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technically we weren't intervening, we guaranteed Polands independence and honoured it by joining the war

why we gave the guarantee and wether or not that was intervening is another debate



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Slava Polska

Slava Ukraina

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Big day tomorrow

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wtf I love islam now

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His rendition of his 72 virgins pretty nice tbh

What the fuck is our government doing. Only 22% of people support this war. This is ridiculous.

It's gonna be banter when a couple of coalition ships get sunk by K-300P's tbh

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Based edition tbh

tbh spamming cruise missiles is very cost effective

Iraq 2.0

So is May going to give the order?

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I'm going to miss you, Zig Forums

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you mean 3.0 or 4.0? if you count yemen its 5.0

Lad 2 million people protested the Iraq War and then went home and voted for Blair the next election, they don't give a shit if you support it or not, they know people are fucking cattle that forget about shit a week after it happens.

Unless you are the US, when it's $1.6m per missile.

What's that lad?

Hebrew fanatics need this to happen tbh

but LMAO lets risk starting WW3

Don't worry user the war will last at least a month or so if not maybe a few years so it won't be too bad aslong as you get out of cities and stay as far away from military bases as you can.

baste US force projection


they'll also get a few planes with the s-400

it will be funny if there's video of the anti-missile systems fucking up in their attempt to shoot it down


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fear not lad, it also means we get to witness the second coming and fight alongside Jesus BTFOing the shitskins and their zog overlords

i'll see you on the frontlines ;^)

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Meant for (you)

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Yemen is a Saudi quagmire.

Just wait until the S-400s and S-300s kick in.

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The Russians will be wiped from Syria. It's just a matter of how many munitions they can get off before they're all gone.

How fucked are you, Zig Forums?

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I really don't mind being gone in the first strike.

They are fully embedded, fighting a defensive war… They aren't going anywhere lad.

I live within 45 miles of one of the huge economic targets from the USSR days but I wonder if russia has changed their missile strike targets since the 60s-70s

Why in the fuck would anyone nuke places like Londonderry/Armagh/Kidderfuckingminister over military bases and big cities like the SUPER Islamic Caliphate of Londonistan?

i'm in between 2 hotzones, but i doubt they will be big nukes if any at all

ill be fine


LondonLondonderry has sub bases iirc

so proud of our allied troops! they are going to go and defeat that evil gasman who is gassing 35 year old children that could be in my country fucking my wife right now!


just type D-erry lad

true, I suppose

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at least all the remainers will be out on the streets when the nukes hit tomorrow

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I typed LondonLondonderry though, why does it filter that

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Just realised they called it Londonderry on the map
Why do we have to cuck even our place names?

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who /gladtheypreppedsomewhat/ here?
tbh I could literally escape from the draft goons for a couple of months until I could find some ad-hoc militia to join tbh

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God keep him safe

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D-erry is the word filter like sp-ies *

*see crispies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

*the shithead Mick version of londonLondonderry

I have a single tin of beans prepared
got a shit tonne of survivalist pdfs though I had better start reading the shit out of them while I still have time


Well that's retarded.

Don't worry lad

lad, were counting on you to airdrop us some munitions once SHTF

smh, you made your bed

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Going to buy a load of beans tomorrow though lads

It's Londonderry, whether you like it or not.

Get the ones with the sausages in

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tbh I avoided all this by emigrating


beans and get a wool blanket lad, get loads of wool blankets, you can make them into clothing or sell them to people. when its very cold people will trade for blankets. also I filled a tupperware container (big one) full of soaps and lotions and stuff to trade. also get power tools and tools and manuals for construction of things like framing and wiring. all have trade value

Where to lad? Pretty sure all Western countries are going to get dragged into it so don't know how safe you are tbh

I fucking hate May.



Angela Merkel said that Germany will not be getting involved.

Fuck the war I'm going down the bookies.

The terrorists we are paying to fight are technically employed by our government, so it's revenge for killing our civil servants in the middle east tbh.

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Prepare for Muzzies to sperg out all across Europe. is Assad our sacrificial lamb?

missed the memo lad, we are part of baste world police alongside the US arms trade

not saying, but by nationality I'll probs be dragged into it anyway, but I'll at least miss the first nukes if there even will be nukes

same series of events that happened with Iraq tbh



Londonderry spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh

I suppose now is the time to dump my survivalist shit
It shouldnt be that cold thankfully we're entering summer
I just want to be with my family again and if the bombs drop I'll have to walk 77 miles to get home

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smh I'll probably effortpost a bit about Iraq tomorrow when i'm sober

Londonderry a3080861 spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh

Honestly nuclear war is win win. Either you die or you get to live on in the ruins.

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sounds breddy comfy tbh

smh saved this when I was a kid

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its a 20 hour walk but I'd fucking sprint it just to see my family are safe

this was for

Sounds like lose, don't lose as much tbh.

don't want to die for nothing

We have no idea how the planet will react to a nuclear war though.

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i wonder if Putin would do us a favour and nuke the shitskin enclaves?

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yeah that one's great

it'll be quick
my place isnt a military base as such just a fairly important town so I'm unsure if I'll get nuked or not. I'm more scared if I dont tbh I'm not ready for this shit yet

tbh only the rural (read: ethnic english) parts will survive


holy shit

oh boy

And that's inappropriate around kids, Cliff.

there's a fuckton of naval vessels there iirc
shit just keeps accelerating

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Well yeah big cities have governmental infrastructure. They will glassed, people who live in cities are cancer anyway.