Brit/pol/ #2269: C H E S S Edition


'Get ready Russia, the missiles are coming': Donald Trump makes terrifying threat to Putin as the Kremlin vows to shoot down any missiles fired at Syria and attack the US warships that launch them

Brexit News for Wednesday 11 April

Brits of English Heritage Banned from Paid Training Posts… at English Heritage

Shrine goes back UP at home of pensioner who killed burglar as battle enters third day and police say they've had NO complaints'''

Man stabbed on packed commuter train in morning rush hour as London's knife crime crisis continues

Britain faces flood misery as heavy rain sweeps across country with 59 alerts and warnings in place and more downpours on the way

Fury as man behind sugar tax calls for 20% rise in price of RED MEAT

Jihad expert: Stop accepting refugees – Europe is importing a civil war

European Commission raids Murdoch's Fox offices in London

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fucking false flags

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tricked you into thinking i was gonna start ww3 haha nerd owned

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Hitchens on BBC Radio 2, shouting at Jeremy Vine, sticking up for The Lion

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Buy the dip, Trump will always 180.

Just launch the nukes already you pair of jokers, fucking do it now

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I love drumpf again now

Zig Forums never disappoints.

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TBH theres doubt that there were chemical dropped on Douma, typical Zig Forumstards who don't seem to realise how incompetent the SAA is.

Whatever the paid for this performance it clearly wasn't enough.

there were no fucking chemicals at all lad, not because assad is incompetent either

Or they just shank you without a riot and you die ignominously because the female prison guard cant force her way through a pack of rabid muds. Which is more likely?

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You ever seen how easy it is to rile mozzies up over the jews?

Dunno about you lad but if I were in prison I'd become a crypto-mozzie


Smh lad it wasn't intentional by him, he tripped over, fell in a maid dress and took loads of selfies. Don't victim blame smh

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i felt ill earlier i think russia did a novichok attack on me


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I had a cough earlier I think Russia hacked my throat

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This "hacking" by a Russian didn't happen in the Templar toilets, did it?

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>"you guys, you gotta stop the arms race"

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shit i just realised he posted this 40 minutes after the other tweet.
I thought it was an old tweet.


What's this about SA sucking off Russians in the Templar bogs?

And you…Westie

Stop stealing my posts bich

that was my original post you fat meganigger

What is this nigga doing

He's gone mental.

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whatever his jew masters tell him


smh I'm curious if he meant fuck or not

shit i wish they had bombed them now

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Well lads since the nukes are about to fly, where will you be spending your last moments on earth?

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eating dinner with my fat auntie

with my wife and children i hope

Where the fuck did you find this dullard.

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Brother Nathanael tbh

The eternal yank.

I can't believe Twitter is allowing this hashtag as an autocomplete result, jej

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It's too difficult for them, there's only so much you can do to hold back the tide.


How do you pronounce that?

Be a man, lads

Probably in bed shitposting or looking at pictures of my waifu

it's George Orwell writing about being homeless in 1933 lad

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No. You stole it from the last thread you crossdressing batty bwoi

We live in the past on this board lad.

At this rate he'll fire an ICBM at Moscow full of confetti but we'll all still be wiped out in the retaliation strike.

I hear 'bloody' spoken all the bloody time, I use it on here all the time.
Who the fuck is this twat who thinks 'bloody' has died out.

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that mans name? albert einstein

I can walk into the pub and hear it spoken, he's a fucking headcase.


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Probably someone who lives in a wog area of Londonistan tbh

tbh iirc some Victorians were actually so autismo, they would say "dashed" instead of swearing

That would be entirely worth it for the sheer bants


Just be Cornish, and threaten to set them on fire if they deny that you're an ethnic minority.

he was writing about
lad. I assume he did predict that language would change over time. He also writes about how in his time rhyming slang is almost extinct, while my in depth knowledge due to watching The Sweeney reruns tells me it staged a resurgence at some point

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This tbh

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new bandname

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Not in the bogs in the Templar tbh

My great-nan lived through both world wars and used to use it tbh


Well that's one customer down, guess I'll take a break at your timeslot.


ta lad, obviously I got the PC version

tbh I am no authority on what Londoners speak like

thanks based censors, really helps with clarity

That's fair lad and he may be right about the words coming and going, but to say that what has got to be one of the most common cuss words I hear on the reg being "abandoned utterly" is just nonsense.

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Something about this picture really makes me sad, lads. Fuck.

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Reading my favourite chapters from the Bible in the Vulgate and Greek and shitposting on here

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I prefer Ball Peen Hammer by Pissing Kidney Stones tbh

pissing kidney stones is the best name brit came up with so far kek

It's the realisation that innocent people are being killed for the sake of jews.

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Those are unironically good band names

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Awful white Christian supremacist country, they need more diversity.

tbh he was a funny chap

which version lad? the only physical copy I have with me at the mo is the NIV, puts me right off

Ian Watkins and his mates locked up in the slammer
All you fucking dirty cunts will eat my ball peen hammer

I care more about the ancient buildings being destroyed than anything else tbh
Watched an ISIS beheading video without really caring, but when they were smashing the statues and columns and the like? That's what got me

Watching ISIS beheading devout Christians gets to me tbh

UK addresses only (includes Channel Islands). I'll check for local equivalents though

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Lopped it off yet?

Are you from GCHQ, lass? Or are you Ginnie?

It honestly choked me up.

I can't watch those beaheading videos. I remember watching Ken Bigley being beheaded when I was a schoolkid and his screams were burned into my memory for weeks. Stomach turning.

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It's the same feeling as seeing honest, hard-working brits in their communities just going about their daily lives, and being forced at gunpoint to suffer diversity else they'll be arrested.

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