Brit/pol/ #2270: Was he, dare I say it, /ourlad/? Edition

tfw no big reich

'Get ready Russia, the missiles are coming': Donald Trump makes terrifying threat to Putin as the Kremlin vows to shoot down any missiles fired at Syria and attack the US warships that launch them

Brexit News for Wednesday 11 April

Brits of English Heritage Banned from Paid Training Posts… at English Heritage

Shrine goes back UP at home of pensioner who killed burglar as battle enters third day and police say they've had NO complaints'''

Man stabbed on packed commuter train in morning rush hour as London's knife crime crisis continues

Britain faces flood misery as heavy rain sweeps across country with 59 alerts and warnings in place and more downpours on the way

Fury as man behind sugar tax calls for 20% rise in price of RED MEAT

Jihad expert: Stop accepting refugees – Europe is importing a civil war

European Commission raids Murdoch's Fox offices in London

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No Jerrycucking please.

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Was this the best Europe?

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too late smh

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Technically we started the bombing of civilian targets didn't we

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Tbf the entirety of the modern world you hate so much is more or less a hymn to Hitler's correctness about most things.

Low quality OP tbh, no (You) for you

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unironically yes

Warsaw tbh

14th century?

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delete the other thread tbh, this one actually has links.

Hasbara filtered tbh :^)

Your very first comment pertained to the balance of power changing, to which I said it was more consolidation. Then you went into your intellectual playpen about Hegel and dialectics.

Not if you don't count the Germans bombing the Polish

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I regard the poles as less human the more time I spend around their bydlo.




Germans killing Germans?

Based G-Man tbh

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You got an uncle in the government or something lad?

The dominion of the beachmaster spreads



Na he's just nine layers deep into liberalism and secular humanism and is high on the old MSM narrative.

He's the ex Ambassador to Syria so would have had personal dealings with the leadership and Assad. I trust his opinion tbh. He probably got switched out for refusing to follow the government line on Assad

This is what you shits waste memi magic on, summoning a bloody sea lion 50 miles in land?

New video lads.

You can't fault his logic though can you schizo.

well the DOTR isn't exactly forthcoming and we memi about it endlessly

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Better than starting WWIII for Israel

*Heats up black pill*
Here. We. Go.

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Just watched it, nice one lad, based Galloway tbh

Not with the same passion as beachmaster posting clearly.

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Galloway is the best orator of the modern age. Unironically.

you kidding me lad? are you new?

Fucking newbrit memmies


Someone clearly wasn't here last night

All I know is they turn the same colour when clubbed over the head.

What time I work for a living?

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DOT large concrete lined pit filled with dead bodies and Kent

Good stuff lad.

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clearly wasn't here most of the year

Fine lad I was in the mood for a blackpill anyway

Actually Germans bombed strategic locations then Churchill decided to bomb civilians and hospitals so it's not exactly the same thing is it

lol cute

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Kent's instability isn't a memiable thing in of itself, we need something we can spread to normies rather than releasing a fucking mad, ball peen hammer wielding, nonce hunter.

Bit of a whitepill: Galloway being alright version

daily reminder to watch the best sam hyde video daily


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God You Kipper is literally topping off this black pill day with a strong belief that nuking this place would be an improvement.

always slightly surprises me how versed in pop culture Bowden was

shocking revelation

we agreed on a nerve agent tbh lad

Who would be the 5 rivals any man who did a crime harsh enough to be put on that version of the running man?

You have to watch the crap to analyse the decay I suppose.

blackpill is best pill tbh

Always had a soft spot for him tbh, cheers lad.

Yeah he really is leagues above the current crop, was delighted when I saw the clip this morning, knew it had to be used.

Cheers lad

Probably the best critique of Khan I've heard and coming from him makes it even less suspicious to leftists.

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Being from high society, probably yes tbh.

lad we want to actually cause damage

tbh, I remember him talking about the Saw films once

Somehow I don't quite believe you, go back to pol Jerrycucks galore there.

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the black pill is the ultimate white pill tbh. the only way these problems are going to be fixed is with nuclear fire. we can rebuild from the irradiated ashes

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He's a good lad

>(((shocking revelation)))
Adapted from Closet Queens: Some 20th Century British Politicians by Michael Bloch

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name one (1) flaw

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jews tbh

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jerrycucks out

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head of porton down



In the E Michael Jones book he says that Cromwell wanted to bring them back in but the comittee never actually reached a decision during his reign and they only started to enter in much bigger numbers under Charles II and then king Billy

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The beast, Tommy Robinson, Joe Joyce, Ulster-lad aka the human crash test dummy and, if anyone could survive so far we've saved best for last: Charles Bronson.

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Bellingcat blogger slammed on Twitter for refusing to debate MIT professor on Syria claims



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fucking hell, the jerries were pathetic

Whatever the Jew projects they are guilty of themselves.

I don't really care about Yemeni children that much either tbh, but it is funny how they will cry and go on about dead syrian children while the ''journalist'''' works for the Atlantic Council funded by the Saudis who have caused a million cholera cases in Yemen and starved thousands of children to death

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That's an interesting last name. I wonder where it comes from?


Why is Polish lager so much better lads?

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they put vodka in it

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get fucked you papist cunt

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work tomorrow tbh

smh feels