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for kino

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I'm not him

No (you) for you.

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The NO (you) thread it is then

Is this the thread? smh

It's… it's better than nothing I suppose.

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why bomb syrier when we can bomb the EU

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Friendly reminder that if you refuse to answer the call and fight for your country when WW3 breaks out you're a redditor

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Jews like the EU

Imperivm, she clearly wants the BWC

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Something about the ceiling in the second pic really creeps me out tbh


Why are modern men so gay tbh?

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is he the most successful youtube intellectual of all time?

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Are you the most filtered shitposter of all ti

Fuck off

pewdiepie reads books now so no

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so what are everyones plans for the nuclear winter? bug out bag, underground hide out, innawoods?

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Thread theme
It's Mosley's former constituency

Fuck off you fat smelly Norwegian

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are lad tbh

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Mohammed a former Syrian agricultural assistant, his wife and 11 kids are living at the German taxpayers expense in a luxury Leipzig apartment costing 1220 euros a month and measuring 2500 sq feet or 220 sq metres
They are also in receipt of a total of 5239 euros of welfare monthly takes 35 of the poorest paid Germans to meet that bill out of their tax each month
He can't stop laughing and neither can his landlords, the local Evangelical church
Politicians meanwhile believe the people won;t string them up one day. This is even funnier

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You would have to cut wood for him not with him, he was a half-cripple.

Based lad


>responsible for starting a war and destroying Anglo-German friendship

fuck him, lad

fuck sake
we need to reclaim Christianity

muh peaceful noble savage

He chopped wood though, that's what I'm referencing.

Yeah, lad. I have some pity for him but I mainly like him aesthetically tbh.

ALL the property owning classes are making money off this refugee scam, no one else. Everyone else is paying for it.
They all need roping

Link lad, please

mfw Jerrycucks

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Where does the bumpaclart sound clip come from?

top keek

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unironically from a jumper video

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Thanks, lad

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kek, the faggot got his account terminated

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You can see who has viewed your story though
I'm not a normie

Ben posted the original for once

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It's a shame your ancestors never explored far down enough to fight them, lad

Maybe he was playing four-dimensional chess with the lass by pretending he didn't check it because he didn't really care that much

thread theme tbh

Possibly lad, the deano brain needs further study. He can also compare her answer to the reality on snapchat later on

I don't get why they are inside the eyes and why they are looking like that

Lad in the video I am watching excuses the Aztec sacrifices because muh vikangs and paints the Spanish as brutal for killing the Mexicans instead of capturing them and sacrificing them smh

I dont' get it tbh

>EU court has ruled that if there's a ''child refugee' who becomes an adult, they don't then have the right to 'family reunification''

smh, why was this even there in the first place




i need a (you)

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Fuck off.

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I was there 8 years ago tbh. What#s happening now_

increasing tensions

Nazi-salute British soldier cleared of terrorism offence


Oh, I thought there had been some kind of literal incident. smh

keek. Sounds British

So Breivik's manifesto is illegal?

cant wait to fight the russians

haha it's Joe Owens

finally all those videos on medieval weaponry will pay off

redpill me on anchovies

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Totally missed it. The skull is Israel

star of david skull
he named the jew
Zig Forums always doctored his cartoons and he used to complain

Filtered tbh

Yeah, lad, I knew that and I don't get it

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Go back to work normie

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Makes me worried lad. I downloaded a lot of Zig Forums book packs in the path with esoteric material, although none of it violent or terroristic as far as I know. But can she just start retroactively declaring things to be illegal terrorist documents now? Is it illegal just to have something on a hard drive?

Are any NA memmies, even ironic ones, now illegal to have saved on your hard drive?


Speaking of that, I realised the boomers at the motel were actually more shit than I expected, they were the worst breed of boomer, the kind that is done wasting their and their children's money, so now they are wasting everyone's money by living welfare.


I imagine so, lad, but they wouldn't find it unless you give them a reason to look at your computer

Growing number of Syrian refugees in Germany making 'reverse escape' to Turkey

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Why does it have the Iranian insignia on then?

smh, I thought it was only illegal to download obviously violent stuff like bomb-making manuals smh

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Mutti Merkin isn't a complete cretin.