Brit/pol/ #2276: Literally Mad edition

BLIMPF finally does it

Civic nationalism in action

Semite on Semite violence continues

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Wew lass

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Kek, why the fuck is he reading it like a bedtime story?

Feels like he is trying to lull me to sleep.



straws = clutched tbh

is the enoch thing on? how is it?

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Sheev has failed us

waaaaa he said a word I don't like :((((


I hate this pretend-conservative faggot so much
Ironically BBC Radio Four actually uncovered her identity.

The lying press will get its comeuppance tbh

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Sounding dangerously fascist tbh.

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Baste Mogg

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Throw the gay down a well.

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I wonder if this is just gay actor shit or if the beeb specifically told him to do it like a dying old man


I reckon both.


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definitely the latter. If you listen to Powell's later interviews, he sounds destroyed and pathetic, and they obviously sought to capture that tone.

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Wew I thought the commentary was starting.

Have they presented a single actual argument that Powell was wrong yet?


I hate these kinds of memmies tbh.

nope, just anecdotal and muh fee fees

They do this all the time. In articles about race they will say that a certain stereotype was 'used by the pseudoscientific racism of the past' as if that makes it wrong

none other than muh racism and muh feelings

No they're just saying it's implicit racist over and over.



Now they're calling him stupid.

Disrespectful cunt

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death is too good for him

He knew 14 languages and delivered speeches in several of them.


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meant enoch was right, wew

Just tuned in 5 mins ago, has the commentary been as shitty and annoying all the way through? Not sure why I'm asking tbh.

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Not yet anyway.

I can tell you right now they Asians live on their side of town and the whites live in on their side.


It reminds me of Powell from the documentary when he was clearly suffering from Parkinson's disease and saying he wished he had died in the war.

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That's what it's supposed to do.



Fucking lol

muh feelings. literally that was it.

He is right tbh, it set the cause back. But not because of what he said, but because the hysterical Hebrews (as is their nature), made the political vindication impossible.

yep, and anecdotes

Did he actually use those words, because that's what Peter Hitchens called saint Stephen Fry?
Is there anyone on who's said anything positive about him, or his message?

I don't know how much more disappointment I can take today.

He used those exact words.

He did

Constant stabbings, acid attacks, muggings, pakis raping with impunity protected by special 'hate crime' laws for anyone that objects, entire boroughs filled with corrupt 3rd world practices

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Tooting High street is basically little Bangladesh.

at one point early on the current MP for his constituency started saying something indadvertedly agreeing with him before she was cut off abruptly

Going for a walk tbh

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make em pay, lad

Who was the fucking cunt who said Powell was stupid, recognised his voice

So will they ban the original speech under hate speech laws and force budding nationalists to listen to this watered down version with unnecessary commentary?

They aren't literally using whips though. Aha!

matthew parris the homosexualist traitor

It's amazing how successful the jews and white traitors running things memi is in quashing the notion (of the observable reality) of foreign bastards having preferential treatment to us and being held to lower standards. I want to skin leftists alive tbh. Just thought I'd add that because it's always apposite.

Read the Rotherham report.


What are you lads watching?


Wasn't Powell the youngest or second youngest professor at Oxford (or maybe Cambridge)?

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can't even express how much I hate these people tbh

>became gay because he witnessed a rape

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What a fucking piece of shit. And this cunt gets employed to denigrate greater men than he. Isn't he also the one who wrote an article about his son supposedly asking 'why are mixed race people more attractive?'?

explains it tbh

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cucked so hard he became a faggot


-Dappy from N Dubs


How hard did his tiny fag twat get when he watched a white woman getting raped?

He deserves two to the back of the head.

Gonna have to go watch some uplifting mosley speeches now.