Trump defends Soviet Union's 1979 invasion of Afghanistan

"Russia used to be the Soviet Union. Afghanistan made it Russia because they went bankrupt fighting in Afghanistan. Russia. So you take a look at other countries. Pakistan is there. They should be fighting. … But Russia should be fighting. The reason Russia was in, in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia. They were right to be there. The problem is it was a tough fight. And literally they went bankrupt. They went into being called Russia again as opposed to the Soviet Union."

The Wall Street Journal editorial board reacted strongly to Trump's comments in an op-ed Friday: "Right to be there? We cannot recall a more absurd misstatement of history by an American President. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan with three divisions in December 1979 to prop up a fellow communist government."

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He is right in the sense that the US should not have to clean up everyone elses problems around the world.

Particularly ones that are not really possible to clean up like Afghanistan. Which needs political solution by the people involved not a military solution from the other side of the world.

The Pakistani Government views Afghanistan as safe territory to escape to if they get nuked by India.
As long as Pakistan has nukes pointed at India, India will have nukes pointed at Pakistan.
As long as India has nukes pointed at Pakistan, Pakistan will keep the region the way it is.
Pictures of Afghan pre-Soviet war

glow niggers ruined this country. where do you think they got poppy seeds? glow niggers planted it there then sold the shit over here on the streets. glow niggers trained bin laden. then they let the taliban rise under clintons watch. after u.s. afghan invasion, huge rise in heroin usage in murica.

I dont think its correct to pretend that Afghanistan was a paradise before the US got involved.
But we certainly made it even worse and looking at places like Syria its obvious we are not as good as Russia at policing wars between sand niggers. We are too soft I think.

india has nukes?

Yeah India and Pakistan both have over 100 nukes.

India being much bigger than Pakistan would survive a nuclear conflict much better.
Pakistan on the other hand would retreat in to Afghanistan if they got nuked. Thats why they keep it the way it is. We pay them 3 billion a year as well to behave themselves.

Can you leaggly own guns and trucks in India and buy rural land too?

I would guess you cant buy guns but you can buy land. Since India was basically created by the Britsh it probably follows British laws pretty closely.

Yes, but India is ruled by a bureaucracy that's nearly impossible to maneuver without breaking the law somewhere.

absolutely NOTHING Trump said was correct


I don't care.
Russia =! ✡USSR✡

yes just a (((coincidence))) its run by the KGB

So it's right for USA to be there, even though it will bankrupt them.

What is this burger babbling?

Taliban did nothing wrong.

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just remember Democrats are the the side of terrorists and their opposition to trump makes so much more sense


What about the time he said we should withdraw from Syria, that was correct
Fuck Millitary intervention

Except the problem with Trump’s statement regarding that is the Afghans didn’t start doing terrorism in the Soviet Union till 1985 a whole 6 years after the Soviets started invade Afghanistan

Hang yourself, OP.

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Spam it all you want faggot but last time I checked it was russian communist cock fucking polish ass since the '39 bitch ass. Dumb polish niggers only stopped being russian bitch when the entire rest of the world had to agitate against USSR. Daily reminder.

It's your job and you asked for it and stabbed the rest of the west in the back to gain it. You wanted to be the only superpower on the planet, don't start complaining to us that you can't hack it anymore.

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Obviously, you have NO CLUE why we are in Syria, or why Russia & Turkey are there.

You also have no idea what our Dept. of Defense wanted to accomplish there, or what Russia & Turkey are going to accomplish, especially now that piss-tape blackmail chump trump has bent to putin's will again.

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