you're retarded why are you misunderstanding this it's so simple

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It's all lining up

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Lad I perfectly understand what he is saying and got it the first time. both identities are just about 'values of tolerance and equality' and shit like that in the mainstream. lrn2read

Fuckasperg live

And engineers.

Fucking hell I remember the first time I came across Owen's yt channel and I asked "Why are these politicians letting this sixth former interview them on his shit youtube channel?"

thats not real though? literally no one serious thinks being british or norwegian is about tolerance and equality

basically everything. scientists, musicians, actors, soldiers, businessmen etc




Zuckerberg getting raped

Please help I've just found out that trans translates to ueber in German, and I'm worried that trannies are actually the master race.

Na I'm willing to concede the continent gave us better composers and artists, just not scientists and engineers.

who gives a shit what satanists and liars have to say about "identity"? why do you even know let alone care what they think

No. They're Pakistani cab drivers lad

to understand the world around us is essential to changing it

tolerance, diversity and equality.

Britain is the exact same as Norway because Buzzfeed and Anna Soubry say the West is about equality
t. fat norwegain paedo (aka 22st)

Parents encouraged me to talk properly tbh, rather that than "aaw I fuckin swear down m8, I was proper buzzin, chaw chaw de naw naw" etc.

Isn't it funny how British values are the same as Norwegian values. And German values. And French values. and Italian values. Wow Europe all shares the same happyclappy values with one another, almost as though we are all one happy continent that would always get along with one another. That's why there's never been a war in Europe

what have you done to change the world matey

too posh, you're using the word I instead of AH


The poz restricts his abilities now lad

Do you have a regional accent or are you another victim of mass culture?

Look at this posho, the actual way to say it is to redact the 'I' entirely, "swear down m8"

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t. Buzzfeed

redpilled many normies and changed my personal habits wrt to buying things, fitness, etc. more than you m80boi

Kek. He's so robotic.

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Lk a dis nob, oosin foo 'ords.

You posh cunt, you're meant to say 'bruv' or 'breddrin'

He doesn't look human tbh, his disgusting big bulging brown eyes

Is he being bullicided by the senate investigation?

he's just a manchild mask for the real groups in control of facebook AKA the worlds greatest surveillance operation

They mean a fucking gypsy family

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It's an easy way to counter this leftist idea of national values; according to them, our values are exactly the same as the rest of the world and "we've always been like this", and if that were the case then there wouldn't have been any wars between these nations.

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He could've made anime real, smh

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just wew


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Addicted to frozen blueberries, tbh lads.

Have you told he you want to be a little girl yet?

Hardly the worst thing in the world to be addicted to unless that's some kind of disgusting euphemism

that's just wogspeak

do you blend them

He's been following some rather odd accounts lately, a lot of accounts with almost no followers.

No. I suck on them.