Brit/pol/ #2280: Bassett Island Edition

Brexit News for Monday 16 April

==Remain-backing Lords out to thwart Brexit== once again

Wetherspoons close Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for ALL its 900 pubs because chain boss says 'people spend too much time' on social media

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slo thread

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effort post then

Because it was barely posted in the previous thread, two links to this thread with no context of what it was linking to

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if you've fallen for the moderner video games memi you should kill yourself

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loves both tbh

really hard in places, other times the puzzle required a LOT of thought and trail & error to suss out

think it was the only game i ever needed a walkthrough for

Has anyone looked at how Hezbollah carried out political assassinations? Really interesting stuff, I understand why the Israelis feared them so much. It's the patricians guide to political violence tbh. It's also the only thing that stops me ramming my vehicle into large groups of foreigners.

That music too.
I hope midiwave is the next trend.

Bald Laurie Penny kvetching about pretty young woman who isn't into kiddie rape

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no wog posting tonight please.

suck your mum

lad, why did you have to give me these feels so late at night? im gonna have to spend all tomorrow thinking about playing it before i get home and find a playable copy smh

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give us some examples lad. Maybe are Jezza can utilise some of the tactics tbh

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What would you consider modern video games, cut off wise?

Ridge Racer tbh


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Targets were selected because of the predicted political shifts their deaths would cause. Successes were never taken credit for ever. Everything important was communicated through pen and paper, word of mouth and a sophisticated series of dead drops. It might take months or years to plan and execute but it was almost always impossible for anything to be found out in the aftermath of the assassinations.


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Sounds like covert daftyism.


I'm not entirely why you're here tbh. Most mulattos have a chip the depth of the mariana trench on their shoulders with their host nations.


women were a mistake

We'll need it in combination with localism tbh.

7th gen at the latest. A lot of 6th gen games still feel pretty modern to me though. You could say Half Life 2 was the beginning of the modern age.

They were a warning

Controlling girlfriend, 22, who starved and stabbed her partner, banned him from her bed and took over his Facebook account is jailed for more than seven years

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He deserved it.

Ok. Have some Swedish taxpayer funded cuckery instead

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That's due to a whole host of reasons, the main ones being that most mixed couples (and by default their children) are underclass scum, split parents and the kid thinking being black is better.

I just want the best for Britain. After it all collapses and you're all building back up, I'll be off to Africa to retire on a big fat farm.

You sure you don't want to stay here and become compost lad?

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Be warned lads

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Aileen Wuornos and Rosemary West spring to mind

Odd dynamic tbh

Mulattos are hated by both whites and blacks tbh
Unironically the worst crims at school were mulattos

He must've been a weak soyboy, and I'd bet she singled him out for the picking.

She wouldn't get away with that with me. Not by a long mile.

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Would get my elbow in her mush at the chav disco tbh

>the time at school I made a mulatto bully eat a snail

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Tbh you'd probably end up as nobility there tbh. I'm in the odd position of being a racist reactionary with nothing but ethnic mates, so I can't really hate ethnics indiscriminately (even if they are better shabbos goy than most natives) it just fuels my hatred of the people that are using them against this nation.

They are always university educated.

Like toff thot who stab her bf and only get probation because "MUH CAREER"

how pathetic do you have to be to take that kind of shit from a women? just hit her, ffs.

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Iel how can a man be starved, he should go to jail ffs

Lad… The snail didn't deserve that.

They're the only ones the papers report on, no-one cares about the underclass killing each other tbh. The mail loves reporting upper middle-class crime

She'd probably fist you right back lad.

A swift kick in the thot box would have been a good remedy

Who's the tradthot (asking for non-masturbatory purposes)?

This isn't 50's America

When I go, they always call me white man out in the sticks

Sneaky spinning Travolta elbow lad?
Not a fookin' chance

They love reporting things that people can tut about.

But lad, any one of those average blokes with camcorders could work for the bbc or sky. Honest. Also, what in the actual buggery does laurie shekels look like? I didn't think she could get more repulsive tbh.

If you can set up a farm that doesn't become a rat hunting reserve in 6 month you'll be a god.

Her massive nose which doubles as a radar would detect it and she'd ban you from her bed

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He'd already chucked it at my mate, so it was probably dead anyway tbh

Some lass from Generation Identity

>does the poor crying thot with abusive boyfriend act or threatens you with it

I need a name! Or at least a link to their page or whatever.

Too right

A firm hoof in the fanny would send the message and set boundries.

I bet she never gave him a safe word. She just wanted to see him in pain.

No but they aren't accepted by either
Had a wog in his 50's tell me the other day many men lusted after his daughter and some were rich white boys but she was marrying a "strong black man"
I laughed and wished him a speedy necklacing at the hands of one of his black bredrin

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Who did she murder and how?

You'll need to put in a little bit more effort than that

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Scroll up

Is that you from hell Winnie?

Why would a black man not have the same reaction an honest white man would have to race mixing?


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Because they out number us by 5 - 1. Also you need the abilty of foresight to understand what is going on, which is what niggers don't have.

I have tested thots out on this theory a few times. Never been proven wrong. They were proven wrong in testing me.

Most mulattos definitely have identity issues tbh. They really struggle with wishing they were white, but overcompensate and throw themselves head-first into nigger culture.

Remember one time I publicly humiliated another man and my gf was incredibly turned on afterwards

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It's an instinctual revulsion lad, I really believe it's been dulled in white people but never eliminated. The only reason it happens at all is fetishisation and a sort of primal conquest mentality among the foreigners.

Thots are sick in the head. Addiction to their adoration will get you fucked up one day and they will run away with the victor
Fuck them. I always punish thots even if they don't deserve it, which they do

I have the exact same webm saved

What a cuck, nothing wrong with seeing beauty in your own uniqueness and wishing to preserve it.

Wish Woes would cover Laurie in Coca Cola and eat her already tbh.

You can't do that lad it's illegal.

This is a view I personally have never seen anyone display

Gonna have to disagree with you
99.999% Just go with being black, the only differences being the occasional mention of a white grandparent. I would say mutts have the UK just as much as normal niggers.

What's RCT2? I'd say there have been good games since 98, but few. The ps1 era was the best for me, undoubtedly. Tonnes of creativity in the industry and gaming had a proper culture of its own back then (rather than leeching off of hollywood as it does now).

I think most of them want to be black because that's the majority gutter culture pushed in the city. You know it's all going down the drain when middle class white kids think grime is something worth listening to.

tbqh this is only said by american wog muslims, which there aren't really many of anyway

What I meant is, their identity issues lead to them being even more militant niggers. They tend to go on and on about racism even more than normal black people.

I have. To my face as well in a really "racist" way. Fucking excellent tbh. They also accepted my racism

what are you talking about

It would take an incredible preparedness to be rude for someone to speak out against racemixing in the presence of a mix-race person in any normal situation.

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Cassius Clay was a Christian originally but I believe he was forced by the PC crowd to retract this in later years and he did because (((muh shekels)))

Akala doesn't get a repatriation. He gets burned at the same stake as Frankie Boyle.