Brit/pol/ #2275: Global Thermonuclear War edition

BLIMPF finally does it

Civic nationalism in action

Semite on Semite violence continues

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we have to bomb them over there so we don't have to bomb them over here

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*has fun with the lasses*

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There was a lass at uni who was into reenactment she was very plain though smh

smh is he bisecting a thot?

Serious question: Do you think the Maybot should have asked parliament?

she should have had a referendum on whether to strike in 3-5 years time :^)


Plain how, lad?

That's what happens when you play with swords smh. Here's the video. That lad has a great costume

She was quite short, not fat but had quite a boyish body without really any curves, and a not very attractive face.

How big were the udders? I'm guessing negligible.

smh he has a nice cossack, I think I see some machine stitching on the tents though, jugs are a bit doubtful but good vid


smh that's too bad. At least mouse lass is cute and plump

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>>>Zig Forums11479414
Zig Forums's hot take on Trump selling out is that it's Britain's fault.

"The British people have voted not to bomb Syria, and my highest priority as Prime Minister is seeing that that wish is respected. The Bombing Secretary is at work now, negotiating a strategy for how exactly we will bomb Syria, with his first goal being securing a bombing strategy that is best for Britain."

Bomb-wrecks-it means bomb-wrecks-it.

his optional sleavy jackety thing, they're comfy as hell

Don't know why I bothered.

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there'll be a transition period when we only use smaller munitions

Fucking hell

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Still better than my parents lad.
I wish I was making this up.

You would be correct, lad, she was flat all over

Is she thicc?

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tbh when I get my dad drunk enough he basically becomes as cynical as I am about geopolitics

That's just typical medieval/renaissance fashion, lad. Pic related. BIG SLEEVES

shapely and a little fat

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Maybe this is a middle class problem? My parents often believe what they hear on the BBC until I tell them it's false and why, but on this my old man called bullshit ages ago due to, you know, remembering Iraq.

my Mummy was the person who turned me into a racist. Based working class daily mail parents tbh


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Nice try Jock, your even lower down the hierarchy than myself

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I don't think so, my dad's basically a middle class liberal, but he saw through both the so-called poisoning in Salisbury, and the bombing, not really sure anyone could be naive or deluded enough to believe the logic of gas attack at this stage in the civil war.

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I reckon my parents (and probably most boomers) know that there's something fishy going on but are so burnt out by all the shit that's happened involving the Middle East that they don't care anymore.


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Nice and "smart"

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smh what did you do lad?

Might be right, I hope so.

Top keeek just another example of how the supposed tech superiority of the US military is a paper tiger.

sounds like a desperate chesscuck narrative to excuse neocon takeover of the white house

Oh yeah, none of our shit got to their intended targets


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being a deanoo and bullying this kid who's parents died.

war is peace, goyim

bit tasteless lad, couldn't you just go to another school?


US are a really shit world police tbh.

Partially happy about this because we have no blood on our hands, partially upset about this because it shows how shit our military is. This is what we get for replacing our domestic arms industry for a share in the US-Israel military-industrial complex.

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You sound like a cunt and I'm glad your life is miserable tbh

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Lad there's good-natured bullying and there's malicious bullying, smh. Look for forgiveness.

According to the BBC we fired 8 missiles and had 3 confirmed hits

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It's not what it sounds like lad, I just kind of bantered with him and humiliated him abit. If I had done it to any other Kid I wouldn't have been kicked out. I did go to another school eventual and just became an introvert and spiralled into image board addiction
Lads, when is Russia going to retaliate?
I hope they do tbh

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The equivalent would be going into a hostage situation and shooting the hostage before killing the hostage taker.

Just send the fucking nukes already you smug cunt. Do it. I need it.

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It's not like it sounds lads. It just abit of harmless banter but the teachers and veryone jumped on the bangwagon that his parents died and got me kicked out. I spoke to him a few years ago in asda and he was all cool about it. He was abit annoyed when it happened that it all got blown out of proportion
anyway he's gay now and is someones twink

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tbh if you'd done that with me I'd try and do you in, I was a nutter as a kid


The will unleash the THOTS

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The US army is nothing more than the foreign legion of Israel - muh world police is the Kosher way of saying it.

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Gay men always have some story of personal trauma or abuse
Wonder if there is a link

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Reminds me of someone tbh

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wew lads, this is even more pathetic than the last one - and they all joined together for this!

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why is it always non-LOCAL people at these events?

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For you

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This is a gold mine, see page 31 for example
We need to grab the juicy bits and memi it

Reading about Martin Luther atm lads. Absolute madman.

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she's leaning away from him as well

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tbh though

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Rivers of Blood contributor demands to be removed from BBC show as backlash intensifies

I'm a BIG GOD realist, lad


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Learn Sanskrit

WEW lads

The Mechanism also noted scenes recorded just after the incident at the
medical site to the east of Khan Shaykhun, where rescue and decontamination
vities filmed shortly after 0700 hours showed rescue personnel indiscriminately
hosing down patients with water for extended periods of time. That video footage
also showed a number of patients not being attended to, as well as paramedical
interventions th
at did not seem to make medical sense, such as performing cardiac
compression on a patient who was lying face down.

Certain irregularities were observed in elements of the information analysed.
For example, several hospitals appeared to have
begun admitting casualties of the
attack between 0640 and 0645 hours. The Mechanism received the medical records
of 247 patients from Khan Shaykhun who had been admitted to various health
facilities, including survivors and a number of victims who ev
entually died from
exposure to a chemical agent. The admission times noted in the records range from
0600 to 1600 hours. Analysis of the records revealed that in 57 cases, patients had
been admitted to five hospitals before the incident (at 0600, 0620 and
0640 hours).
In 10 of those cases, patients appear to have been admitted to a hospital 125 km
away from Khan Shaykhun at 0700 hours, while another 42 patients appear to have
been admitted to a hospital 30 km away at 0700 hours

The Mechanism collected information from witnesses to the effect that a first
warning of a possible upcoming chemical attack had been received by the “Syria
Civil Defence
” (also known as the “White Helmets”) and spotters in Khan
Shaykhun. Witnesses stated that the Syria Civil Defence in Khan Shaykhun had
been in contact by way of the Internet with spotters and that, at approximately
hours on 4 April 2017, the spotter
s had announced that a Sukhoi Su
military aircraft had taken off from Sha‘irat airbase. A witness interviewed by the
Mechanism, who reported having worked that morning as a spotter in Khan
Shaykhun, recalled having received an alert concerning the take
off of a Su
22 from
Sha‘irat airbase on the morning of 4 April 2017. The witness stated that the alert had
advised residents to be careful, as the aircraft was likely carrying toxic chemicals.

I'm going mental lads, it's fucking crazy. Clown World madness

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Are you watching the Pentagon briefing thing too lad?

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Lad where is this report?

How on earth is it possible to be so based