Brit/pol/ #2282 : Why Even Bother With Politics?

Brexit News for Tuesday 17 April
Leading Brexit campaigner praised ‘very clever’ Nazi and Isis propaganda techniques
Establishment Launches Anti-Brexit Campaign ‘People’s Vote’ to Overturn… the People’s Vote
The Government has been criticised over a leaflet for people being deported to Jamaica which includes advice to “put on a Jamaican accent.”
Pound reaches $1.4377, its strongest level since the day of the result of the Brexit vote
Recruiter sparks row after branding jobless under-25s 'lazy little shits'
Russian cyber agents set to cripple laptops, phones and 'critical' infrastructure after secretly accessing millions of computers
Most British women ‘not fit for childbearing’ due to obesity, boozing and smoking
Afghan Migrant Says UK ‘Just as Bad’ as Homeland After ‘Unknown Substance’ Attack
Shitskin knifeman bullied hard by Welsh citizens
New Yorkers in London fear 'crazy' violent crime spike: 'It's like home but without the breakdancing'
Part & Parcel: What's it like to be stabbed?
Young nignog stabbed to death in Forest Gate in latest London killing
The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack
Trump Nominates First Black Woman to Serve at Brigadier General Rank
Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image

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What is going on with *ch atm?

Do it faggot.

Good lad.

this tbh

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is yummy mummy posting illegal ITT?

I'm fine with and understand if people have come to the conclusion a political solution is impossible, that's perfectly understandable and I think it myself most of the time, but I don't understand why that means people can't at the same time grasp the nuances that are necessary for those that are making that effort and jump on every little thing that's not far-right enough. Surely you can understand that we should use every weapon in our ars-enal possible? Otherwise for all posturing in reality you really are just passive and subservient, waiting for others to make maneuvers and criticising others for not doing what you're not doing.

We all should know how proportional representation fucked up UKIP's chances, otherwise they'd quite possibly be in opposition right now. Do you think politics is useless in Hungary with Orban right now for instance btw, is he a Rothschild employee? Or are they making a decent attempt at keeping their country homogeneous despite still wanting to suck on the EU teet? You're making a black and white argument yet there are examples of good political resistances that are effecting real change, there's will to replicate/have our own organic version of similar over here and the desire of the public that is thwarted by a process which could be changed, politically.

What you're doing imo is putting all your eggs in one basket based on a flimsy prediction that in the future once everything has gone to hell we'll emerge victorious somehow, it's a passive attitude instead of an active one, letting the enemy do what they want at will and then hoping when it all falls down you'll win the fight to be king of the ashes. I'd rather fight today as well as tomorrow on whatever battlefield rather than let the enemy decide the terms of the final war uncontested. We're fighting for the conditions upon which the final war will be fought, and part of that is political no matter how much you'd like to dismiss it.

How are you going to do that lad? You and who's army?

You still fail to see and acknowledge how it paves the way for something even further to the right, it's popular to say things like "civic,milquetoast boomer like Nige" by big hard ethno nationalist fucking cowards here who probably wouldn't dare say what he says about immigration on the international stage in live, televised events/debates to their own personal group of friends or work colleagues. I can almost guarantee half the people who go on about "muh civic boomer cucks" don't say a mother fucking word' in real life about even the most mild of immigration topics within their group if they think it'll reflect badly on them and their social standing.

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Write a post for the blog lad

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lad they just want to play revolutionary on their little playpen

Just going to watch random internet shite and chill out now tbh.

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I guess it's just the people with ball peen hammers left. I suppose given the state of the police they'll need backup before detaining us.
me and a chemistry set.

This board is the only human interaction i have. Almost 30, need to kill myself soon.

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EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle's summer camp crush tells how she was a SLUT 13-year-old who made the first move by kissing him in the hallway after drama class and how they bonded over their mixed race heritage
>Comedian (((Joshua Silverstein))) was 13 when he and Meghan Markle struck up a relationship at a Santa Monica, California, summer camp in 1993
>(((Silverstein))) describes the 13-year-old Meghan as being 'very sweet', charming and 'quirky' but already displaying the determination to become an actress
>(((Silverstein))) says he now expects his former love to go on to be 'an activist princess' who will champion the cause of mixed race people and work to help the disadvantaged.

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yeah I know that feel tbh

Good lad

It was articulately put and well thought out. It's nice that someone tries and I do agree that being passive now is just letting the opposition do whatever it want's with no resistance it's just that the evidence is there that the resistance was crushed by a state apparatus that's become very competent at maintaining the status quo even violently if necessary while also being good at keeping it quiet of diverting peoples attention or simply brainwashing them. Maybe it's cowardly of me to want to wait for a state where they state might be weakened it's just I don't see an opportunity forming unless the resources and attention are diverted to something else more urgent.


I didn't mean to demoralise you, lad. I just have hard days, usually my withdrawal days between boozing.

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Rest days for the liver and very important.

Hungary are homogenous have relatively recently kicked out a a totalitarian dictatorial regime and have seen the damage done by 'liberalism' in the west
Like everyone else they were mugged off into joining what was supposed to ostensibly be an economic partnership NOT a partnership of poz. The EU know damn well they can't now just extricate themselves without collapsing. Hungary are just, like Poland, and pointlessly tbh trying to make the EU stick to the original agreement of economic partnership and prevent them blackmailing them into taking muslims and wogs
Not the same

I don't really drink anymore and I am pretty happy most of the time, but I don't feel really like I have a set future. i was expecting things to solidify more now. I guess I am not cut out for wage cuckery either

I think that's adulthood for most if not all people.

That's a big sausage tbh

am on mah way-ee, from misery ta happiness tadaeeee

Looks like Trump is about to btfo out of Nikki Poo in Loo Haley

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it also sucks because all the women in the midwest move away so there is a shortage of lasses around. all the ones around my age are roasted and the younger lasses are too cringy narcissistic cellphone thots for me tbh.

I really suggest trying martial arts or volunteering in your free time lad. I moved home at age 24 after trying to make it in unskilled construction and sales and hating it. I prefer to live around people who care about me, maybe that will help you lad.

nikki haley literally calls herself white, its disgusting how the shitskins literally want to parasitically become us

I feel like normalfags take it personally if you aren't interested in finding out about the day to day life of them, smh. I just don't care to know, I'd rather talk about better things or nothing at all smdh

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lad thats the ultimate heart break

nietzsche would approve though

I'm not running from my family anytime soon. I can't really afford it. But I can live without the women.

the worst is when normalfags try to include you in their petty dramas

I know. These 'people' must be stopped

Going to spazz out and watch the retarded e-celeb whores being retarded for the fuck of it before I got to bed tbh.

smh, could've wrote several blog posts by now on these topics if I could just be a3080861d to instead of doing it hereone day lad, hold your breath


Good lad.

Cheers lad, it's not like I don't get where you and others are coming from with this but I've got my own perspective and get very irked at times, nothing wrong with talking serious now and then.

Nah, it's not just shitposters it's also retards and there are big stakes irl here and I like it when we talk and argue seriously occasionally.

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It hasn't shifted the window to the right though,we have a prime minister who bans people criticizing islam from the country,who supported remain and probably still does all the while being matched in the polls by a literal hamas sympathizer who would accelerate things even further. Where is the right? being destroyed by an mi5 plant with his gchq thot.

You're an ethnonat as well Helmer. When someone in polite conversation asks you what you think of the fact that walking through London and Birmingham is like playing spot the white man,what do you say? do you say it's alright m8 they're just as British as you and me? come the fuck on.


somebody made that great mene of the goblito cutting off the blond hair of the man. my father saw that and said that literally happened to a blond girl at his catholic school growing up in detroit when the blacks all showed up. they pulled this scandi-american girl into the womens rest room and shaved her head and kept the blond hair

Lad… don't do it
Just watch The Fast Show on uktv gold +1 tbh

being awake

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that hound looks like it's wearing a jew hat

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Steiner please don't go mental tonight

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we must dip a toe in the waters of madness if we are to find our way off this dying prison island lad

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Thread took so long for someone to make, that all Zig Forumss have gone to bed, and only burger remain

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looks like it's just you and me boss

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Don't worry lads I'm here, and I'm 59% British.

top quality comedy tbh, good lad

It has though lad. You probably just don't remember how taboo a subject even mass immigration was before UKIP legitimised it in the political arena.


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poor goblins

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Does anyone know what's going on with Baked Alaska

I keep hearing things, but I don't know the full story

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*peels potatoes for grandmummy*

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um, yeah…

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depressing tbh

Has anyone put it all together so you can watch it all in one place? Kronos or Meketour type thing?

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Tbh he's also shown up all the e-celebs as even more of a bunch of faggots than first thought too. Warski is a regular drug user as well as a few others. JF, Warski and some others have been thirsty for a turk thot

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This is the one 56%er that it's okay to love


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Is this all documented anywhere?

Unfortunately the thread is a cycle thread so posts are continually lost but people post some stuff there

chop off your hand lad

that's what the truly dedicated nofappers do

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I'll just start nopoo too to counteract it

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This is what I keep posting screenshots from tbh, makes me laugh every time I see it on TV

Good plan

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Everyone is waiting for someone else to post something

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Lads what if they are going to use the upcoming royal wedding to stage a ((( terrorist attack ))) in order to have more action in Syria.

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I'm waiting for something worth talking about to happen.

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Why would the Yids interrupt the bastardising of Royal legitimacy?

Don't think that would work. ISIS are the main terrorist attackers, and we're fighting on the side of ISIS against Assad

Well I'm glad I gave (You) the opportunity

They might stage it as a Far Right Terrorist, funded by Putin or some shit, I suppose?

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Why don't we have a based government like the Hungarians lads?

You've made them worthless.


Not going to happen lad.

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Tell me how you think it'd happen

I'm devaluing your views

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not views, (You)s

Because our governmental system is designed to not allow any non-mainstream politics in it

mysterious chemical attack on Henry and the Wog

*farts silently*

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Maybe they could target the crowd (a chemical attack on Royals might damage the more valuable ones, not just Harry and his mutt) blame it on Putin and use it as an excuse to annihilate Assad?

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I don't think this thread can get any slower Dorset.

tfw you realise that no MP's or the PM will be in the church

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*complains about the quality of Zig Forums in the very next thread*

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the absolute state of Zig Forums tbh smh

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Worst thing about Zig Forums is all flags and trips. Especially when they pretend to be internet friends together.

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