Brit/pol/ #2279: Go Outside Edition

Brexit News for Monday 16 April

Remain-backing Lords out to thwart Brexit once again

Wetherspoons close Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for ALL its 900 pubs because chain boss says 'people spend too much time' on social media

Dead burglar's birthday shrine taken down by council after family put it up

Value of London flats slashed by Grenfell-style cladding

Teachers blast 'racist' parents pulling children from RE classes because they don't want them to learn about Islam

Sainsbury's is to introduce touch-free packaging 'to help millennials who are squeamish about handling raw meat'

May reverses government position on Windrush immigration meeting

Theresa May urged to apologise for Britain's anti-gay colonial past

Syria attack a FAILURE: Top chemical weapons sites WEREN’T HIT, ex chief warns

Syria’s Assad in a ‘good mood,’ scorns U.S. weaponry after airstrikes

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You have to refine your search to avoid the normie shite.

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lel. I don't think it's kosher enough for him.
It was McGuigan Founder's Series Merlot 2016.

Good lad


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How the fuck is it all so fucked to the point I'm agreeing with Corbyn and communists on Syria?

being desperate for sex is one of the biggest memmies tbh, that lad would do anything so he could continue fucking her once a month smh

We're reaching the endpoint where basically everyone will hate the jews.

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It's his job to be the opposition.
If he was in power, i'd say he would've caved in and done the same.


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Too right

smh lad

Pretty sure most of the English wineries will be owned by middle-class cunts tbqh

Tbh it's no wonder women feel they can act the way they can if this is how some men act

smh at e-celebs

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its accelerationism
at this point anything that brings us closer to endgame is what im rooting for

English wine industry died after WW2 tbh
all the vinyard were uprooted for root vegetables for the war effort

I know I'm treading old ground here: but it really does seem like 90% of young females are ungracious, narcissistic, untrustworthy, shallow and whorish super slags; and 90% of young men are pathetic, excuse-making, whiny, bitch-made, tearful, desperate and self-deceiving faggots. I don't think I fully realised how true the memmies all were until I went back to uni in my late twenties. Something has to change: and quickly.

One of the young lads I know has spent a year pining over this slightly overweight uber thot with tattoos who dated him for a month out of pity (he tearfully told her he loved her - whilst barely knowing her). The fucking tart aborted another man's baby this year (after 4 months of pregnancy). This lad knows this, but he STILL can't get over her, and would be her bitch in an instant (officially I mean: he's already her bitch) if she said the word. Needless to say: although he's not an uber leftist - he still defends all of the leftist shite that's put him in this position. Shame really: because he's actually sound (other than being a turbo faggot). Needless to say, he, like all the young messes I meet, is from a broken home.

wow it's almost as if they should've taken the > _ _ _ _ _ pill

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They import loads of low quality leftovers from Spain and Italy etc, mix it and rebottle it calling git something and relying on the Made in France label to shift it. American marketing plans tbh.

That seems to be almost the entirety of the French wine industry in CY tbh

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Rothschild puppet Macron - who lives with his elderly mum Brigitte - is shilling for Trump to increase forces in Syria and had last night appeared to have convinced him
Macron defended the lack of UN resolution before strikes saying it was "international community" that intervened - which of course means the US, Israel, the UK and Frence
White House: Trump wants U.S. forces in Syria to come home as quickly as possible
Trump Bowed to Pentagon Restraint on Syria Strikes
Trump, a reluctant hawk, has battled his top aides on Russia and lost

Norfolk still has one of the best vinyards, same with surrey.


M8 what are you on? The English wine industry has been making a huge comeback these past few years. English sparkling has even been beating French champagne in competitions. No excuses

wow you racist and sexist bigot

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al the current ones were replanted from cuttings from overseas apart from a few freak varieties that survived in backyards on one in a cave on an island off the coast of scotland

nige is going to be on alex jones today lads

They all just seem like agents performing a psyop tbh. It's like they're deliberately trying to implode the general reactionary movement. I'm so burnt out on e-celebs. I can't really think of any I would want to have a pint with (unless you count Sam Hyde I suppose).

tbf the ye olde grapevines would've been imported as well.

Damn is that map outdated

Unironically can't wait for the nukes tbh.

yeah lad the mummy pill is the only way to overcome women hating. I just talk to older ladies in a non sexual way and they actually appreciate me for who I am instead of either as a sexual object or as a slave

I think it's just the Laithwaite's vineyards.

… how does wine even grow anywhere except the south? I thought you'd need roughly mediterranean climate?

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They've grown wine up north since the Romans were here iirc

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Grape varieties tbh, there are many white grapes that can grow in this climate and a selection of red grapes, most varieties are German though

it grows in arid desert regions of spain and australia, it can easily grow in the UK

Maybe we should join together and form some kind of… Nationalist Socialism.

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baked alaska is clearly a state agent, he has the look of a former ZOGbot cop


nick fuentes is also clearly some little cunt who signed on to be a junior agent, lots of castizos are involved with US intel because of the school for the latin americas connections

tbf you could probably get them to follow through with NatSoc ideals so long as you didn't brand it as such.

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Football fans and their casual negro worship tbh

He's the dumbest pleb to have come out of Drumpf
social media, no stance he doesn't flip flop on.

Lots of countries did this tbh
It seems the marketing education system was infiltrated by the (((US)))
Result is loss of confidence in European products and economies crash as a reesult
Had lots of experiences of stuff blatantly made in Bangladesh etc being sold at hyper inflated prices with "Made in Italy" labels pinned inside and I'm not talking about counterfeits
Same with food tbh. The Dutch are fucking notorious when it comes to playing with foodstuffs and engage in shady behaviour such as exporting Dutch pigs to Italy for slaughter and reimporting it as Parma ham for which they charge full whack. It's not even matured for anywhere as long as Italian Parma ham, tastes like complete garbage but passes muster for most gullible consumers. This shit is for sale in British supermarkets. If it's not marked D.O.C. if you don't get it from an Italian deli it's most likely fake. All the big multinationals are complicit in this 'legit' scam
Same with that Dolmio shite 100% authentically produced in Holland

Funny how attitudes change.

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How will they ever recover from this?

I think a list of who we don't have to kill would be shorter also means we'll be outnumbered

iirc it's illegal to do so in the UK, they have to label where it's from.

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He actually looks quite jewish, and I can guarantee he (and all his new friends) are on a cocktail of drugs. That fucking e-thot isn't even attractive when you see her close up. Fucking people smh.

smh went outside to watch the dawn due to baste insomnia. City looked and sounded like it was on fire due to light pollution and shift workers, countryside was hidden in fog with only the lights of the speeding long distance truck drivers showing. Couldn't even see the sun. Miss the Highlands tbh

Barry McGuigan makes wine????

Ginger jihadi convert?
6 injured

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she is just some stumpy fake blonde, literally bottom of the barrel in terms of american white women

nige is going to be on the alegs jones show lads


Fucking swamp-germans

*not obese american white women

Could be ginger dafty convert

The photos from Syria's air defence are aesthetic tbh

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She's half turk


Thing is - the way he talks about her you'd think she was a disney princess. She's an already (at 21) washed up super thot who he's witnessed smashing shellfish apart for fun. He kept propositioning her for sex when they were living together (students), but it's clear he thinks he loves her. Mental tbh. How can anyone's standards be that low? He is a manlet I suppose.

I think thats because the stars are still visible

the fake blonde or the fat stumpy spic looking one?

Yeah but the get around it with import export laws or by fluffing the issue
See the Dutch trick
Diesel store which built it's name on good quality Made in Italy clothing blatantly now only sell shit made in Pakistan.Bangladesh.Turkey etc. At least Diesel mark it as such but it's still a scam afaiac as it's inferior an costs the same


Reminds me of Mass Effect

topwew ta'
yanktimes are weird tbh, what timezone is it.

The fake blonde

It seems to be the way the majority of young men act. Even the supposed chads are super under the thumb the moment they get an actual girlfriend (rather than just fucking their mate's exes). It's all so fucked. I hope to some day meet a woman who is as outside the norm as I am: but I'd say the chances are slim.

yeah normies are so addicted to sex, its pretty disgusting what some men put up with for a 2 minute cummie with some fat dumb cunt

But he does make a good punch tbh

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What was the point of this post?

They don't have an airdefence. Just a handful of fireworks. We won. Sad
t. Donut Trimplf

texas time (central)

So you are a happy bwoii then.

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sort of explains the stumpy proportions of her, manleterranean shitskin genes

you know they pretend to disagree to get views, right lad?

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Ohright so it's on now.

god I hate normalfags

He's only a (1) lad cut him some slack.

yeah nige should be on in an hour or so, its 12 noon rn in america

Shame the videos aren't as impressive.

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Yeah, lad. But I don't have time to watch it all before bed smh

Nah this is too organic, lad, and there is no way back for Blacked Alaska.

Can't be a3080861d tuning in to an hour of filter ads so I'll wait tbh
I rarely watch him, in fact the last time I did was when he interviewed Duke and acted like a mong.

Kronos has clipped the best bits tbh

You absolute fucking a3080861

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I don't want to miss anything, lad

give me the quick rundown, lad
Mercia's essay from last week.

Better than your chances being fat tbh
In all seriousness though they do for the most part end up under the thumb and willingly so by these manipulative thots and their fathers normally are the type that mindlessly spam [ cuck ] porn pics in WhatsApp groups and talk loudly about everyone else having a small dick at the local club/pub whilst they haven't had a shag or been able to get it up since the birth of the first child
Their sons grow up like them
All these people should be executed asap

It's pretty self-explanatory tbh, a r s e filters to a3080861

The madman actually did it, neat.

good lad, will read when I'm less shattered

Same tbh. Day in, day out I feel like I'm trapped in a normie-cunt enclosure, and all the humans who might save me have gone home.