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Cheeky sod

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Dead burglar's birthday shrine taken down by council after family put it up'

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So funny

tfw you get trolled by trump

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Gypsy women are usually pretty attractive. I think it's because of their animalistic ways and the eugenic effect of breeding the hottest girls against their will. In our culture the best girls are the least likely to breed.

Don't bully the elderly lad, they swayed it for the brexit vote

Here's something to think about

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el oh el

make the OP with links, lazy fucking faggots



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so basically geographic differences and riverine systems induce closer development than in others or is this supposed to be some jerrycuck shite?


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wogs are so based

lad they aren't so bad at least most are not fatties. why do british women love spray tan so much, pale b. islander skin is much more attractive than wog color.

crack head tbh

All I see is proof that Enoch Powell was wrong :^)

this, wogs are quintessentially british

Tbf I'd probably bang every one of them

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would they make a good wife?

Rude Muslim in Russian Burger King gets patrolled

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Jerries just like trains.

Maybe, only because traveller women seem more loyal than mainstream society thots

You a homosexual?

Am I fuck.
I just don't like trashy women.

Can you imagine like the old folk on the bus being so resigned to it and then ending in a hospital on your death bed thinking 'Because of this shit I never enjoyed my life and here I am now at The Exit. I shoulda, coulda fought back'

only in the sense that they'd probably fuck a dog if you asked them to

>forgetting they like to do house(caravan)work

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cuck shit tbh

Based Christian civics

Poland still votes on 1914 borders.
And I thought tribal voters in the UK were bad.

They're fucking gypos lad….think thieving taig trailer trash

Clapped tbh

There's also a scene where he meets a lad with a German name and asks him if he's a Jew because he doesn't like Jews

what am I meant to be thinking?

They don't tbh because in the 1920s the West was the ethnic, Dmowskyite side and the East were civic Pilsudskites

Terrible day lads

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you mean like how we are going to end up lad?

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All jippos are trash tbh. Don't give a fuck how they look. It's all about cheap aesthetics and image. They are only loyal to your wallet.

I've had my fair share of slags in the past and they're practically a different breed of animal.

No loyalty amonst theives. But if Zig Forums wants to carry one over the threshold then fair play, don't say I didn't warn you.

You only have yourself to blame

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Batsu is my guilty pleasure tbh lads

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No. Don't go.

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Ordering a gypsy bride brb

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the telltale sign of tumblr tbh

No thot to play with you lad?

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What the fuck is that sound effect in the second video?

No thot to tickle your tummy and cuddle you?

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gyppos is also acceptable tbh

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you were freindzoned idk what you were expecting

It'll be ok after SA bombs the BBC and kills everyone we hate tbh lad

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I think you missed my point; in the interwar period the western parts were more nationalist, now it's the other way around

That lad in the shorts is PK Saenchai Muaythaigym. Hard cunt as well And the same age as moi

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that is a bit gay tbf lad

I should have specified of a person, lad

>those thots making their screeching noises over the top and ruining it


women only love things they have total control of because they don't actually love anything, they just want slaves to worship them

Poo in loo Nikki Haley says new sanctions coming on Russia

ngl I didn't understand what on earth you meant
must be the 60 IQ at work

You have any hookups lad?

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unironically subhuman


Really? I always thought he was the first thai fellow they found on the street.

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ffs lad kek

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You're not missing anything lad
Women are obnoxious thots who will stab you in the back and impoverish you at the slightest chance they get for the large part
They are to be enslaved. That is all

This tbh

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should have said a slave to lust with a woman tbh

Syria’s Assad in a ‘good mood,’ scorns U.S. weaponry after airstrikes

That without any context is one of the funniest webms I've ever seen.



Mate of mine and I stayed up until 4am drinking and watching the 24hour tag Batsu punishment

I hate this country and the people who live in it. most people are unironically slaves to the jews


Thanks for reminding me of that memi lad


Allowing yourself to be friendzoned. Not terminating communications to remind her of your aura.

has anyone got that louis theroux webm where the Yanks are informing him how they don't care about their perception from the general population

we've all been there lad

It means that Poles (and by extension, Slavs) are incapable of maintaining a civilization. The only developed part of Poland is the part that was historically part of Germany.

what the fuck

You need to work on your testosterone, lad. At this point, your best bet is probably to find another thot to date, lest the oneetus torture you indefinitely.

You only really see this genuinely nice side of women when they're with a cute animal or a baby. With an adult man, they're just looking to use their feminine charms to exploit him for money or vagina-pleasure.

Of course, there's that possibility that she's only petting that fluffy creature like that for male attention. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that it's being videotaped in high definition and that she's smiling at the camera.

Want a fast dog tbh



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I hate that dog breed they are so autistic

lads I am going to give white feathers to women to force them to join up and fight for women's rights in the middle east

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I'd say one of the really docile breeds are more autistic, although I suppose sheep dogs could be likened to autists having an 'episode'.