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Alright lads, how you doing?

hard to tell really you?

Worried for Bashar tbh. If they hurt him I might snap

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tbh Russia would say this even if they did it

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they already killed his family he must be in deep hiding to escape them
shoulda listened

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>>>Zig Forums11480176

Collect some rare amerigoblins.

Doing alright tbf

Doing alright. Sitting my driving test soon, should be easy enough.

Well Russia is blaming us for the chemical attack.
Saying we staged it.

jews love to destroy

We probably did tbh

this pic makes me REEEEEE tbh

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Isn't he in iran?

I dislike Nietzsche, people who quote Nietzsche, thots who try to be profound, ignorant thots and people who lack self-awareness, so this gets me on many levels.

ha they've resorted to copying us yet again
how droll

yes it should be i passed mine and i almost killed us both

is it because she has all the depth of a puddle

Pipe down goblin.

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kek nice paraphrase of nietzsches quote on woman lad

I dislike people who dislike people who like nietzsche but dislike it when normie plebs post basic bitch aphorisms of his from kaufmann's aphorism translations

Good lad.

Yep, wouldn't surprise me.

Cunt probably hit the capture button with it to take the photo

Yeah I asked my instructor how easy is it to fail and he told me it was actually really fucking hard to.
"Going up on the kerb when turning a corner by mistake? That's a minor fault, as long as no one is on the kerb."
"Stalling? Minor fault unless you obstruct traffic with it."
Was actually surprised tbh.

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Wow. Zig Forums has really gone down the toilet. They're so mad.

Yeh, I think might be mad about it, seriously triggered goblins.


literally the worse normie cancer


It's probably because halfchan is down tbqhl

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Nah. 4chan are pleb tier, but they don't get this booty bothered.

Yes the flood is quite torrential

tbh lad

if you post a bait thread you can get 20 (You)'s from Y*nks easily

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(you)'s would be fun. They're just sage bombing. That's peak botty burn.

yeah I am 5 years older than her but she looks older than me and has the most grating voice, also a fake blonde

Amerimutts will never be able to handle the bantz.
Ever tried it with a non-white? They chimp the fuck out.
That 44% non-white in the yanks holds them back from every being able to banter.

Honestly the only people that can keep up in the banter-olympics with us is the aussies tbh

lad have you ever met william wallace before? does he really shoot fireballs from his bum?

Get in here and shill, lads.

My favorite so far

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It's more of a stream of highly-flammable naptha and it comes out of his cock. He lacks the means to auto-ignite his fiery todger juice though. It's not all that impressive tbh

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Willy Wally's my dad m8.
And he pisses fire because he's an alcoholic.

Always been fond of this one.
Simple, but effective.

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do they put the cage around him to keep the drunks from sleeping next to him?

No they put the cage up because we kept smashing it to pieces for being an insult to our history

does he say "freedom" alot? asking for a friend

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Nah he's usually just on the twitter bashing taigs.


wew who the hell thought that was a good idea?

the "I love Scotland" type of yank makes me want to vomit honestly

t. Nicolas Gonzales

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Honestly the thing that bothers me the most is the fact the sculpter made him look like a fucking Draugr from Skyrim.

This old alky bastard and Stirling council

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its a terrible sculpture too, it almost looks like a plastic mold or cement mold of a cast carved in some kind of plastic.

Lmao this false flag is so fucking obvious, proper brainlets writing these reports

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yeah it honestly looks like a cement or terra cotta mold that is covered in some kind of stucco or something

death to vandals though

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*kills you*

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t. Petronius Maximus

*recovers in hospital a couple weeks later*

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Tbh I believe MI5 just sedated them, let the police find them and take them to a hospital whereafter MI5 coordinated the rest of the operation

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Have you payed tribute to your Mel Gibson shrine like a good Scot today? He thought for your freedom, and American values.

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I can never remember which of those is right.

You sent them your photo to go to their conference yet? ;-)

Our fathers did but use the world before,
And having used did leave the same to us.
We spill whatever resteth to their store.
What can our heirs inherit but our curse?
For we have sucked the sweet and sap away,
And sowed consumption in the fruitful ground;
The woods and forests clad in rich array
With nakedness and baldness we confound.
We have defaced the lasting monuments,
And caused all honour to have end with us;
The holy temples feel our ravishments.
What can our heirs inherit but our curse?
The world must end, for men are so accurst;
Unless God end it sooner, they will first.

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Yes lad I left an offering of square sausage and Barr cola at the feet of Lord Mel

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I bet she was half or less irish

based belisarius tbh
fuck justinian and his thot wife

probably anglo irish too

I love him lad

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into my heart an air that kills
tbh lads

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Uh. It was satire.
Is this early onset dementia, lads? I worry sometimes.

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probably been poisoned by the russians
been around many door knobs lately?

you probably just have parasites in your brain lad

never realised cat women consume so much of this

the memi about women being a memi isn't a memi lad

which site?


thank you very much for this
was looking for a pdf version

It's a bit sad really. They just want to be ravaged by some masculine brute, and society has taken that away from them.

they asked for this tbh
women have voted again and again for political parties - capitalist and communist - which have subverted the true meaning of life, and encouraged this androgynous hellscape society

Women used to vote more right-wing than men tbf. They are just conformists to the dominant culture


Kentlad put my fucking essay on your gay little blog you lazy vunt


the books are all, without exception, about a muscular, higher-status man (generally also mysterious, dangerous or a bad-boy) choosing them to take away from their mundane lives

You're welcome lad

sounds like the abridged version of the Talmud tbh

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Is she a hapa?

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Smfh. This may sound callous, but it is genuinely in our interests for the boomers to die off. They are the only thing propping up the official narrative.

they'll be the last generation to enjoy state pensions so I think they'll be around a while

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smh lad I'm already feeling

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