Brit/pol/ #2281: English History Edition


Brexit News for Tuesday 17 April

Leading Brexit campaigner praised ‘very clever’ Nazi and Isis propaganda techniques

Establishment Launches Anti-Brexit Campaign ‘People’s Vote’ to Overturn… the People’s Vote


The Government has been criticised over a leaflet for people being deported to Jamaica which includes advice to “put on a Jamaican accent.”

Pound reaches $1.4377, its strongest level since the day of the result of the Brexit vote

Recruiter sparks row after branding jobless under-25s 'lazy little shits'

Russian cyber agents set to cripple laptops, phones and 'critical' infrastructure after secretly accessing millions of computers

Most British women ‘not fit for childbearing’ due to obesity, boozing and smoking


Afghan Migrant Says UK ‘Just as Bad’ as Homeland After ‘Unknown Substance’ Attack

Shitskin knifeman bullied hard by Welsh citizens

New Yorkers in London fear 'crazy' violent crime spike: 'It's like home but without the breakdancing'

Part & Parcel: What's it like to be stabbed?

Young man stabbed to death in Forest Gate in latest London killing


Israel has attacked Dumayr Airbase, angry that the US strike made no significant damage

Syrian air defences shoot down missiles in Homs: state TV

'EXPLOSION' at ISRAELI held area of Golan near Syria border

The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack


Trump Nominates First Black Woman to Serve at Brigadier General Rank

Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image

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Good lad

for him

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I shudder to think what transpired after this picture was taken

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PJW was a bottom for Dankula whilst Sargon pontificated about liberalist centrism

daily reminder that weak chinned people should be killed

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>(((national interest)))
National interest for Israel tbh

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I hate queers tbh

We need to cull at least 90% of the world.

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Did you film this all in the Templar toilets?

what do you expect
we're both owned by the Rothschilds

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the degeneracy is too much smh
something satanic about corrupting little girls

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Normally I'm against hitting children, but this little shit needs to be hit so hard her head bounces off both walls.

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It's so vile, her parents should be killed

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smh head lad she trying to get a good clip for the 6 o'clock news

'National Architecture Centre' in Liverpool has been shortlisted for 'Building of the Decade' by the BBC

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literally where does it go from here. what is next?

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this one is just funny tbh

Whole lotta rope


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Scotland has an abundance of lovely daytime TV mummy gfs

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An AIDS fest

That building is ugly as fuck


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the worst memi

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just a reminder if you have any problem with that thing reading a story to your kids you will get sent to the gulag

its based on a complete deception too. Jews were never the chosen people, Joseph inherited Abrahams blessing not Judah

Homeschool tbph

They'll probably ban it tbh, like it is in most of Europe, if people start doing it in significant numbers

Worth a listen, it has Ryan Dawson on talking about Trump and the Kushners etc.

fuck that
move to a free country if so

no thanks

>(((sternberg))) was cool

amerishart television doesn't have very many good ones tbh.

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what are the northeast and southern states like lad

like dixie area

Oh that's nothing, checkout the new museum.

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ungern sternberg was a baltic german nobleman tbh, about as unjew as it gets

Like Rosenberg, that was my point tbh

idk, they have alot of spic reporters. chicago has a kind of qt one, but its alot of fake blonde women. detroit has a civic channel 4 mullato mummy who is fit

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what about new england

it's mostly illegal outside the anglo world

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I'd move New Zealand



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Really interesting link.

Sure you could have avoided this discussion by calling him by his real name Roman von Ungern-Sternberg and not just 'ungern sternberg' you fucking brainlet

90's Survive the Jive.webm

Would watch TV if they showed pikey fights on them.
Do they do it for free?

>watching lad who makes decent youtube videos about genetics

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Me too
They normally do it for a cash purse

How do these people live with themselves?

don't blame me for your tiny brain lad

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Live Royal Navy Armour Piercing Ammo Found On Cornish Beaches

hullo Ginnie

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from Zig Forums

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wew black people are exactly like how Zig Forums describe them

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Yes you caught me. Have a fresh pic for being so clever.

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I blame you all for the fact I'm seeing a lass 12 years my senior tbh

this isn't even legally defensible.
no country has a right to exist. countries only have a right to defend themselves.
and if israel has a right to exist, doesn't palestine also?

What the fuck. I thought American negros were supposed to be higher IQ than the African ones?

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Be gone thot

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now this is politics

have a you

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Does she nurse you?
where did you meet her

wtf is going on in this clip, lad

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what an absolute shitshow

a yank single mother's idea of a fun night

The modern world, lad.

How old is she lad?

single mother brought home 3 guys to smoke weed and fuck while her teenage some tries to sleep.
exactly what it looks like

concert whilst we were both drunk somehow got her number right

it's a spoof organisation

smh not that old

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i think its called a mandingo party


Depends how old he is though doesn't it?